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Second Chances

Chapter 34

Being in another Avengers debriefing wasn’t something Maia had hoped to repeat, but there she sat, listening to a complete rundown of what had happened. Thor had not yet returned which meant Loki was the only one who could tell what happened once they travelled through the bifrost. He kept it basic, that the drake had been dead on arrival, he had been returned to Midgard, and Thor was trying to ascertain how the drake had come to be there in the first place. All the information he had provided with potential attackers had given very little to go on other than his descriptions of what they were capable of. Maia felt more like an honorary participant, having only had to confirm what had happened when the attack began and what she had done to help Loki, effectively loaning him her powers. Hill and Fury shared a look and Loki rolled his eyes.
‘Honestly, if I had wished to escape that would have been the perfect opportunity. I could have removed the cuff, but I did not even attempt to do so.’
‘We’ll put it on record.’ Fury said simply. ‘And the two of you will not practice any more magic, or whatever it is, outside of one of Banner’s cells. Understood?’
‘Perfectly.’ Loki replied.
‘Is there anything else?’ Fury looked among the assembled Avengers and no one had any more to add. The meeting was adjourned and almost everyone had filed out, except Nat who asked Maia to hold on, which meant Loki did too, and Hawkeye.
‘You haven’t met Clint yet, have you Maia?’ Nat asked, angling Maia towards him.
‘No, I haven’t. Hi.’ She offered him her hand and he stepped forward, taking it and studying her eyes.
‘Pleasure, can I ask you something?’
‘Can’t be any more personal than the questions I’ve had from Darcy.’
Clint smiled at that. ‘We love Darcy but we need to change the filter between her mouth and brain. What’s your natural eye colour?’
Loki laughed out loud. ‘Very good, Agent Barton.’
‘Blue.’ She said uncertainly.
Clint nodded. ‘Just checking.’
‘The mind stone now resides in your Vision, the staff is gone.’ Loki pointed out.
‘I told you.’ Nat gave him a knowing look. ‘We have Vision, Wanda and Professor X’s word he was coerced into working for the Chitauri.’
‘He still enjoyed it.’
‘Making the best of a bad situation.’ Loki shrugged. ‘And if you recall I knew all about your secret family and yet told no one. I did the bare minimum asked of me, shared nothing I was not asked to.’
‘Yeah, okay.’ Clint conceded reluctantly before turning to Nat. ‘You coming sparring?’
‘Two secs.’ She turned back to Maia. ‘Ladies night is still happening, we’ll just move the venue here.’
‘Darcy already mentioned it so I assumed as much.’
Clint narrowed his eyes at her. ‘Why do I get the feeling Darcy has some graphic questions in mind for you?’
‘She already asked some.’
He looked at Nat. ‘Do I want to know?’
‘Probably not.’ She grinned, turning back to Maia. ‘You’re welcome to join us for sparring, if you want?’
‘Maia was injured during the initial drake attack.’ Loki stated before Maia could answer. ‘She needs to have her wounds checked.’
‘How were you injured?’ Nat realised she hadn’t seen any signs of injury on her.
‘Just shards of glass in my back, nothing major, but I’ll get a rain check on the sparring.’ Maia smiled.
‘You’re welcome to join us anytime.’ Nat smiled.
‘Nice to meet you.’ Clint winked at her then they left together.
Loki slipped his hand into Maia’s immediately, pulling her towards the door. ‘Are you feeling any better, dear one?’
‘Dear one? That’s cute.’ Tony was standing just outside the door, leaning against the wall with his arms folded.
‘Can we help you, Anthony?’ Loki asked more patiently than he felt.
‘Scarlet’s new phone.’ He held the unit out to her but smiled at Loki. ‘Tomorrow night still stands.’
‘It does?’ Maia asked.
‘Pending any more disasters.’ He shrugged. ‘Someone will collect you both, seven thirty as planned. One question though.’ Tony pushed away from the wall. ‘What else is Thor doing on Asgard?’
‘What my brother does is his business, and I would hate to speculate.’
‘Then let’s be more specific. What’s he doing for you on Asgard?’
Loki raised his chin and smirked. ‘Very astute, Anthony. Just a small matter, nothing to concern yourself over.’
‘Which means it should concern us all and will probably bite us in the ass later.’
‘I highly doubt that.’ Loki tried reassuring him.
‘Fine, don’t share. I’ll find out eventually.’ He took a packet of almonds out of his pocket and offered one to Maia, who accepted.
‘It is a personal matter.’
‘I don’t believe that for a second. Don’t forget, dinner is at seven. I’ll show you a few little tricks on your new phone.’ He said as he retreated down the corridor.
Loki pulled Maia’s hand and began the walk back to their apartment and she spoke as soon as she was sure they were out of earshot.
‘You don’t want Tony to know about the dream?’
‘I do not wish to add extra concerns to the team until I am sure it is necessary.’
‘You disagree?’
‘I’m still hoping it was just a dream.’
‘All the same, we shall be prepared.’
She narrowed her eyes at him. ‘You just told Fury no magic outside of Bruce’s cell.’
‘I told him nothing of the sort. I said I understood that was what he wanted, not that I agreed.’
‘You are so sneaky.’ She shook her head, reaching over her shoulder to scratch where the label of the hoodie was catching on a band aid.
‘I am breaking no rule.’
‘Still sneaky. So, now what? You teach me to break an enchantment and we wait for Thor?’ She rolled her shoulder.
‘Is something bothering you, dearest?’
‘Label in the hoodie.’ She let go of his hand and pulled it over her head before tying it around her waist. ‘All better.’ She took his hand again.
Loki looked at the small pink adhesive bandages the Midgardians used that smattered her shoulders. ‘Are there many more than those I can see?’
‘How many can you see?’
‘Six more, I think.’
‘Then my lie to give a valid excuse not to spar stands. I would see your wounds, as my priority.’
‘They’re fine, the label was just catching.’ She argued, really not wanting a big deal made out of such a small thing.
‘All the same, I ask that you indulge me in this.’
‘Will it get you back to what we’re meant to be doing?’
‘If I know you are truly well I will be less distracted.’ He stopped at their door, produced the keycard and swiped them in. ‘Take a seat upon the couch, dove, I’ll be with you in a moment.’
Maia took off the hoodie and threw it on the chair before sitting down and moments later Loki came from the kitchen with a small bowl of salt water and cloth, setting them down on the coffee table before sitting beside her. ‘May I remove your bandages?’
‘They’re all clean and sterile. You don’t need to.’
‘I want to.’ He kissed her cheek then made her turn on the couch so he could see her back. He swept her hair over her shoulder and she suppressed a shiver when his fingers brushed her skin.
‘Just rip them off fast.’ She told him and he pulled off the first one.
‘I cannot do that again. It’s brutal.’
‘It’s fine.’
‘It really is not.’ He brushed his hand over those visible and they disintegrated. ‘This is much kinder on your delicate flesh.’
‘A little overkill just for bandaids.’ She finally let the shiver run through her at the power dancing over her.
‘Not at all. Where are the rest?’
‘Uh…’ She paused, remembering one important thing she hadn’t had the chance to rectify since waking. ‘They’re, um, lower.’
‘And you are rewarding me with a full body blush because?’
She wrinkled her nose. ‘Because I never got around to putting on a bra.’
Loki fought the smile on his lips, both at her shyness and the thought that only this thin piece of cloth lay between them. ‘I shall just raise it as far as you are comfortable, but please, let me finish.’
She sighed, more at herself than anything else. ‘I guess, since you asked so nicely.’
He carefully raised the vest until the rest of the bandages were exposed then passed a hand over those too. She was correct; the wounds were not bad, but they marred her pale skin and he didn’t like that. ‘Can you raise it enough that I can see all the wounds?’
‘I think so.’ She pulled the vest up and over her shoulders but kept one arm over her breasts, holding the material in place.
‘Perfect, love. Just stay still.’ He put a hand on either shoulder then lowered his head and gently kissed the small cut on her upper spine and she gasped as magic flowed from him and into her. After a moment he drew back. Her skin was completely repaired. ‘Ten more.’ He said as he slipped off the couch and onto his knees, his hands stabling himself at her waist and thigh. His lips touched the lower wounds and she bit her own to stop the groan that tried to escape. His kisses continued over her back, her breathing increasing with each touch as he made his way back onto the couch and the final cut on her upper right shoulder. As he finished she turned to face him, his eyes opening as he raised his head. He froze as his gaze met hers, her lips parted invitingly. He had a moment of decision, his hands on her flesh, her lips so close, but she took it from him, leaning until her back touched his chest and kissing him.
The kiss was slow yet deep and had Maia’s stomach and lower things dancing with excitement as she reached up to cup his head, his arms curving around her waist, pulling her back into his lap. He dipped her back in his arms enough to get a better angle for them both and the groan she had suppressed finally purred through her throat. His hands slowly caressed her ribcage, his thumb brushing the exposed underside of her breast and her hand convulsed in his hair at the surprising yet welcome contact. She arched against his touch, deepening the kiss, and it was all Loki could do not to lay her down and rush into this, but he had meant what he said about taking his time, and she deserved far better than on a couch. He scooped her up in his arms as he stood, breaking the kiss.
‘We still have not examined the bedroom.’
‘We should.’ She said breathily. ‘Thoroughly.’
He kissed her again briefly before making his way across the room to the thus far unopened door, pushing the handle down and stepping inside. There was ample furniture in the large room but the enormous pine four poster with white sheets and matching curtains drew both of their gazes.
‘Oh, this will suffice.’ Loki walked to the bed and laid her in the centre, her head in the pillows, as he climbed onto the bed, the outer most layers of his armour disappearing, leaving painted on leather pants and a black linen undershirt. He maintained eye contact with her, the heat in his eyes almost tangible.
‘I should…’ Maia reached for the vest, but his hand caught her wrist lightly and a smile spread across his face.
‘May I?’
She nodded and he released her, swinging one of his legs over her knees to straddle her. His fingertips gently touched either side of her belly button and traced slowly to her waist, her breath catching as his palms flattened against her freckled skin. Loki noted her every reaction; the way her skin fluttered involuntarily under his touch, then the way her lips trembled slightly with each breath, her blue eyes intent on his face. His fingers spanned her back to almost touch her spine and he encouraged her to sit up. He trailed his touch up her back as she lost her initial shyness, pressing hands to his hips and slipping them up and under his tunic. She ducked her head as he pushed the vest up and off before splaying his hands fully on her back, resting his forehead on her hair.
‘Equals, love, remember?’
He raised his head as she tilted hers to look at him. ‘Equals?’
‘You and I. Equals.’ She still continued to look at him in puzzlement. ‘My shirt, pet?’ He prompted with an amused look.
‘Oh!’ She laughed in realisation. ‘Sorry.’
Her helped her draw the tunic off him and her hands were on his back again as he threw it from the bed, her eyes trailing over his sculpted torso to his face.
‘You know, for a frost giant, you’re pretty hot.’
He leant into her, making her lay down. ‘That’s funny, I was just thinking for a Midgardian I am not entirely certain you are not a goddess.’
‘God of Lies.’
‘Not with you, sweet.’
‘My word.’ He whispered against her lips. The kiss was brief but thorough and he trailed it across her cheek to her jaw.
Maia’s fingers convulsed on Loki’s back, the firm muscles barely giving as his hands roamed over her flesh, his mouth biting, licking and kissing his way over her skin, exploring every single inch of her. Loki remembered what had had her elicit the most responses and called on them, making additional notes as he explored new territory, listening for every murmur and hitch in her breath as he tested each curve of her body. He made his way across her collarbone then in a straight line up her throat to her chin where he leaned back enough to look down at her face. Her eyes fluttered open to find him looking at her intently.
‘What?’ She whispered with a faint smile.
He narrowed his eyes for a moment, the part of him that had been betrayed and used needing the last reassurance from her. ‘Truly mine?’
She brought her hand up and cupped his cheek, licking her lips before smiling at him. ‘Truly yours.’
He closed his eyes and let out a relieved sigh, dropping his forehead to rest on her temple. Maia leant her face towards his and kissed his cheek, her fingers threading into his hair and turning him to face her. She kissed his lips, softly tasting him, drawing his bottom lip between hers before brushing it with the barest of touches with her tongue. Such a willing yet simple gesture had Loki growl and he pushed at their joined lips until she released him, his tongue plunging into her mouth as he made their remaining clothes vanish with a thought.
Maia let out a whimper as she felt Loki fall free against her, long, proud and firm as he shifted one knee to nestle between hers. Now she had the extra movement she raised her leg over his hip and his heart stepped up a gear. It was all he could do not to rush ahead of himself and take her right now, but instead he reached his hand to her calf and traced a path up and over her hip to her waist, then ribs, until finally his thumb traced the underside of her breast, making her press against him and he shifted his weight so he could touch her fully, his thumb grazing her nipple, faintly at first, then palming her breast with more fervour. Her response was immediate, a small cry emitting from her throat as she arched her back, the heat already pooled between her thighs increasing in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. She pulled back from the kiss just far enough to speak, her voice strained with need.
‘Please, Loki.’
‘Please what, love?’ He asked as he nuzzled his way from her cheek to her jaw.
‘I want you.’ She moaned as he nipped at her pulse.
‘And have me you shall, but not yet.’
‘Spoilsport.’ She whispered as he began to kiss his way down her throat.
‘Oh no, dear heart, you are the one who is about to be spoilt.’ He promised as he moved down her body, lips teasing as he went.
Maia’s nails convulsed in Loki’s shoulders as his tongue danced over her breast, drawing her nipple to a taut peak before sealing his mouth around it, sucking gently with the slightest pressure of teeth. Loki noted her pleasured murmur as his other hand travelled over her hip then thigh, hooking it behind her knee and settling her foot on the bed, giving him the room to run his hand over the inside of her thigh, her skin quivering as her hips twitched. Loki marvelled at her reactions as he kissed across to the other soft mound, where he lavished the same attention as the first, his fingers playing over her thighs, deliberately not touching anything more sensitive.
Maia bit her lip as Loki kissed over her ribs, his body sliding down hers as his fingers tripped over her, featherlight and teasing, the ghost of a touch to come. His lips passed her abdomen as his fingers finally slid solidly over her, spreading the wetness she had already gathered to roll over her most sensitive spot.
Maia let out a cry that ended in the phrase; ‘Ohhhh my God!’
Loki looked up her body with a dark smile, her head was thrown back, hands pressed into his shoulders. ‘Mmm, exactly.’ He purred before dipping his head and replacing his fingers with his lips and tongue.
Maia drew a shaky breath as Loki’s mouth worked her to the edge rapidly, her nails dragging at his skin as her hips flexed, held in place by his strong arm on her pelvis. The coil inside her snapped and as she began to cry out Loki plunged two fingers inside her, her back bowing off the bed as the cry turned into a scream. Loki worked her through the tumultuous throes with his lips but his fingers didn’t stop and as he added a third digit her hand flew above her head, grasping at the pillows as another wave took her before the first had subsided.
Maia shook all over and Loki raised his head to watch her as she came down, unable to stop the chuckle that escaped his lips as he slowly drew his fingers from her. Maia swallowed heavily and glanced down as Loki crawled up her body, his eyes dark, lips smiling.
‘You are the most adorable thing when you come undone.’
‘You killed me.’ She breathed as she wrapped trembling arms around him. ‘That’s it, I’m dead.’
‘Oh dearest, I promise you,’ he kissed her, ‘you are only just learning the meaning of pleasure, and I intend on teaching you everything I can.’ He nestled himself between her bent legs, nudging at her entrance as he kissed softly beside her lips.
‘You should be illegal.’ She whispered as she nuzzled at his cheek.
‘Would you have me outlawed, my sweet Maia?’ He paused and she shook her head.
‘Only for other people.’
‘Mmm.’ He hummed against her skin and carefully edged himself inside her. ‘I am not the only possessive one.’ He growled as she pulled her knee up to rest over his hip.
She pressed her lips to his. ‘Mine.’ She murmured and it was too much for him. He snapped his hips up, filling her with a deep throb of pleasurable pain, and she gasped, pulling him in tight to her with her arms and thighs, pelvis tilting to meet him.
‘So very yours.’ He wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her tilted into him as he slowly drew himself out of her. He began a rhythm, gentle yet deep, allowing her to become accustomed to him as he kissed to her jaw and neck, biting at the juncture of her shoulder until she cried out with the pleasure the combination of his teeth on her flesh as he filled her gave. Loki sucked at her skin, enjoying every sound she made and each physical riposte, as though she responded positively to his every touch.
Maia could feel the familiar heat growing inside her again impossibly quickly, Loki’s kiss moving to her collarbone where he left imprints of his teeth along its length as her breath caught in small gasps.
Loki’s lips left her skin and he turned them quickly, his hands on her hips to enable them to stay joined, then encouraging her to sit up. The new depth and angle had her throw her head back with a moan and it was only Loki grabbing her hips that prevented her from falling. Her hands grasped at his wrists as she stabilised and looked down at him in awe. His eyelids were hooded and his lips were parted and pink, hair deliciously ruffled, and when he spoke his voice was emotional and tight.
‘Move for me, sweet, let me see you.’ He raised his hips in encouragement and she made a small noise in her throat before rocking her hips back, his hands helping her find a rhythm as his eyes tracked over her, noting every freckle, every mark he had made so far.
Maia knew she would have felt shy, were this anyone else, but Loki looked her over with reverence and hunger, which was empowering in itself. He gave small groans that did nothing for the small amount of sanity she had left, and after just minutes she hit her peak again and Loki sat up quickly, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close as her body shook, high keening sounds coming from her as she clung to him. She had to be tiring, he was sure, but he was not quite done with her yet.
As her spasms faded he carefully raised her off him and lay her down on her side before pressing himself against her back. He drew her upper leg over his thigh and reentered her almost painfully slowly. She whimpered and he hushed her, letting her know it was alright, knowing it would be from sensory overload, but he could end this for them both in a way that should not exhaust her completely. He kissed softly over her shoulder as he drew himself out until only the tip remained before slowly gliding back in, her walls still clenching from her last orgasm, but it only drew him closer to his own release. One arm held her close while the other petted her skin, incoherent murmurs falling from her lips as he continued his slow pace until he could no longer bear it. Snapping his hips up he slammed into her several times until his body gave, and he moaned what had to be the sweetest absolution he had ever known. He held her close, face buried in her hair as her body convulsed around his, a soft cry escaping from her lips as they shuddered together, breathing heavily.
Loki felt complete and spent all at once and he carefully slid free of her, lowering her trembling leg to the bed before gathering her fully in his arms, covering her body with his own almost completely, her back pressed tightly against his chest.
They both lay still for some time, waiting for their breathing to even, their hearts hammering rapidly. Maia had never experienced anything like it. Her body shook with the intensity of her beating heart and the exertion of so much pleasure, small aches giving her a delicious reminder of what they had just done, and strangely tears leaked from the corners of her eyes despite the fact she felt tired yet elated. It had been such an intense yet tender experience.
Loki stroked damp curls from her cheek and placed butterfly soft kisses on her skin. ‘Can you feel it, love?’ He whispered against her skin. ‘My heart beating for you? For what you do to me?’
Maia couldn’t speak, wasn’t sure she could trust her voice, instead she just nodded.
‘Have I stolen your ability to speak?’ He asked gently and she managed a small laugh before using what little energy she had left to shuffle around onto her back, cup his cheek in her hand and kiss him softly. It was as they parted that Loki noticed the moistness to her eyes. He frowned in concern. ‘Did I hurt you, precious girl? Did I give or take too much?’
She shook her head and swallowed before clearing her throat. ‘You were perfect.’ She whispered with a small, tired smile. ‘It was all perfect.’
He kissed her in gratitude of her words. ‘You are quite sure you are well?’
‘I’m really good.’
‘You are exhausted.’ He took in her tired expression. ‘Can you move, dear one?’
‘How far?’ She really didn’t relish the idea.
‘Just enough to turn back the bed. I would ask no more of you.’ He brushed her nose with his.
‘I think so.’
‘Wait until I return. We shall do so together.’ He kissed her again and rolled off the bed, standing carefully at the faint trembling through his own limbs. Maia watched him go, enjoying the view before she realised he had red welts over his skin from her nails. She bit her lip. He hadn’t complained, but…the thought brought her back to her clavicle and neck and she reached up to touch them. As though the recognition were the trigger they began to ache as she touched each one, but the ache was a pleasurable reminder, and felt like they would be a dead giveaway as to what they had been doing.
Loki came back minutes later with a small tray in his hands, containing bottles of drink, snacks, and a damp cloth. Placing them on the bedside he climbed back onto the bed with the cloth in his hand, tapped at Maia’s thighs with his fingertips as she realised what it was for.
‘You’re so thoughtful.’ She murmured as he carefully wiped her over and she was grateful as she was definitely tender.
‘Has no man ever afforded you such a simple consideration?’ He frowned at her before throwing the cloth in the linen basket across the room.
‘Closest I’ve come to simple consideration after sex is a cuddle.’ She pushed herself up on shaking arms and together they pulled back the sheets and nestled into the pillows.
‘Barbarians.’ He muttered before passing her a bottle of water. ‘Have this and a snack. If you wish we can rest until dinner?’
‘Are we still going to dinner?’ She asked as she opened the water, took a drink then put it on the cabinet.
‘Anthony does seem to be expecting us. It would be a good opportunity for you to fully replenish your energy, as I intend on stealing it from you again.’ He smiled wickedly and she flushed, the rosy shade a stark contrast to the white sheet tucked to her breasts. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. ‘You offer such responses to the simplest things.’ He turned her face with his fingertips and kissed her softly. ‘If you do not wish to dine with the team do not feel you must. We can dine here.’
‘If we don’t go Tony might come here to give me phone pointers, although I don’t think I have any clothes with a high enough neckline to be subtle.’
He leaned forward to see the marks he had left, a red welt on her neck and the imprints of his teeth lower down. He could not help but smile. ‘Those are not things to be shy of, kitten, and were I able I would bear the canvas of my back with your marks for all to see. If you wish I can remove them, but your acceptance shows all you are truly mine, and nothing would please me more.’
‘You and your silvertongue.’ She sighed.
‘That cannot be a complaint.’ He said as his thumb rubbed below her lip.
‘It’s just too good at getting you what you want.’
‘Still not a complaint.’
‘Kind of hard to complain when you just repeatedly threw me into complete ecstasy.’
‘Mmm.’ He hummed, licking his lips. ‘You did appear to enjoy yourself.’
‘All because of you.’
‘Oh no, beloved.’ He shook his head before resting his forehead against hers. ‘Equals. We made this magic together with nothing more than our bodies. Do not underestimate the effect you have on me, you are quite intoxicating.’
‘I’ve never been called intoxicating before.’ She laughed softly.
‘Trust me, dear heart, for me there is no greater drug.’ He said before kissing her, his words meaning more to her than perhaps even he knew.


The first smut!


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