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Aether Love (Loki x OC)


"I used to be a slave for Loki." I said with gritted teeth. "Really?" Natasha and the rest of the group looked shocked. "I don't believe it. No way a girl like you would ever be a slave to a guy like him. A girl like you would never be a slave at all. " Steve reasoned clearly not wanting to believe. "It's true." I threw six pictures at them on the table. They grabbed each with shock. Loki had slid them into my pocket while we were fighting just to taunt me. The first was of Loki, perched upon a golden throne. Me at his feet, resting my chin upon his knees. I wore green and gold. I was barely covered, just my 'goods' there was a collar around my neck, a golden chain attached it. I cringed at the memory. I wore a green and gold bra, similar to the one princess Leia wore, underwear to match and little chains swooping down the side of my thighs. my hair was dark then pulled up into a long high pony, decorated in gold. My makeup and nails matched this theme of gold and green. The second was of Loki kissing me. I looked desperate for his attention. I hissed at it. I was so desperate for his attention. Back then I was so weak. All I wanted to do was please him. I took whatever abuse he gave me. The rest were just of him and I. "I can't believe it. Why haven't you ever told me this?" Tony asked, of course only thinking of himself. "I didn't want to. That's an old part of my life. I wish not to look back on it as I am very ashamed of it. But now of course the memories have surfaced." I said, sounding like a teenager who just got asked to the dished. "So I will answer any questions you wish to ask!" I added sitting down and taking another swing of my drink knowing I needed it. "Just what happened?" Felicia asked, sitting down as well. "Well Loki took girls in their teens from earth. At the start, there was about 25 of us. We had to go through 'slave training'. It was awful, each week, 5 were cut, and well killed. By the end he chose 5. But two refuse and were also killed, leaving two other girl and I. Loki took a special liking to me. The other two were killed and I became his, and his only. I was his slave. He didn't ask me to do anything like clean for him, that's what for the maids were for. I was meant for a much different purpose. Sex. He abuse me into submission. But I didn't care. I worshipped him. This making me blind to how wrong this truly was. One day, I was ease dropping on him talking to another man. I knew I shouldn't have but I did. And what I heard, broke my heart." I paused for a moment, mustering all the strength I had left. "He was talking about me. Mostly nice words such as how submissive I was. The man asked how he got me. The answer is what snapped me out of mt fantasy. He had killed my family to get me. He said it as a casual thing. Like it was normal. I was filling with rage. I ran straight to the Bifrost and found Heimdall, the gate keeper. I told him what had happened and he offered to help. Back then, Slaves were not uncommon and Heimdall knew how harshly Loki treated me. He took pity on me. He changed my natural hair color to white, as that was all his power let him. He then sent me to earth. I started my life there, on the streets. I got into drugs and stripping at clubs. Then Tony found me and saved me from all that." I smiled, resting my head on Tony's shoulder. "Did you know Thor?" Clint asked lightly, trying not to offend me. "Yes. When I came here Thor recognized me but I explained what had happened. Thor was sworn to secrecy. " The group looked shocked. Sadness glossed over all of their eyes. "No, I don't want your pity. " I exclaimed as the group began to give me apologetic looks. "That's just awful. No wonder you beat the living -" Natasha looked at Steve. "Crap out of him. No woman should ever be treated that way." She finished teasing Steve. "Yeah. I agree. It's why I am such a bad ass now." I laughed a tiny bit. "How long were you in Asgard?" Tony asked, rubbing soothing circles into my back. "From when I was 14 to when I was 19." I answered. "Oh. That's just awful." Nat sighed. "I know. He was a sick, twisted man. Well he is. But in the most twisted way. I loved him. He for sure cared for me. But love? I couldn't say that. It was something darker. " I sighed loudly, picking at my finger nails. "A part of me almost misses him." I laughed to no one really. The laugh was quite sad. "How could you miss that." Clint asked harshly. "I don't know I just do okay? Like I said it's kinda sick and twisted. " I groaned as I could feel them pity me. I mean sure it was awful but I was also sick in the mind so I enjoyed it. Sense was knocked into me and I realised how wrong it was. "I'm going to go have a bath." I announced heading away from the group. I could feel their eyes on me however. I groaned hating telling them. I wish I would forget it. But somebody. Mental glare at Loki. Had to show up and bring all those memories to surface. Stupid Loki. Just Stupid Loki. Why was he here anyway. He seemed surprised that I was here so that certainly wasn't the reason. I made sure Heimdall would never giveaway my where abouts. He was up to something that's for sure.


Aye chapter two


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