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Her Hero, Her Monster


No one in Asgard seems to reason how the beautiful goddess of loyalty and bonds could have fallen in love with the younger Prince Loki, the murderer of her betrothed, so quickly after he had infiltrated her wedding, tricking her into marrying him instead of Theoric. But Sigyn knows why, and that is a secret she will take with her to the grave.


Loki Odinson

Loki Odinson

Loki Odinson is the younger, adopted son of Odin All-Father. He is a trickster who wished for the hand of Lady Sigyn Iwaldidottir but was refused it because of her engagement with Theoric, one of Odin All-Father's Crimson Hawks. Taking matters into his own hands Loki made a deadly bargain with mountain trolls requesting that they slay Theoric and his two comrades while they were out patrolling for Odin but a week prior to the wedding. After Theoric was dead Loki came back in his place transforming himself to appear as the warrior only to drop the guise once the All-Father had bound him and Sigyn together eternally. While the rest of Asgard has turned a dark eye upon the mischief maker, Loki fears his new bride has as well and wishes for her to quell some of his fears.



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