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Second Chances

Chapter 21

Maia tried to see her reflection in the mirror but she was far too close to get the overall effect. The dress looked nice, she knew that, and the shoes were comfortable, she just hoped her make up and hair did them justice. She had applied silver and charcoal shadow with black liner and mascara which made a feature of her eyes without being too harsh a contrast, her lipstick the brightest red she could get away with. Her hair she had curled and left loose. She knew it suited her but she had no reassurance it matched the outfit and had never managed an up-do any neater than a braid or ponytail. It was about as dressy as she could make herself and it was always suitable for the formal events at X-Manor, but at The Avengers Tower? She hoped so.
She had a small shoulder bag which held her lipstick and phone, plus a pen because you never knew. She was ready early, she always was, and she sat carefully on the hard couch, hoping she wouldn’t crease, while reading her worn copy of Twelfth Night as music played from the radio in the kitchen. She and Loki had spent the afternoon together in The Avengers rec room, finishing watching Back To The Future. No one disturbed them, although Steve popped in to see if they needed anything as he had to run out to the store. While Maia needed to stock up she didn’t feel right asking Captain America to do her shopping so she declined. Later she would remind Stark he was going to tell her if there was some sort of delivery service, as she was stuck here.
Loki enjoyed the movie and was delighted to hear there were two more. They ate dinner together in the cafeteria and Maia promised to cook for Loki just as soon as she had ingredients. Despite her arguing he insisted on accompanying her home, promising to come for her at eight sharp, as these things barely got underway until eight-thirty at the earliest, so she wasn’t surprised when there were two sharp knocks on the door just minutes before eight. She slipped her bookmark between the pages and went to the door, smoothing her dress as she walked.
Loki was leaning casually beside the door when she opened it, his hands behind his back. His black suit and the shirt that matched her dress looked stunning, and his hair brushed his collar like ebony satin. He looked her over, top to bottom then up again, and his smile spread as his eyes darkened.
‘Absolutely breathtaking.’ He straightened and leant in, kissing her cheek, soft but lingering.
‘Thank you. You look amazing.’
He drew his hands from behind his back and showed her a bottle of wine and two glasses. ‘I thought we could have one drink in peace before you are victim to what I am assuming will be an Avengers inquisition.’
‘That’s very thoughtful, and terrifying.’ She stepped back to let him in then closed the door behind him. ‘I’m sure there’s a corkscrew in the drawer.'
‘No fear, I have this.’ He put the glasses on the counter top and held his hand above the neck of the bottle, using magic to force the cork out and into his waiting hand with a small pop.
‘That’s a nice trick.’ She picked up the glasses and held them for him to pour.
‘A simple matter, but it is all I am reduced to.’
‘Better than I could do, unless you want the bottle imploded.’
He took one of the glasses from her and clinked them together. ‘My dear, I shall have you popping corks in no time.’ He gave her a heated look and she quickly sipped the wine, trying to hide her blush while Loki smirked at her over his glass. She was so responsive, even to such a basic double entendre. He was sure it wouldn’t be long until he discovered just how far that blush went.
‘This shall undoubtably be a very late night. Shall we schedule your training for tomorrow afternoon?’ He followed her to sit on the couch, turning his body to face her, one arm along the back of the couch so he could play with her loose slash sleeves, his fingers occasionally caressing her skin, making goosebumps break out.
‘If we’re going to try that I’d better limit the alcohol intake.’ She put the glass on the side table to make her point.
‘I shall not allow your judgement, or anything else, to be compromised.’ His hand came up and cupped her cheek as he moved closer, but she spoke as he approached, putting his glass next to hers.
‘If you kiss me before it sets we’ll both end up covered in my lipstick and it tends to stain.’
‘We can’t have that.’ He purred and tilted her head, kissing beside her lips then across her cheek where he nipped at the soft flesh under her ear and she sighed as her eyes fluttered closed, her hands pressing against his chest. His other arm curved around her back, pulling her closer as he kissed a path down her neck, noting every little murmur and every hitch in her breath, knowing he would later wish to explore them in detail. As he reached her collarbone she elicited a moan that shot straight to his groin, his own groan slipping through his lips as he opened them to nip at her flesh with his teeth. Her head dropped back with a gasp as one hand threaded into his hair to the roots and Loki found himself with softer flesh on offer to him.
Maia bit her lip as her stomach fluttered. Loki’s lips alone were a form of magic and he traced the edge of the gown around her breast as his hand stroked from her cheek and down her neck, passing fleetingly over her breast but it was enough, with everything else, to make her nipple tighten. As Loki kissed into the hollow of her throat his arm moved her just enough that she reclined against the chair arm and he pressed himself against her, leaving her no doubt as to how she effected him.
‘We will be late.’ He hummed against her pulse and her hips twitched involuntarily.
‘You’re the one full of mischief.’ She sighed as he leant up on his arm to look down on her. Her lips were parted and her breathing heavy, her eyelids hooded and he could all but smell her desire.
‘That is not all I am full of.’ He pressed himself against her and even through their clothes Maia could tell he would make quite an impression.
‘Jesus.’ She grasped at his collar as though that would help her with the dense heat pooling inside her.
‘Try again, love.’ He said as he pressed his cheek to hers, putting his lips beside her ear. ‘Say my name, dearest girl, not that of some false idol.’
‘Loki.’ She groaned, barely audibly and his lips brushed her ear.
‘Mmm, better, but once more, for me.’
This time she tilted her lips towards his ear and made sure her breath blew against him with each syllable. ‘Lo-ki.’
He ground himself against her without meaning to and she gasped, her fingers tightening in his hair which in turn made him moan, long and deep against her skin.
‘My, you are quite the minx, to get me so riled up so easily.’ He leaned up again and brushed her lips with his in such a ghost of a touch her lipstick remained intact.
‘You started it.’ She reminded him breathily.
‘And I intend to finish it.’ He sat back and drew her with him until she straddled him, which wasn’t much of an improvement, given he was trying to calm matters. ‘But not tonight. When I take you to my bed it shall be a long, uninterrupted night, beginning early and ending late.’
Her cheeks were already scarlet but they darkened further, even as she gave him a sideways smile. ‘I’ll hold you to that.’
‘I hope you will hold me to a good many things.’ He settled her in his lap and reached over, first passing her her wine, then collecting his own. He clinked the rims together again.
‘What are we drinking to this time?’ She asked as his fingers trailed over her lower back.
‘To us, my sweet girl.’ He smiled before raising the glass to his lips.
She gave a kind of facial shrug and drank herself. There were far worse toasts out there they could be making.


If anyone wants to see it, this is Maia's dress for the party!

I also wanted to add an apology for Loki's comment about Jesus being a false idol. I'm not casting dispersions on anyone's religion, just seemed like something he would say!


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