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She's a Lady


You decided to take a day off from the real world to work on your meditation. Ever since you and The Medium[1] fused together as one entity, you noticed that while you train with your powers and by tapping into the essence of The Medium at the same time, your powers seemed to double its capacity[2]. And just like with every other power you’ve mastered, this one is going to take a while for you to control.

You place a bottle of (y/f/b) water on your bedside table along with your (f/c) towel draped over the foot of your bed. You then sit Indian style at the center of your bed[3] and rest the backs of your hands over the corners of your knees. Closing your eyes you breathe in slowly, while trying to calm your mind for its many racing thoughts of what you could be doing other than this. But no, this had to be done; it could come in handy someday and it was always safe to be prepared. You then try to ignore the background noises like the soft gentle hum of the machinery inside the building, to the heavy footfalls above your head to even the soft dripping of the bathroom sink in your room.

You continued on your breathing until you could no longer hear the strange noises around you other than the small breaths you take as well as the strong beat of your heart. You then begin to feel that light weightless feeling you get just before finally connect with the Medium until you both feel and hear a spectacular sounding crash which then wakes you up from your previously relaxed state on the bed.
You give an indignant shout just as you felt yourself falling back to earth. It was a lot like that feeling you get right before you fall asleep and then BOOM, “What the hell was that?!” you asked while trying to get a firm hold of your bed.

“Ms. __________?” interrupted JARVIS though he also sounded a bit wary from your outburst.

“Yes JARVIS?” you asked with an annoyed tone, the glare on your face now matching your voice.

“I couldn’t help but notice the amount of energy building up inside of your room, are you alright?”

With a sigh and a tiny smile you nod then look up toward the ceiling as if you could see the AI, “Yes JARVIS I’m okay, just trying to meditate, please don’t interrupt me anymore, I require a lot of concentration for this.”

“Very good madam,” the AI spoke again, “But in the case that you do require assistance, Doctor Banner and Mr. Stark are in the laboratory.”

“Thank you JARVIS, that will be all,” you say kindly though dismissively.

“Very good madam,” JARVIS said one more time before you can actually hear the small little bleep of him shutting off from your room.

Good, now with that out of the way… You once again breathe in and breathe out slowly. Your ears shut out the white noise and you can feel the air around you pressing gently against your skin until at last you feel a small spark illuminate inside you, followed by the exhilarating rush as your essence detaches itself from your body.

When you open your eyes once again you’ve come to discover that you were no longer in your room but in what appeared to be a bright colorful Zen garden. You can hear the sweet chirping of the birds in the yellow-green trees, as well as the gentle flowing coming from the mini waterfall in a pond. The sky was a combination or oranges, reds and gold almost like a sunset bleeding in with the dawn. Turning from your spot on the soft blue green grass, you smile gently as you now crouched over to peer into the clear water of the pond to find various translucent colored koi fish swimming about without a care in the world. You then try to reach on to touch the water as well as the inviting fins of the fish.

Oh it was beautiful.

“And here I thought I was the only one who could travel into this plane of existence.” You hear the silken sneer of a male’s voice speak behind you and you slowly turn to find Loki standing just a few feet from where you were crouched over the koi pond.

You felt your heart jump up into your throat as well as the rush of adrenaline now coursing through your body. It was making you ready for the fight you know that was about to happen.

His lips upturned into an arrogantly mischievous smirk, his hands had been behind his back as he slowly began to walk toward you, “Now don’t give me that look,” he chastised then clicks his tongue while waving a finger at you.

“I can look at you however I want,” you say and you stand to face him, one of your hands reaches over to the koi pond, preparing to summon a jet of water to use as a whip.

“Are you always this rude? I for one am merely fascinated by how you came to be into this world? Has a tiny insignificant human actually achieved Enlightenment[4]?”

You snort at his words, he was getting to be so annoying and you wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug arrogant smile off his face, “In case you haven’t heard, I’m not a regular human anymore[5]!”

While using the summoning flow you would normally use to make the water whip you find that nothing happened. Loki notices your befuddlement as well as he looks quizzically at you. He then realizes what you’ve come to find out the moment you hold up and look at your hand, “What the hell?!” you ask out loud.

Loki now took this chance to grab your wrists, pulls them behind the small of your back then pushes himself into your personal space, “That will not work here, dearest,” he purrs against your ear and you could feel him grinning as your body trembles with both frustration and pure anger that you were helpless in the Spirit World, “Your powers are physically linked to you by your body, but your spirit is an entirely different matter.”

Just then a thought occurs to you, “Then that means,” a proud smile grows on your face, “your magic doesn’t work here either.”

He growls with annoyance which only confirms your suspicion and you laugh. You then feel his hand grabbing you by the chin forcing you to look up at him and you love the look of anger that flashes across his eyes as you mock him with your glee by figuring out his weakness.

“I may not have my powers with me, but I’m betting that I can still kick your ass.” You promise and you felt his hold tighten. His response was another nasty smile.

“Defiant as always, come then I shall amuse you until I prove just how wrong you truly are.”

Letting you go, Loki pushes himself off you then takes a step back, his arms extended away from his body making a silent gesture for you to hit him with your best shot.

That was exactly what you did.


Who knows how long the two of you had been fighting but as it turned out, you were both on even footing. That is of course until he finally pins you up against a tree. The tree shakes violently once which was enough to cause a shivering, swarming black cloud of disturbed birds to take off in search of a new home to roost in.

You were both panting, your chests heaving as you both stare into one another’s eyes. You could now see the detailed handy work from your earlier punches and kicks from where you battled. He was sporting a bloodied bottom lip as well as two fresh rose colored bruises one close to where dark red blood oozed sluggishly from the corner of his mouth and the other was slightly just below that sharp line of cheek bone on the right side of his face.

Oh God… he just looks so innocent and calm and curious while he stares back at you and it was enough for you to close the gap to kiss him hungrily, tasting the sharp coppery bite of his blood over your tongue. You weren’t sure what scared you more: the fact that you were kissing him or the fact that he was returning your kisses with equal ferocity.

His kisses had been just as addictive as his fighting capabilities which make you moan delightfully while feeling a new burning passion warming and building between your thighs.

“Oh my God!” you gasp as it occurred to you to what exactly you were doing and with who.

“Yes, I am your God,” you heard him say against your neck. He probably thought this was some added kink to your little make out session.

“No,” you started and struggled against him trying to free yourself but he pins you down harder, Loki was now pushing in his full weight over you; you were trapped.

“Yes,” he breathes, kissing you once again and you couldn’t help but melt against the front of his body, “You want this, I know you do; I can feel that you do,”

Your eyes flutter shut at his words. Yes you wanted this, you wanted him and a part of you secretly hates him for being right.

“I’m going to kill you the next time I see you,” you promise with a whine then you bite down on your lips to refrain from making more blissful sounds just as Loki gently chuckles before you and whispers in response to that threat you made.

“Open your eyes for me darling,” his voice rumbles and just as you do he was wearing a wicked looking grin, “You see me now don’t you? Going to make do on your threat?”

“Shut up, you know what I mean,” you feel your cheeks flush until another tingling ripple of pleasure shoots up your spine making you cry out with delight, “Are you the one making me feel this way?”

“I suppose I am, not unless you have someone else in mind.”

You responded with an irritated growl, Loki pulls back slightly and smiles amused by your sound, “Did I make the bitch angry?”

“Fuck you!” you sneer as the desire to punch him again began to take over.

“No dearest,” he smirks and leans in close to your face again, his lips barely touch yours as he spoke in a whisper, “fuck you.”

You gasp loudly as you suddenly felt two of his long elegant fingers bury deep inside of you. But how could that be? You were still wearing your clothes!

“You’re probably wondering how I am able to touch you in your most intimate spot. Silly little Midgardian; playing around with forces that you could never hope to comprehend, always dreaming away…” he whispers while his fingers begin to stroke and thrust back and forth inside of you.

Dream? You manage to think, your eyes closing again and your body stiffens against the tree behind you. Can the Spirit World be controlled like one would a dream?

“Oh yes, you would love nothing more than for me to fuck you,” he punctuates the word with another twisting thrust of his fingers, your thighs tremble and you feel the breath you were holding release with a shudder, your legs now parting further to allow him leeway to manipulate your sex even more.

“Then I guess,” you gasp, your eyes open hazily to meet his eyes again, oh they were such a magnificent color. It reminded you of the ocean just as the sun begins to set, “you won’t be needing these,” your hands were now free from their earlier hold; for like in a dream you willed it with all your might that you could touch him; and touch him you did.

Brushing a shaky palm over his leather armor they disappeared and he now stood naked in front of you. Loki was clearly not expecting that with the manner of how his eyes widened with surprise.

“You’re going to pay for that,” he sneers and brings down his hands to cup at your now naked breasts.

Oh!” you cry out as you felt the sharp bark of the tree pressing against your back and your arse while Loki roughly fondles your breasts and nipples by groping and pinching at them.

“You make such impeccable little noises dearest,” Loki grins and you feel his hands gripping at your thighs while he raises you up higher against the tree, “wrap your arms around my shoulders,” he demands to which you comply and he wraps your legs around his hips.

You feel the tip of his throbbing organ against the mouth of your awaiting center and just as you were about to question as to what was taking him so long to penetrate you did he kiss you once more while thrusting his hips into yours at the same time.

You scream.

This was nothing compared to the other sexual encounters you’ve ever had in your life; this was a fantasy made real… in a manner of speaking. At least to you it felt real for you could feel everything. You could feel his flushed skin, his biting kisses, and those silken black locks of hair just as you curl your fingers into it…

He pulls back to look at you, one hand bracing against the thick rough wood while his other arm was wrapped around the small of your back, his hips thrust continuously as you hiss and moan, looking up at him with your hungry (y/c) eyes on his own intense looking ones.

He then watches the manner of how your breasts bounce with each thrust of his hips.

“Come for me,” he grunted thrusting up into you roughly one agonizingly slow stroke at a time, “__________...” he whispers your name and narrows his eyes at you to look at the pleasure on your face.

You feel your body tighten under his, as your mouth drops open and your eyes roll back into your skull as the most powerful mind blowing release you’ve ever had bursts out of your body. It was skin tingling perfection! It was toe curling bliss! It was so marvelously erupt--!

You sit bolt upright in bed and you hear someone screaming when you realized that the scream was coming from you. Covering your still open but no longer screaming mouth with both hands, you now take in your surroundings to find that you were in the medical bay. There were wide flat screen monitors on your left side and there were more bleeping machines on your right.

“__________? Are you okay?” Steve asked coming into the room, making you jump and you keep holding your position on the bed.

Taking in deep breath through your uncovered nose, your now trembling hands pull away from your face, “W-what happened?” you ask with a soft stutter.

“That’s what we’d like to know.” said Tony who was now standing by your left side close to your shoulder, Steve had taken a seat on your left side as well, his body pressed gently against your left leg.

Clearing your throat, you lick your lips and furrowed your eyebrows, “I was um, meditating,” you croak and gently cough to clear it again, “And I was in the Spirit World apparently, at least that’s what he said,”

“He?” Tony queries, you nod and you feel your face heat up.

“Loki.” You mumbled as you look down into your lap.

“WHAT?!” you flinch as they bout shouted, then came the bombarding questions.

“What did he do? He his hurt you? Did he torture you? Oh God I’m going to kill him!”

“We fought,” you nod and lick your lips again, “Though I’m sure I would have woken up much sooner if I had my powers with me.”

“You fought him without your powers? You’re lucky you’re still alive!”

“He didn’t have his magic either, so we were evenly matched. He said something about how our powers and abilities were only the physical aspect of ourselves but the spirit is like a whole other ball game or something.” You shake your head, “Either way it was exhausting and I’m glad I woke up when I did,” you bite your lips while fighting the urge to smile.

Both Tony and Steve stared at you with stoically though expectantly, they seemed to be at a loss for words but at the same time they had the look on their faces that you wanted to say more or that you were leaving something out; which you were.

“So… what’s for dinner?” you chose to ask instead as your smile now grows into a grin.


“Yeah you were out for almost the whole day, when we asked JARVIS if you left he told us that you were in your room but you were acting all funny,” Clint said though a mouthful of steak.

“Bruce knocked down the door,” Natasha said and points a thumb over at Bruce who blushed.

“Well technically the other guy did, I was just trying not to go all green you know?”

“Well thanks Bruce, I really appreciate it.” You smile and place a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“When we saw you on the bed jerking and convulsing we thought you were having some kind of seizure or something,” added Tony who was cutting up some of his own meat, “We even tried waking you up but your eyes were all blank and glowy, you know like headlights. You were alive that was the important thing but nobody was home,” he finishes by waving a hand over his eyes.

“It must have been while we were fighting,” you mumble while taking a bit of mash potato onto your fork and eat it, “For a guy that usually relies on magic, Loki packs a punch!”
“Yeah, we seriously started to think we lost you there for a while,” Steve spoke sullenly as though you were dead or something.

“Well I’m not,” you smile at his direction then you look to each of your team mates, “And I got out of there alive and now I’m here in the physical world having dinner with all of you,” lifting up your bottle of beer you raised it in a toast like manner. Soon everyone followed in suit and clicked glasses and bottles.

That night in your room you couldn’t help but feel as though there was someone watching you. It must have been your imagination until you called for JARVIS.


“Yes Ms. __________? How may I assist you?” the AI spoke politely as usual.

“Would you mind running a quick diagnostic in my room? Can you check to make sure that I’m the only one here? Like heat sensors and stuff?” you know you were just being paranoid but better safe than sorry.

“Of course madam, it will only take a moment.”

You pace a little by the foot of your bed hoping against all hope that you were wrong and that it was your paranoia getting the better of you.

“Ms. __________?”

“Yeah JARVIS?” you jump and look upward, “Did you find anything?”

“You need not to worry madam; my scanners have shown that you are the only heat signature I have detected in your room, you may rest with ease.” His words comforted you and you gave a tiny happy sigh.

“Thanks JARVIS, good night!”

“Pleasant dream Ms. __________.”

After preparing yourself for bed, you climb under the covers and curl against the blankets as well as your best and fluffiest pillow. Clapping your hands twice you turn off the lights in your room and only allow the light from your bedroom window to shine in. Closing your eyes you began to fall into a deep well deserved sleep.

“Sweet dreams __________.”
You hear a familiar silky voice whisper inside of your head[6].

And what sweet dreams they were.


Done. Done. I am officially DONE with this series. Thank you everyone who read this piece from beginning to end, you are all an awesome bunch of people. ;)

As most of you can tell I do like the Avatar: The Last Airbender series/storyline which is what I used to integrate into my writing. As for its sequel The Legend of Korra although I wanted to love this series to death like its predecessor, I just couldn't. Korra's character (in my general opinion) can be (if not should be) further developed but she's just too emotional for me. Don't get me wrong, the story/plot line was pretty good but the series itself didn't wow me like A:LAB did. Okay, end rant here.

I don't own you or any other characters mention that belong to Marvel. Just the plot, spelling/grammar errors.

Number Bullets

[1] Foreshadowing for another series I'm planning to write in the near future.

[2] Avatar Korra moment

[3] Woo "Nightmare on Elm Street" anyone? *koffkoff* Johnny Depp?

[4] What Loki I mean by Enlightenment

[5] Avatar Wang reference.

[6] Oh gee I wonder who.


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