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Second Chances

Chapter 46

‘You have to come visit us, on Asgard.’ Sif insisted as Maia walked out to the bifrost site with her, Thor close by, while Loki had been left at the door, just in case. ‘Fandral will not believe it.’
‘I hardly believe it myself.’ Maia admitted. ‘But please send my fondest greetings to The Warriors Three, and I hope to be able to prove my existence to them soon.’
‘They will certainly wish to see you with their own eyes. But until then, stay safe. I will do what I can to discover the threat, and we will keep your existence between us.’
‘Thank you.’ They embraced briefly, then Sif saluted Thor before calling to Heimdall who opened the bifrost and she disappeared.
‘Sister,’ Thor came up beside her, ‘as much as I know you desire fresh air you will be safer inside.’ He offered her his arm and with a sigh she took it. ‘Something troubling you?’
‘A lot of things, actually.’
‘May I hazard a guess at some of them?’
‘Knock yourself out.’
‘You worry over the threat to Loki; you worry over your developing powers; you worry what people outside of the team will think of you wedding Loki, and you worry if The Warriors Three will accept you again as our fair Sigyn.’
‘I forget how well we know one another.’ She patted his hand. ‘I’m not convinced I’m actually in any danger, but Loki’s safety is my priority. I know he mentioned my dream to you. He taught me how to break an enchantment, just in case.’
‘He is in good hands with you, but I would not wish harm to come to you either.’
‘If I do get hurt I doubt it’ll be because I’m the target.’
He stopped and turned his back on the building, knowing Loki was watching them intently, and he wasn’t the only one. ‘You mean you would put yourself between him and harm again?’
‘In a heartbeat.’
‘Sigyn, Maia, have you considered whoever seeks to harm Loki may see you as a way to do just that? For what better way to make someone suffer than to take what they love more than themselves?’
Maia had been about to correct the name he used before he corrected himself but his words sank in, making her stomach knot. ‘Dammit. So what am I supposed to do? Just hide behind him? I won’t do that, Thor.’
‘I had noticed. All I ask is that you take all precautions offered to remain safe.’
‘Good.’ He began to turn back but she stopped him.
‘Just two more secs. I have a favour to ask.’
‘Ask away.’ He looked at her curiously.
‘Loki is going to ask you to go to Idunn for an apple for me. I don’t want you to do it until this threat is over. Sif was right, the less suspicion we raise about what’s happening here the better, in case whoever is after him finds out. We keep things need to know.’
‘Agreed.’ Thor nodded. ‘I will procure you an apple, sister, once all of this is over, but for now we shall keep a low profile.’
‘Thank you.’ She smiled warmly then allowed him to escort her back inside where Loki still waited.
‘The two of you turning your backs to speak is not suspicious at all.’ Loki commented as they reached him, but Maia had been expecting it. She wasn’t sure if Loki had realised he was not the only one watching them. She gripped the front of his shirt and pulled him down to her, pressing her lips to his cheek before saying quietly; ‘Tony was watching from upstairs.’ Then giving him a knowing look.
‘He doesn’t seem to be taking the news well.’ Loki kissed her before straightening. ‘What did the two of you say that you would rather Stark not know?’
‘I turned us away more to irritate him.’ Thor replied. ‘I merely asked Maia to be wary in case she is targeted to hurt you, and that we should keep the knowledge of what is effectively your betrothal between those we have thus far. Knowledge is power and we do not need to offer ammunition.’
‘Very true.’ Loki conceded. ‘Would you inform the rest of the team of the need for secrecy? Sigyn and I must prepare for our date.’
Maia smiled at the way Loki said her name, her old name, and it meant more than when anyone else did, as though it were an emotional attachment between them.
‘I thought you preferred Maia?’ Thor frowned at her.
‘I don’t really mind.’ She shrugged.
Thor immediately looked at Loki in amusement. ‘You own her name now, brother?’
‘That I could.’ Loki replied. ‘But I would reserve the use of Sigyn for myself, were it possible.’
‘You are the most possessive man I have ever met.’ Thor shook his head.
‘It is my lady’s choice, of course.’ He looked at Maia.
‘This might sound weird, but the two of you, and Sif, calling me Sigyn, was kind of nice. The rest of the team it would be weird if they called me anything but Maia, I think. Maybe keep Sigyn as an Asgardian thing for now? Just like it was.’
‘That makes perfect sense.’ Thor nodded. ‘Very well then, Sigyn, my sister; brother, I have things to attend.’
‘As do we.’ Loki said as Thor took his leave. ‘And I don’t know about you but I need a shower.’ Maia couldn’t agree more.



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