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Great Expectations (Loki Story)

Chapter 9 Life without her

Loki sat on a bench with his brother Thor. Bella was to meet him soon at the park with Molly, the fact his brother was here made him worried she might see him.
"Why are you here?" Loki asked aggravated.
Thor looked at his brother with a small smile.
"I have talked to father." This statement made Loki glance at Thor.
"And?" His voice curious.
"He is happy with what he is seeing. You are deffinatly becoming one with humans." Loki's jaw tightened slightly, he figured his father would be proud of that, not knowing that humans as a whole still aggravated him to no end.
"He is concerned though." Thor stated with a frown.
"Your attachment with the one called Bella, it worries him." Loki was slightly confused.
"Why? I would figure he would be joyous." Thor sighed.
"Yes, he would under a different circumstances." Loki gave though a questioning look.
"Brother, Bella does not know who you are or what you have done, father is aware of this and is worried you will not only hurt her but yourself." Loki glared at Thor.
"I can not simply tell her the truth Thor." Thor nodded.
"This is true, you can not, which is why you should distance yourself from her. It will hurt her, but it will save her from a greater hurt should she find out the truth." Loki rested his forarms on his thighs while folding his hands and hunching over.
"I love her." He said quietly.
"I know." Thor responded, his voice also low.
"What would you do if it were Jane?" Thor thought about it for a moment.
"I don't think I have ever been capable of such lies brother, there for it is hard to answer how I would try to fix them." This was something Loki knew. Thor had always, and probably would always be a open and honest man.
"Should I have been in your shoes though, I believe I would come clean." Loki raised an eyebrow.
"What happened to saving her from a bigger hurt?" Thor looked up at the sky and smiled.
"I know Jane, she would be very angry for a long time, but I would do for her the one thing I do not believe you would ever consider Loki." Loki sat up and sighed.
"And what would that be?" Thor turned his head to face his brother.
"Become mortal." Thor got up from the bench and stretched.
"Mortal? Why not take her to Asgard?" Loki asked. Thor looked down at his brother who still sat with a look of surprise. Thor smiled again.
"This is her home brother, I would never make her part from it, and bringing her to Asgard would not make her immortal anyway, eventually she would pass on and I would still live and in my heart and mind, a life without her is no life at all." Thor began to walk away from Loki, his hands in his mortal clothed pockets. Loki couldn't comprehend the idea of not being a god. Its who he is. Loki knew that Thor was correct though. Mortals had a very short life span compared to one of a god. The idea of watching Bella parish hurt Loki in ways he could not describe. Molly would soon follow, and then Molly's child should she have any, and so on. It was a fact that Loki was not ready to deal with.

In the distance Bella and Molly approached Loki. He smiled at them before meeting them half way.
"Beautiful day." Bella said smiling. Loki savored that smile.
"Leon, I brought my kite!" Molly said with a toothy grin. It was a colorful butterfly kite, it seemed so large in Molly's small hands. Loki smiled a small smile at the girl before nodding in approval. Bella looked at Leon questioningly. "Molly go ahead and play I need to talk to Leon for a moment." Molly nodded.
"Ok, when shes dont you should come fly a kite with me Leon!" With that Molly ran off. Loki looked at Bella who sat down beside him in the bench.
"Are you alright?" She asked. Loki nodded.
"I am fine, why do you ask?" Bella shrugged.
"You just look upset by something." Loki's thoughts drifted back to Thor.
"It is nothing, just lost in my own thoughts I suppose." Bella looked down and nodded.
"Ok, but you know I am here if you wanna talk." Loki smiled lightly and placed a hand on her thigh. "I know." Bella suddenly lifted her head up and smiled.
"Knock Knock." Loki raised an eyebrow and answers hesitantly.
"Who is there?" Bella leaned in close to Leons ear.
"Im there. And Im always going to be there for you Leon." If only Loki could believe those words.

Later on Loki and the two females got back home. He rubbed his neck beofore parting to the shower. The hot water felt nice on his skin, lightly messaging him. In the shower Loki came to a decision. He was going to tell Bella everything tonight. He needed to. Thor's words really got him thinking. He could either leave her or tell her the truth, and with a lot of thinking he knew that he would rather have her hate him and know the truth than have her hate him for leaving and never knowing why.

Bella tied her hair into a lose pony tail after changing into more comfortable clothes.
"You brush your teeth?" She asked her daughter who smiled brightly to show her clean teeth. Bella smiled amd kissed Molly's head.
"Good now get to bed, I'll be in there in a minute." A knock at the door grabbed Bella's attention. Bella pushed her eyebrows together in confustion. Walking to the door Bella looks out the peep hole. A face she does not recognise was shown to her. She opened the door a crack.
"Um, hello?" The man looked at her with no emotion.
"Are you Isabella Lovel?" Bella nodded.
"Yes..how did you get passed the front without buzzing me?" The man folded his hands infron of himself.
"Miss Lovel please let me in, it is an importance that concern the safety of your family."

Loki dried his hair and through on some comfortable clothes, making his way to the living room.
"Bella the is some thing we must-" Loki stopped dead in his tracks and the sight before him.
Bella stood with a look of concern on her face, standing next to a man Loki hoped he would never come to encounter again.
"So glad you could join us Mr.Laufeyson." His voice plain and emotionless. Loki glared at him and whispered under his breath. Fury.



Please put up a sequal. This was so good and I love it. ")

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

I really enjoyed chapter 10. :)

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton

Chapter 3 was really good.

Natasha Barton Natasha Barton