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Second Chances


Loki has been handed over to The Avengers to pay penance for his past crimes, underpowered and underwhelmed by his post he is assigned a new 'guide to Midgard' by his superiors and is more than a little surprised when a petite freckled, redhead is waiting in the conference room, not at all like the previous handlers he has been assigned, who quit after a very short time with the snarky god.
Maia Tomson is a trained literature teacher and counsellor, maybe not someone you would have picked out to be a guide to the God of Mischief but her mentor, Charles Xavier, knows she likes a challenge, and when The Avengers ask him to recommend someone she is top of his list. Surprised by the assignment, Maia takes it on, promising to do her best, but was not counting on a mutual attraction with her charge.
Join Loki on a journey to discover that his heart is not as frozen as he believes it to be, an adventure spanning almost a millennia of love gained and lost and rediscovered in the most unlikely of places...

This story is complete, however more epilogues are added regularly!


  1. Chapter 1

    Introducing Maia...

  2. Chapter 2

    Maia settles in and meets her new charge...

  3. Chapter 3

    Tony badgers Maia, Loki finds her an enigma, Maia gets down to work.

  4. Chapter 4

    Loki is a gentleman which makes Tony suspicious...

  5. Chapter 5

    Loki and Maia get lunch and some unexpected guests...

  6. Chapter 6

    Hill is suspicious too...

  7. Chapter 7

    Loki has a change in mood and Stark decides to take matters into his own hands.

  8. Chapter 8

    Tony tries to hurry things along...

  9. Chapter 9

    Maia uses her 'teacher voice'.

  10. Chapter 10

    Trying on clothes and Loki makes his intentions known.

  11. Chapter 11

    Loki receives a warning, Maia steps up.

  12. Chapter 12

    Loki sends for Thor.

  13. Chapter 13

    Heimdall confirms Thor's suspicions.

  14. Chapter 14

    Stark checks up on the patient.

  15. Chapter 15

    Maia wakes and gives Loki an idea.

  16. Chapter 16

    Loki gets Stark on side.

  17. Chapter 17

    Debriefing and a wager is made.

  18. 18

    Loki is less than impressed with Maia's accommodation, but not the company within it.

  19. 19

    The next morning...

  20. 20

    Breakfast or Steve finds out who won the bet or Loki cooks or Thor and Loki banter or Loki and Maia discuss various things including family and their relationship.

  21. Chapter 21

    Time for the party! Don't ruin a girl's lipstick right before you leave!

  22. Chapter 22

    Time for The Avengers shindig! Loki is cute when he's nervous and Maia meets more of the team, including one very excited former intern!

  23. Chapter 23

    Darcy has no filter, Maia teases Loki, Loki gets his silvertongue on, Thor reassures Maia, Tony gets a dance and the information he's been after for months.

  24. Chapter 24

    Loki is still being flirty, obviously; drunk guests are a pain; Maia is a tough cookie.

  25. Chapter 5

    Self-loathing Loki and Maia is not having any of it!

  26. Chapter 26

    Loki has some 'splaining to do, get to apologising, Mischief!

  27. Chapter 27

    Onto the first training session and Loki gives Maia a gift.

  28. Chapter 28

    Time to test those powers.

  29. Chapter 29

    Maia wakes, but not where she expected to...

  30. Chapter 30

    Maia has a nightmare.

  31. Chapter 31

    Waking up in Loki's bed has its benefits...and its downsides...

  32. Chapter 32

    Maia is angry, and worried, and frustrated and a multitude of other emotions.

  33. Chapter 33

    On to the compound! Maia has a minor meltdown.

  34. Chapter 34

    An Avengers debriefing, Maia meets Clint and Loki wishes to see Maia's wounds fully.

  35. Chapter 35

    Dinner with The Avengers.

  36. Chapter 36

    Maia has another dream...or is it?

  37. Chapter 37

    The reunion.

  38. Chapter 38

    Just a little filler chapter...

  39. Chapter 39

    Loki makes his intentions clear; The Avengers get sent on a mission.

  40. Chapter 40

    Loki discovers Nutella in one of the best possible ways; Charles finds out about their relationship; Darcy finds out the truth; Maia is a little firebrand...literally!

  41. Chapter 41

    Down in the training room, Loki accidentally drops a bombshell.

  42. Chapter 42

    Loki has a solution to one of their problems.

  43. Chapter 43

    The Avengers return and immediately jump to conclusions.

  44. Chapter 44

    Heating up the hanger...

  45. Chapter 45

    Tony is not impressed with the news, Maia meets an old friend.

  46. Chapter 46

    Loki is suspicious.

  47. Chapter 47

    Date night!

  48. Chapter 49

    Professor Xavier arrives to delve into Maia's memories of Sigyn...

  49. Chapter 49

    Sigyn gets her first chance at a proper battle.

  50. Chapter 50

    Loki struggles to find his courage; romantic firsts, and Odin demonstrates some more A+ parenting!

  51. Chapter 51

    Short chapter of talking between Maia and Charles.

  52. Chapter 52

    Loki tracks Sigyn down.

  53. Chapter 53

    Sigyn has another admirer, Loki is emotionally repressed, Thor has a suggestion, Sigyn sets terms.

  54. Chapter 54

    Loki thinks Sig's idea hilarious, Thor's plan is put into action, jealous Sig, jealous Loki. Sigyn's father ships her with Theoric so hard!

  55. Chapter 55

    Sigyn asks Loki to spar with her.

  56. Chapter 56

    Nice long chapter this one! Long and short of it: They have lunch after the sparring and go to Banner's cell for their next session...and things go a little sideways...

  57. Chapter 57

    GIRLS NIGHT! Darcy has the night all planned out, with a special guest included!

  58. Chapter 58

    Loki gets busted, Sigyn gets busted, Frigga busts them both and Sigyn's father takes matters into his own hands...

  59. Chapter 59

    The story of Sigyn's unwilling betrothal continues... WARNING - contains some violence!

  60. Chapter 60

    Loki takes Sigyn to Odin.

  61. Chapter 61

    Loki shows us all how we ought to be woken up...

  62. Chapter 62

    Team Science and Magic come up with an interesting theory...

  63. Chapter 63

    Sigyn remembers something heartbreaking.

  64. Chapter 64

    Loki is an idiot.

  65. Chapter 65

    Sigyn wakes.

  66. Chapter 66

    Darcy is super pissed, Loki is frustrated, Sigyn meets her captor.

  67. Chapter 67

    Heimdall has a small lead, Odin learns the truth.

  68. Chapter 68

    Loki gets desperate.

  69. Chapter 69

    Sigyn makes her escape, Loki finds himself in the mirror realm, fake-Loki in pursuit, reunited and Sig is super pissed at Loki.

  70. Chapter 70

    Loki keeps his promise and they see the true face of the mystery magic user.

  71. Chapter 71

    What does Odin want? We're about to find out!

  72. Chapter 72

    Sigyn debates eating the apple.

  73. Chapter 73 - Epilogue 1

    Part of the happy ever after!

  74. Chapter 74 Epilogue 2

    Loki doesn't know how to save files or Sigyn knows how to motivate Loki or Loki wishes he hadn't gone celebrating or Sigyn likes to make her own mischief

  75. Chapter 75 - Epilogue 3

    Sigyn goes on a late night store run...and it goes from there!

  76. Chapter 76

    Sigyn is not a happy heavily pregnant lady.

  77. Chapter 77 - Epilogue 5 - A flashback

    Loki and Sigyn's relationship is still all shiny and new, just months after the winter solstice they continue their elicit meetings in the grounds after dark where no one will discover them, happy to be in one another's company whenever possible, however sometimes relationships need a little push...

  78. Chapter 78 - Epilogue 6

    When the bride- and groom-to-be go out with their respective friends to celebrate what the Midgardian's regard as 'one last night of freedom', leave it to technology to make a mess of this time honoured tradition... Alternatively... Darcy makes a faux pas or two...

  79. Chapter 79 - Epilogue 7 - What happened when Sigyn finally had time to breathe...

    After the events with Theoric have come to a close, Sigyn's emotions of the entire situation finally get the better of her.

  80. Chapter 80 - Epilogue 8 - Flashback

    Back many years, Sigyn cannot bear the thought of having to marry Theoric, even if no date has yet been set, and she decides the time has come to take drastic action.

  81. Chapter 81 - Epilogue 9

    Never take a trickster god to the zoo...ever!

  82. Chapter 82 - Epilogue 10

    This is a direct continuation of Epilogue 7, from immediately after events with Theoric are over and they have had their breakdown about all they lost on Niflheim. Sigyn has to come to terms with the side effects of eating the Apple of Idunn.

  83. Chapter 83 - Epilogue 11

    Downtime at The Tower and Sigyn is really not happy.

  84. Chapter 84 - Epilogue 12

    Flashback to when everyone finally returns to the tower, the new normal begins with Sigyn living with Loki, just one thing is left for her to do...tell her parents...

  85. Chapter 85 - Epilogue 13 - In at the deep end

    The time has come for Sigyn to take part in her first mission with the team, but it's not as straightforward as it could have been!

  86. Chapter 86 - Epilogue 14 - Pretty Maids

    When Mjölnir is stolen Thor takes the issue to Loki and Sigyn in confidence to aid in finding the culprit and retrieving the Hammer of the Gods... (Set during Sigyn's first incarnation.)


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