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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 4 soul mates

Loki awoke for the third time in a row with Bella extreamly close. She never ended up on top of him or cuddled into him, just very near. He found it interesting that even when asleep she seemed very aware of her surroundings. Loki watched her sleep sometimes, not for to long in fear she would wake up and find it odd, but just for a few minutes to take her in. Loki liked the idea of waking up with her next to him, it made him feel...safe..less lonely. Loki also found himself feeling very close to Molly. The child was very intelligent for her age, and she reminded him a lot of himself. Sometimes they would sit and read together, when Bella had to work they would keep each others company. There were times where they would both aggrivate each other, and have petty arguments when Molly got nosey or asked to many questions, or when Loki acted a way that Molly found weird. None the less though, Loki enjoyed the girl. Bella's voice pulled Loki out of his thoughts.
"Good morning."

Bella stretched. Loki was about to respond when Bella's eyes went wide.
"Oh fuck me!" Loki didnt have time to react before Bella leaned forward grabbing her calf.
"Oh mother fuckin' cock suck' mother fucker!" Bella fell out of bed and rolled onto the floor.
Loki shot up and made his way to her.
"Are you alright?" Bella shook her head.
"No..no I am not! Fuckin leg cramp, I think Im going to die!" Loki faught to hold back a chuckle.
"Dont you laugh! I will end you! Ahhh, fuckin tits!" Loki was not laughing at her pain but how she expressed it.
Fucking tits? Loki grabbed her calf and began to try and message it. Her skin was soft to the touch and warm against his nartually cold hands. It wasnt till she calmed down that Loki notcied how exposed she was. Bella wore pj short shorts with pink and blue stripes and a tight white low cut tank top. Loki swallowed hard as he watched Bella sigh in relief and leaned forward, resting her head on her knee, giving Loki an rather clear view of her clevage.

"Mom are you ok?" Molly asked making her way around the bed to find Loki and Her mom on the floor.
Bella brought her head back up.
"Yeah Im fine baby, leg cramp." Molly made a discusted face.
"Uggh, I hate those, dad says its because I dont eat enough potassium, and that I should eat more bananas, but I dont like bananas." Bella smiled at Molly as she stood up.
"Eh, neither do I. Come one you two, lets get dressed and maybe we can go out to breakfast." Molly ran off to get dressed and Loki looked up at Bella as she went through her drawer to find an outfit. Bella looked down at Loki feeling his eyes on her.
"What? She asked smiling. Loki got up from the ground.

When everyone was ready Bella grabbed her phone and keys.
"Alright lets go!" Molly and Leon followed close behinde Bella as she walked down the street.
"So where should we go?" Molly shrugged.
"Some place with pancakes." Bella chuckled.
"Oh that narrows it down. Alright I think I know where to go."
Bella took Leon and Molly to a small coffee shop near the house.
"Mom this isnt a breakfast place." Molly said matter of fact like. Bella smiled.
"Yes it is, come on." She escorted the to the back to greet and red headed woman.
"Bella!" Bella smiled.
"Paula!, this is my daughter Molly and friend Leon." Paula smiled at Molly and raised an eyebrow at Leon.
"Are you gay?" Loki looked taken back. Bella hit Paulas arm.
"No, he isnt gay." Paula laughed.
"So hes your boy friend."
Bella rolled her eyes. "No! Jeez, just show us to the table."

Leon, Molly and Bella sat down at the small table in the back and found that the place they had entered actually made a lot of different things. From pancakes, and waffles, to scones and omlettes. The small cafe had much to offer. Loki watched Bella and Molly eat and talk. Observing their behaivor and wounder how such a simple activity such as eating breakfast seemed to cause so much joy. Bella's smiling face looked up at him, and it made him smile too. In all his exsistance Loki never found himself smiling as much as he did with her. The feeling gave him an odd sensation in his heart that he couldnt quite explain.
"Tell me Bella, how is it that you seem so happy this morning?" Bella gave him a confused look.
"What do you mean? I have no reason not to be happy." Loki shuffled around his food.
"I dont know, you just seem..brighter." Bella bit her lip while smiling and closed her eyes.
"I think its this place. I used to come here with may parents when I was little." Loki raised an eyebrow.
"Oh really? These are good memories?" Bella nodded.
"Yeah, this place is where my parents fell in love, its where my father would tell me and my mother how our lives are not as limited as we think they are; the world is a wonderfully weird place; consensual reality is significantly flawed; no institution can be trusted, but love does work; all things are possible; and we all could be happy and fulfilled if we only had the guts to be truly free and the wisdom to shrink our egos and quit taking ourselves so damn seriously."

Loki tried to imagined himself less seriouse then he he is now and couldnt see it. Yes he was supposed to be the god of lies and trickery, but with all that was reasons behind. Loki never did something to another out of spite, he did it because they angered him in some way or another. Bella could see the inner conflict in his eyes as he contemplated what she was saying.
"Listen Leon, there comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you'd better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you'll never understand what it's saying."

Later that day The three came home from spending the morning at the park. Molly rushed over to watch Tv and Bella walked to her room. Loki followed her and watched her fall over onto the bed.
"Are you alright?" He asked with an eyebrow raised. He watched her nod with her face in the sheets. Loki quietly sat on the bed next to Bella. Leaning back to lay down Loki thought to himself for a moment.
"How did you know?" Bella yawned softly and turned her head to face him.
"How did I know what?" Loki looked at her sideways.
"How did you know you loved Ben?" Bella was taken by surprise with Leons question.
"I..wha..where did that come from?" Leon shrugged.
"Just curious." Bella sighed.
"I dont know really, I just did." Leon looked up at the celeing.
"Do you still love him, or was it a mistake?" Bella closed her eyes as she thought about Ben, taking in all the good and bad memories.
"Ben gave me Molly, and for that he will never be a mistake. I think somewhere in my heart I will always love Ben, but sometimes that just isnt enough."
Leons face held little emotion as he asked about Bellas feelings for Ben.
"What about soulmates? Do you believe in them?" Bella shook her head.
"I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together." Loki like her idea of soul mates, bound souls.
He had always thought the stories of men and women bound throughout all eternity by the strength of passion, either love or hate, were but pleasant tales for long winter’s nights. Bound souls, two sides of the same counter, together through all the lives of the souls, and forever before and afterward. But he recognized the woman just as surely as she recognized him, and he knew the tales were true.

Ok I know its extra short but I wanted to get something out there already and this is what I came up with! Comment, follow, favorite :)



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I really enjoyed chapter 10. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Chapter 3 was really good.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton