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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 5 Whispers in the night

Loki looked over the small set of teens who flooded the class room. All looking to be around 13 or 14 years of age, the boredly paid attention to the teacher in front of them. Loki sat in the back of the class room. Observing and taking notes. The students paid only a moment of attention to him, when they first entered the class room, their questions of who he was was quickly answered by Greg Palmer, the teacher.
"Now everyone this is Mr. Lovel, he will be observing this class, along with a few others, so get used to him. He is here to observe and help out where he can."
Mr.Lovel, Leon Lovel. Loki was quickly informed that he was in no way, going to get anywhere with only a first name, so he took the only Human last name he didnt dispise entierly. Isabellas. Loki of corse had no intention of revealing this to Bella, knowing it would only cause problems. It wasnt until recently that Loki even realised that Bella never asked of his last name. He was sure that is she herself ever came to realise this, that there would be a lot of questions.

The class its self was uneventfull, Loki learned a few things about Earth past, being that the morning class was a Earth Space science class. Throught the day though Loki also viewed a Algerbra class, where they used units of math that Loki hads never found himself in the need for, and figured by the looks of things, only a select few of the students around him would use it either. A english class. This class Loki found rather odd, even though everyone in the class room new how to speak English, when it came to writing it,, the young adults seemed rather confused. How was it that they would go through life using words and yet only a hand full of them could spell, or properly give a definition to such words. A Physical education class, this Loki found amusing in the highest, watching the teens be forced into playing a game of doge ball, where the goal included whipping a soft but lethal ball at one another was most entertaining. He also viewed a french class and phsycology class. French was rather boring but Loki enjoyed watching the teacher try and explain how certain areas of the brain work to the students. Though some looked enlightened and understanding, others, it seemed as though the teacher was talking to a sack of pillows.

Bella rubbed her neck as she walked up the stairs to her aparment, just getting back from a little run. When reaching the top of the staires she was a little shocked to find Ben waiting for her. He smiled a little when he saw her.
"Hey." She gave him a confused smile.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" Ben shrugged.
"I figured I still have some time before Molly needs to be picked up from school so i thought I would stop by."
Bella blinked.
"Um..yeah sure. Come in." Bella opened the door and welcomed Ben into her home.
"Im just going to change real quick." Whith that Bella walked to her room. Ben looked around the living room examinging it. He noticed a shirt on the couch and picked it up. The shirt was clearly a males, and most likely belonged tp the man he had met a few days prior.
"I see you still have that man living here?" Bella walked out of the bed room in a different outfit.
"What? Oh yeah, He had his work today, so thats a start." Ben nodded siliently.
"Want something to drink? Coffee, Tea, water?" Ben sighed and placed the shirt back on the couch while walking into the kitchen, taking a seat at the table.
"Uh coffee, thanks." Bella poured Ben a cup as well as herself and joined him at the table.
"Bella, how did you even meet this guy?" Bella was taken back for a moment.
"Um a friend asked me to help him out why?" Ben shrugged.
"Its just wierd, I mean how much do you really know about him really? He has been here for what a month? Maybe a little over. You let him live here, play with our daughter, by the way I dont see blankets on that couch where did he sleep, with you? You barely know the guy and he is sleeping in the same bed with you? What else do you do together? Huh?"
Bella put her hands up and glared at Ben.
"Hey, Hey hey! Calm your shit Ben, like what the fuck? You dont get to just come to my house and fuckin bomb me with questions that are none of you fuckin business to begin with!" Ben cave a sarcastic scoff.
"None of my business? In case you have forgotten, Molly is also my kid! I think I have a right to know who the fuck my wife is letting her hang around!" It didnt take long for a friendly visit to turn into a rage fest for the ex couple. As usual it took five seconds to go from talking to screaming.
"Ex-Wife Ben! Im not married to you anymore! You want to know about Leon, get to fucking know him yourself! He is a kind, quiet, great guy, who Molly loves by the way! Dont you fucking come here and try and question me about the people I chose to hang around!" Ben got close to Bella his glare never leaving. He stood above her as she glared equally as hard in her chair.
"Really thats how you feel! I just shouldnt care or bother, because Im the bad guy here right!? Im the one who decided I was ready for Life? Im the one who makes the bad choises?! Is that It?!" Bella stood up and pushed Ben away. He stumbled back slightly, but was otherwise unfased by it.
"You know thats not what I am fucking saying Ben! Dont put words in my mouth!" Ben got close to ber once more. "You always did have a dirty mouth." Without another word and one swift movment Bens mouth was on hers in a ferice kiss. In the moment Bella latched herself onto Ben and returned it just as strongly.

Loki jogged up the steps of the apartment complex. Loki admitted it was nice to have something to do during the day rather than just sit around, though at the same time, Loki found himself itching to see Bella again. Approaching the door Loki stopped momentarly and listened. Her heard a few grunts and tried to think of what might be happening. It was when her heared a small crash of something breaking that Loki was in the idea that someone might be robbing the place. Quickly he opened the door.
"Bella are you alright!" Loki's eyes widened to find only half of what he thought. He was being robbed alright, but not of the tv or couch, but of Bella. In his sight was Ben and Bella frozen on the kitchen table, both missing their shirts, and what seemed to almost be their pants. All Loki could do was stare at them, before turning to leave. Bella herself was in shock. She didnt know what to do, or what to say, she didnt know how to feel. Ben got off her and buttoned his pants and grabbed his shirt. Bella blinked and bit her lip.
"You..you need to go..and um get Molly." Ben akwardly nodded.
"Um yeah, Bella, listen.."
"No!" Bella inturpted.
"Just go please." She squeezed her eyes shut and wiped at her face with her hands.

Loki stood outside the apartment building and leaned against the wall. He thought about going further, but where would he go. Shortly Ben exited the building and stared at Loki for a moment, almost as if he wanted to say something. Instead he closed his mouth and walked off to his car. Loki soon decided to go back up stairs, finding it would be unavoidable. When he reached the door he opened it and spotted Bella in the kitchen, now fully dressed, cleaning up spilt coffee off the floor. She looked up hearing him enter and gave a sorry expression.
"Leon I.." Loki held up a hand.
"No need to explain, its not my business." The truth was Loki didnt want an explination, he didnt want to know any more details on how without even knowing it Bella managed to push pain upon him.

Bella watched Leon walk into the spare bed room and felt a pain touch her heart. She hadnt meant for that to happen, let alone him see it. Bella wanted to know what exactly bothered Leon. Was it just disturbing to see her with her ex husband, or did he maybe find it disturbing to see her with a man in general. Bella tried to put herself in his shes as she continued to clean. Walking in a room to find him on top of another woman. In a way, it hurt her but why? Leon and her were not an item, they hadnt even slept together...that is in a intimate way. It wasnt like she hadnt thought about it. Bella just didnt think he liked her like that, but what if she was wrong? What if Leon had grown feelings for her? Did she have feelings for him? Bella didnt know. Putting the mop away Bella came to a daring conclution.

Loki stared out the window of the spare bed room silently thinking to him self. Wondering what Bella might be thinking. A few moments later her heard a presence at the door. Loki didnt turn though, he continued to stare out the window, not wanting to talk about the previous events. When doing this he expected Bella to sigh and walk away, he expected to hear her door close softly. It was only getting to be around 5 pm but sometimes that was late enough. Instead, he heard quiet foot steps come to him. Glancing to the side Bella made her way in front of him with no look of emotion present on her face. Loki didnt speak, unsure of what to say in the present situation. Loki hadnt expected Bella to push him gently back onto the bed or get on top of him.
"Im sorry you had to see that Leon." She whispered. Her voice was gental and calming.
In one movment Loki felt her lips attach to his. It was soft and un forcefull, but full of feeling. Loki kissed back, his longing taking over. A million questions raced through his head, but they soon silienced as Bella began to remove her clothing. Loki didnt know what to do. Was she sure? Did she really want this? Or was this some type of pitty fuck. Loki found himself angry at the idea.
"What are you doing?" He found himself asking, his voice at a whisper as well. He didnt know what they were being quiet, with only them in the house, but at the same time it seemed needed.
"I dont know." Was Bellas answer as she continued to kiss him and remove his clothing as well. Loki broke the kiss and looked at her sternly. "Are you sure?" Bella smiled.
"Not at all."



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I really enjoyed chapter 10. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Chapter 3 was really good.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton