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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 8 Would you?

"So do you love him?" Linda asked.
Bella had finally met up with her and Jack for drinks. Leon had something do do involving ork so Bella was alone other wise.
"I dont know, I think so, but I dont even know his last name. I always mean to ask but I never do because I dont care what his last name is."
"Honey you need to know the guys last name, this way you can google him, or get a backround check and know if he is worth your time." Jake said sipping a Pina Colada. Bella sighed.
"But what if I find out something bad that I dont want to know, or dont like?" Linda laughed.
"Then get rid of his ass, simple." Bella rolled her eyes and sipped some of her own drink. Linda gave her a look of remorse.
"Listen honey, when you love someone you accept everything about them, not just the things you like. I mean how can you appreciate someone for who they really are if you dont know who that person is?" Bella stared at Her friend for a moment.
"That has to be the most knowlageable thing you have ever said." Linda laughed.
"I know, its so unlike me, I think I might be catching something." Jack nudged Linda.
"Oh yeah, heart ache fever! Oh! That reminds me of a song! Heart ache to heart ache we stand! No promises no demands! Love is a battle feild!" Linda and Bella look at each other for a moment before busting into laughter.

"I am tiered of this Raindeer games." Loki stood with his arms crossed in Tony's living room.
"I will not tell her, she is happy, I am happy, we are happy and I wont let myself ruin it." Tony gave Loki a look of insanity.
"I thought you were crazy before but this takes the cake! You love a woman so much that you are willing to lie to her about everything! Tell me Loki when she starts asking questions, considering that if you two do get together, when she starts asking you about your past, you last name, your birthday, all that jazz, what will you tell her? More lies? Thats a great way to start a relationship." Loki was growing tiered of Tony's rants.
"Listen, if you dont tell her I will, I dont want to but hey, she needs to know the truth." Loki glared at Tony.
"You will do no such thing? Do you think yourself better than me? Parading around in an iron suit, telling everyone that you will try and keep them safe along with your little friends where ever they may be? Tell me what happens when something goes wrong and a life is lost, how do you live with it?" Tony glared.
"That has nothing to do with this." Loki smirked.
"But it does. I lie to Bella to keep her happy, or alive in your case, blissfully unaware that the person she see's has done many bad things, I give her the hope that humans so desperatly need that I am a reality and not a dream. You are a threat to keeping that reality alive. You tell people you will protect them but if someone threatens that then what? You try and stop them. You try and stop them from distroying someones life just as I will stop you from destroying ours. I am not the bad guy in this situation. You are." Although Loki made sence on some level, Tony knew that he was the one that was right. Maybe he was going to destory Bellas and loki's life but it was to save Bella from hurt later on, it was the right thing to do, wasnt it?

Bella sat on her bed looking through and old family album. Pictures of her when she was younger, along with her family made her smile. There were pictures of her dad and mom, her and her siblings. Bella picked up a picture of her and her siblings all linked with their dad. When he left Bella was so upset that for a long time she forgot that he left them too. He said goodbye to her, he said he would be back, but none the less she was the last person to see him. Bella sister was in her room, and her brother was at a friends house that night. They didnt even know he left. Bellas head shot up at the sight of Leon walking into the bed room. He smiled softly at her before joining her in bed and resting his head in her lap.
"What are you doing?" He asked. Bella smiled.
"Just looking at some old photos." Leon picked up one of the photos and examined it. It was a picture of what looked to be a younger Bella and Ben. The stood smiling holding a tiny Molly, who also had a big baby smile.
"Hey Leon?" Leon but the picture and grabed another, not looking at Bella.
"Whats your last name?" Loki froze, here comes the questions. Thinking fast Loki said the first common name he could think of.
"Johnson. Why?" Bella looked at from Leon to the pictures.
"Its just you have been living in my house for quiet some time now and I never knew it. You claim to love me and I think I might love you back but what does that mean when I dont know anything about you. We share a bed, a home, a life and at times its like I am standing in the room with a complete stranger.Your like a person I look at everyday but never see." Loki felt the guilt in his gut rise, Tony had warned him of this, had told him that soon she would start asking questions.
"I dont care to talk about my past all that much Isabella. It is not that I wish to hide things from you, but I dont want to burden you with things that can not be changed." Bella placed the pictures down and turned Leon to face up toward her.
"Its never a burden to tell me who you are." Loki frowned at Bella, who cradled his head.
"If you could go back and change something in your past, would you?" Bella gave a confused look.
"No." Loki was slightly shocked by her answer.
"What if what you changed was a huge mistake, life changing even?" Bella shook her head.
"I have mad many mistakes in my life, you know that. I dont regret making them though. Its those mistakes that taught me and made me who I am today." Loki woundered if she would feel that way about his mistakes, but he assumed probably not, thats when he got an idea.
"How about that incident that happened a while back. With the aliens and the man who tried to take over the world?" Bella frowned.
"What about him?" Loki shrugged.
"Would you have him go back and change his mistakes? Would it mean anything if he kinda, somehow felt..bad about what he did?" Bella bit her lip and thought about it.
"I dont know. I mean, I dont know the guy personally, but in my mind people aren't either evil or good. They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict. That doesnt mean though you can go an do whatever you want. People died that day, People I knew and didnt know. Just because you feel bad, or apologies doesnt change that or make it better. I do wonder though what made him want to take over earth though. There are millions and Billions of Galaxies out there, and none of them shot his fancy but ours? The only thing that scares me more than the idea of their being other species out there is the idea of us being the only species."
Though this helped Loki on some level, his question still went unanswered.
"Would you forgive him? You personally?" Bella shrugged.
"Would you?" Loki layed in bed most of that night thinking of an answer. If someone came and almost took over Asgard, would he forgive that person. Someone who killed his people, and thought of them as creatures below their stature. No. Loki thought. He probably couldnt.

Loki drank his coffee for the morning at the table, flipping through a newspaper. Buzz Buzz. Loki looked up at the intercom and walked over to it.. Pushing the red button he spoke.
"Hey Leon!" Loki smiled recognising the voice as Molly's. He hit the unlock button and waited for her to arrive.
"Hey Leon!" Molly said agian as she walked into the house with Ben. Ben. Loki wanted to glare but held it in.
"Wheres my mom?"
"I believe she went to go get a package from the post office." Molly nodded.
"Ok." With nothing more to say she ran into her room. Ben stood in the door awkwardly.
"Well, tell Bella I said hello, and to give me a call." Loki simply noded as he watched Ben leave.
Molly came back out of her room and went to the fridge.
"Score! We have grapes!" Loki chuckled as Molly grabbed the bag of grapes out of the fridge, and sat at the table with Loki.
"So, hows life treating you Leon?" Molly asked as she chewed a grape. Loki shrugged.
"It has been most content I suppose." Molly giggled.
"You talk funny." Loki raised an eyebrow.
"I believe it is you who talks funny." The sound of the door opening grabbed both Loki and Molly's attention.
"Hey mom." Bella smiled.
"Hey Molly, when did you get here?" Molly shrugged.
"Little bit ago. Just eatin some grapes now." Bella nodded.
"Ok well I am going to go take a shower, because I forgot to this morning." Bella kissed the top of Molly's head and then Loki's before walking to the bathroom. Molly squinted at Loki.
"Why did my mom kiss you?" Loki caughed up his coffee, taken by surprise with the question. Molly placed her plams on the table and raised herself on the chair.
"Are you in love!? Are you guys going to get married!?!? And have babies and.." Loki held of his hands to stop the child. "Molly, Molly, stop. Me and your mother, are attempting a relationship yes, but there is no garentee for marrige, or...babies.." Molly sat back down.
"Oh. Do you love her?" Loki smiled softly.
"Dont talk about things you dont understand." Molly tilted her head to the side.
"You know you love her." Loki shook his head.
"Dont talk about things I dont understand."



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I really enjoyed chapter 10. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Chapter 3 was really good.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton