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The silver's tears

My kid

Strange was his name and he was strange Tony thought, the man showed up from nowhere knowing exactly what to do and who to help ! Tony kept all his suspicion to himself for the time being , well at least that strange can figure what was wrong with his kid , his what ! did he really just called Loki his kid?! Tony's heart certainly missed a beat from the thought.
Does he really think of Loki as his kid ? sure if he had a son he would be his age and the kid has this 'Stark' level intelligence, was it that he really needed to see the kid one more time to know how much he means to him ? to wait till he is on the verge of being gone again ? he thought about all the time he spent with him even their fights, well especially their fights as they reminded him of his father and it hit him , he used to have the same fights when he was at loki's age.
He remembered the first time Loki trusted him to be around him , the first time he made him smile and how he was so happy that he was the one responsible for that smile , the first time he heard him talk in his little voice stuttering ,the first time he called him by his name , and boy he really has fallen for the kid, he is really his kid , Tony let that sink for now as 'his kid' needs him right now to be focused and there .
Tony went back to the room he prepared in a rush for Loki and this Strange who is according to his own words "healing" loki from some dark energy he got from Bucky when he 'Loki' healed him from his nightmares , man he doesn't get that magic thing
"okay i'll ask it since no-one wants to, do we trust that Strange guy?" Tony asked bothered
"do we have another choice ?!" Bucky said in frustration , he too doesn't trust the guy Tony thought but who is he kidding, apparently he only trusts Loki only god knows why
"He was a surgeon, how did he turn into aah" Pepper said not finding the proper word
"A wizard ? by all means say it " Tony said
I know I shouldn't say that, but man I hate magic" Bucky whispered
"Ah, now we have something in common" Tony replied waving his hand
"Shut up you two, he is coming out " Pepper said standing up walking to them
"How is he ? how is the kid ? Tony was the first to ask earning a side look from Bucky
"He should be fine by now , we will know when he wakes up " Strange said quietly
"Should be ? what does that mean ?" bucky asked worried
"as you know , magic is no science and the dark energy doesn't follow certain procedure or rule , only time can tell but i'm sure he will be fine I have seen worse , don't worry your kid will be fine" Strange smiled for the first time at the idea that no*one corrected him it seems that this kid means a lot to all of them
"Come doctor , i'll show you to your room , i'm sure you need to have some rest , we all do it has been a long day " Pepper said
"Ah yes , thank you" Strange said following her
"Wanna go check on your kid" Bucky said walking to Loki's room smiling
"my kid? he is not ... how did you know ?" Tony said shocked
"Oh please , you have the look all written on your face "
"What look?" Tony asked perplexed
"The look he is my son and I dare you not to see that is true, the look that this kin may not be mine but I would kill for him , the look of a worried dad only calmed down down when he knew his son will be okay, you know, the look"
"well you have the same look ?" Tony blurted
"please I'm not that old to have a kid his age , besides he is 'and this my sound cheesy' my soulmate so of course I have a look for god sake "
"his soulmate ?"
" that what he called me , we are ahh linked by something i don't know what it is but it is there and it is strong"
"end of discussion , we're both hopeless cases when it comes to that kid" Tony said quietly looking at sleeping Loki
"Hey, we have another thing in common" Bucky said smiling closing the door behind them .



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise