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Second Chances

Chapter 44

'Was it this big before?' Maia asked as she clung to the handrail while making her way down the ice coated stairs, her shoes slipping despite the grips on the soles.
'It hasn't changed, sweet.' Loki walked beside her, prepared to catch her if she fell, keeping his feet particularly easily as he had changed into his armour with its heavy boots and protective leather, against the heat she was supposed to try and call. 'I suspect the thought of it being smaller is a combination of how the news made you feel emotionally and that melting it is a daunting task.'
'You're not wrong on that last one.' She breathed as they reached the bottom. 'How am I meant to do this? What the hell was I thinking?'
'That you would help and damn the consequences?' He took her left hand in his own, wrapped his other arm around her back and slid her to the centre of the room.
'Sounds about right.' He turned her to face him, holding her hands. 'I can give it a burst of flame but we know what will happen. Really I need to put out heat, but I don't want to hurt you, and I don't even know if I can do enough.'
'I have both my magic and armour for protection, love, don't worry about that, as for the heat, I have something of a suggestion.'
'I'm all ears.'
'You know I believe the ice was a representation of your grief.'
She nodded. 'That does make sense.' She swallowed at the memory. The news had given her a cold feeling inside and her magic may have manifested it physically. She had seen it happen often enough at the school. 'What do you think triggered it to act like this? It's never done it before?'
'It must be connected to the return of your true self. It is far too coincidental.' He said thoughtfully. 'And that coincided with the first time we...'
'Okay, I got it.' She blushed at the thought of all they had done.
'Mmm. I believe you do.' An idea crept into his mind. 'I have an idea of how to aid you in calling heat.' He stepped around behind her and stood so close she could feel the warmth of his presence and her breath fogged in the air as she let out a shuddering sigh. 'Do you think you can guess how I might raise heat in you, kitten?’ His voice ruffled her hair, so close to her ear she knew he was bent over, his arms curving around her waist.
'I think I'm glad I asked for the cameras to be disconnected.' She said quietly.
'Fear not, dove, there will be nothing to see, unless you make it so.'
'I still get the feeling you're going to be obscene.'
He chuckled. 'Darling, you have no idea.' He pulled her back tight against him with one arm while the other came up, his knuckles brushing down her cheek before his fingers stroked over the marks he had made with just enough pressure to let her know that it was deliberate. She hummed faintly, the sound making him smile. 'Oh those little noises you make when I touch your skin, and this is just your neck. What else can I coax from you when I touch you elsewhere? And I will. I will have you moan my name, scream it, until you are hoarse, and for every noise I shall mark you again until you have no doubt who you belong to. I will take my time with you, exploring every little thing that arouses you, driving you to the edge of pain, aching for me, begging for me,' Maia whimpered at his words, her eyes drifting closed as heat to rival her blush pooled inside her and Loki began to slowly trace power over her skin, hoping to coax hers free. 'And when you are below me, writhing with need, I shall devour you, fulfilling your every desire as I enter your warm depths. What noises shall you make for me? What new sounds can I have you elicit? I want your breaths ragged, your skin glistening and your back bowed. I want everyone in this building to know I am to blame for the sounds you will make, and when you finally come undone, your body clenching around mine, I will have you look into my eyes, filling you deeply as I join you in the throes of ecstasy.'
Maia had felt heat rushing through her as he spoke, distracting her from their task but aiding it at the same time. Power had leaked from her as he spoke, starting the defrosting process. Loki looked up as water began dripping down on them and he realised his mistake. Being stood under so much melting ice was not a good idea. He managed a quick; 'Sorry, love!' Before hiking her off her feet in one arm and running for cover below the stairs.
Maia's eyes shot open as she was hauled off her feet and Loki effortlessly sprinted with her to beneath the stairs.
'What happened?' She asked, just seconds before a large slab of ice crashed down from the ceiling, making her jump. Loki pushed her into the corner and shielded her with his body as shards peppered the room and he felt her magic shut down abruptly.
'I am unsure moving from here is wise until the risk of falling ice has lessened.' He leant back but kept his hands on the wall either side of her head. Her breathing was just a little too fast, her skin still flushed.
'Probably a good thing, you about wrecked me with that mouth of yours.'
He got a mischievous glint in his eye. 'What a splendid idea.' He dropped to his knees in front of her, catching his fingers in the waistband of her jeans and making them disappear entirely.
'Wait, what're you...oh jeez.' She realised what he had planned as he palmed her underwear down her legs. 'Loki, we shouldn't.' She managed but remembered he always had had a penchant for stowing away in alcoves and between little used library shelves, amusing himself as she tried not to scream.
'Of course we should, sweet. What better way to flood this room with heat?'
He raised her leg and rested it over his shoulder as his fingers trailed up the inside of her thigh. He rolled his head up to look at her as his fingers slid through her folds. 'My, so wet, and this was merely from words.' He ran his finger around her entrance as she whimpered, her head rolling back against the wall. Loki watched the sheer joy on her face at this smallest of touches before bowing his head to her and licking a long, wet stripe along her as his finger entered her. Maia groaned in pleasure at the feel of Loki inside her, his mouth and tongue eating at her hungrily. Her hands found his hair and threaded through it as he added two more fingers, curling them as they went deep, her breath coming in short gasps. Loki toyed with her, licking and sucking as he let the taste of her roll through him. She was the sweetest thing and he knew he would never tire of this. He could feel her beginning to tense in readiness for the orgasm to come, and he licked her, tongue flat and wide, as he added magic to it, coaxing her to put out more heat with her release.
Maia teetered on the brink for a moment before her body finally gave, heat rushing through her in a wave that carried on out of her on the power Loki had raised, her hips twitching violently as he held her still through the convulsions. She was still shaking when he stood, holding her raised leg behind the knee as he made his leather pants disappear, guiding himself into her. She gave a strangled cry, not even trying to hide it, and he chuckled to himself, such a free sound spilling though her lips only increasing his appetite for her. Once seated inside her he stood fully, raising her other leg to wrap around him and pushing her up the wall to his height with their joined hips. Her lips found his, a desperate attempt to take back some control, and he let her have it, there was little else she was able to do, and little else he was willing to give. She was his, his claim was staked, and he would have her. Maia gave a high, mewling sound as Loki finally began to move, gliding almost all the way out of her before slamming back in again, their lips parting in a tandem groan that echoed in the large space.
Loki pressed his lips to her cheek as he found a deep, fast rhythm that set off short, sharp pangs inside her, bridging the gap between pleasure and pain in a way Maia had never known, yet Sigyn remembered, oh so well. Her hands grasped at the leather and metal across his shoulders as his movement sent the same contrasting materials grazing across her thighs, zips and buckles adding to the impending ecstasy.
Loki pushed his way back inside her, adding power to his thrust, and it was as though a dam broke inside them both, magic coursing between them as he sunk into her with one final stroke that had them both cry out, bodies bucking as pleasure tore through them, wave after wave. As the tremors of exertion began to pulse through them, Loki carefully separated them, lowering her as he turned to put his back to the wall, crouching as the floor was now one great puddle, and Maia made a small squeaking noise as her toes touched the frigid water.
‘Good job, love.’ Loki murmured against her hair as he surveyed the now defrosted room.
‘So, all I need is,’ she took a shuddering breath, ‘for you to blow my mind, and I can call heat without passing out.’
He kissed her hair and leant back, surveying her flushed cheeks and swollen lips with pride. ‘It just proves it’s possible, sweet. There are other forms of heat, just few as compelling.’
‘I doubt any others are as compelling.’ She ghosted her lips over his.
They heard the door above bang open and Thor’s voice echoed through the room.
‘Brother? Lady Sigyn?’
‘He is not permitted to call you that.’ Loki purred against her skin before calling out; ‘We’re here, Thor. All is well.’
‘Stark told me of the power. Is Sigyn well?’
Loki gave her raised eyebrows and she sighed. ‘I’m fine, Thor, but please, it’s Maia.’
‘As you wish.’ Thor’s voice grew closer as he descended the stairs and Maia gave Loki wide, startled eyes.
Loki stood, his legs shaking as he replaced their garments, keeping his hands on Maia while she found her re-covered feet as she wavered slightly. ‘I would see you both hearty with my own eyes before I relinquish my worry.’
‘He would.’ Maia muttered as Loki turned her to the wall again, cupping her cheek with his hand as a scrap of black lace caught his eye. He quickly waved his hand so Maia’s underwear disappeared as there was the sound of more footfalls above.
Loki bowed his head towards Maia just as Thor appeared around the corner and he turned to look at him. ‘Must you interrupt my every pleasure, brother?’ Loki asked simply.
Thor took a step back as he took in Maia’s flushed cheeks, her arms around his brother as he leant into what was obviously not their first kiss of the moment.
‘This will not suffice to call power in battle.’ He waved a finger at them and it reminded Maia so much of the time Thor had caught them kissing in a curtained alcove at a ball that it made her laugh and she dropped her forehead onto Loki’s chest as she giggled.
‘Please, brother, a little heavy petting to celebrate her success, that is all.’ Loki’s reply, other than the success part, was almost word for word to what she remembered, which made her laugh all the harder.
‘Heavy petting?’ Tony’s voice preceded him around the corner. ‘What is this? A nineties pool party?’
‘I suspect Lady Sig, I mean Maia, is thinking of a certain solstice ball their absence was noted at.’
Loki snorted a laugh. ‘I had quite forgotten about that.’
‘I hadn’t.’ Maia grinned up at him.
‘What solstice ball?’ Tony looked between the three of them. ‘Cherry Bomb, talk to me?’
‘We should tell the rest of the team.’ She said as Loki kissed her forehead.
‘Those that have not bumped into Darcy already, at least.’
‘Darcy is aware?’ Thor asked as Loki guided Maia out of the alcove with his arm around her. He could feel she was still trembling but visibly the rose of her cheeks was the only giveaway.
‘Darcy overheard us and reacted like the exuberant pup she is.' Loki smiled at Thor. ‘I would not be surprised if she is even now planning the wedding and knitting baby bootees.’
‘Baby bootees? Wedding? How long were we gone?’ Tony asked in confusion.
‘Long enough, my friend.’ Thor clapped him on the back. ‘This is quite a tale.’



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