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Iron Macy

Macy Moore

A fit of coughs erupted from across the room, Tony quickly turning from his desk. He stood up from it, J.A.R.V.I.S. moving it's arm from Macy to face Tony.

"Sir, Miss Moore is awake and stable."

Tony swatted away J.A.R.V.I.S., "I can see that." He walked over to the operation table, the tiny body rustling. "Macy," Tony stood next to her, waiting for a reaction.

Macy's eyelids fluttered open, revealing outstandingly green eyes. She sucked in a sharp breath, gasping. They flicked around quickly, wide as she took in Tony's office. "Stark." She mumbled, seeing Stark Industries next to her.

"Sir, she's going into shock." J.A.R.V.I.S. said over Macy's fumble of words that weren't lining up. "I'm elevating her legs."

"Where's the IV the hospital gave us in case of this?" Tony asked loudly, tilting up Macy's chin for more oxygen. J.A.R.V.I.S.' metal arm handed over the IV and bag along with a stand. "Here we go." Tony cleaned the crook of Macy's arm, pressing the butterfly needle into a vein.

Macy's eyes looked distant, her breath slowly returning to normality. Coming to after a moment or so, Macy regained proper consciousness.

"Macy," Tony pressed his hand on her cheek, "You're okay."

"Stark, you're Tony Stark." Macy said, looking at him curiously as her eyes slowly grew back to their vibrant colour.

Tony smiled, "Yes, I am." Taking out the IV after the right dosage was administered, he gave Macy a bit of room. "How do you feel?"

"Sore." Macy squinted, resting her head back on the reclined chair. Wincing as J.A.R.V.I.S. lowered her legs again, she struggled to get up. Huffing in defeat, she stopped dead as a glow of blue caught her attention.

"Oh boy." Tony said quietly, waiting for Macy to realize.

"Wh- What the bloody hell?" Macy's eyes widened, a blue circle implanted into her chest. "Is- oh my god." As the clamps keeping her to the table removed themselves, her eyes shot up to Tony. "What did you do to me, Mr. Stark?"

"I saved your life. You're welcome." Tony moved back over to his desk, glancing back as Macy examined the arc reactor in her chest.

"I would've rather died than had thing put in me." A rush seemed to flash through her eyes, but it quickly left.

Tony faced her, leaning on his desk. "Why are you so against it? It saved you."

"From the lab accident?" Macy asked as she carefully sat up, the top of her singlet starting at a point where the arc reactor was made visible.

Tony bit down on the inside of his cheek. So she didn't remember. "Yeah." He lied. Tony knew he should've told her, but a lot was already getting put on her. Pressing a button by his computer, he called up to Pepper. "Hey, Pepper, would you come and take Macy to her room?"

Macy found herself growing drowsy, almost instantaneously. "My room?" She slurred, tipping slightly as she stood up. "Why do I have a room in your house, Mr. Stark?"

Pepper clicked down to Tony's office, smiling as she saw Macy. "Macy, sweetie." Walking over to the girl, she looped an arm around the staggering Macy. "Let's get you to bed."

Macy looked up to Pepper, not entirely sane at the moment from a side put in her from the IV. "He put a multi- isotope radio decay cell arc in my chest."

Pepper glanced through the glass to Tony with wide eyes as she took Macy up the stairs. "Yes," She nodded to Macy with an odd expression. "He did."

Tony shook his head with a small trace of a smile. Pulling his arms out, a hundred case files flew in front of him, all reading Macy Moore.

She'd done things ten time the quality of Iron Man at half of the age of Tony. She was a literal genius. Youngest to win a Nobel Peace Prize, to discover a completely new chemical that had been under people's noses for ages. Macy deconstructed an iphone and rebuilt it, finding it's unseen bug and making the phone 10x faster as well as better. She helped create a new kind of aeroplane that was green when she was fourteen in under a week. She made sense of scientific exploration in Antarctica as well as was knighted by the Queen; given the official name of 'Lady Macy Moore'.

Tony found himself wandering upstairs and stopped just outside of the room he'd had customly made over the three days that Macy was out after the hospital bombing.

A blue light glowed from the room, the sheer white canopy showing movement from within. A small rising and falling, telling Tony that she'd fallen asleep despite everything going on within and around her.

He wondered if his choice was a god one or not. He'd put this on her, in her. A teenager have to deal with the fact there's a glowing circle implanted into her body. Now, she had to deal with it. A childhood now taken over and diminished.


"You don't look bad, Macy." Pepper insisted, smoothing out the black blazer Macy had slipped on.

Macy frowned at herself, the arc reactor illuminating a circle through the silk of her maroon vest. "Pepper," She said quietly, the black ankle boots making her just tall enough to reach Pepper's shoulders.

Pepper ran a motherly hand down a wave of Macy's chestnut brown hair. "Yes?"

"How come i'm staying here instead of with my parents?" MAcy asked, still left out from knowing about the building collapse.

Pepper sighed a bit, "Tony wants to keep an eye on you so he can make sure nothing goes wrong with the arc reactor."

Macy nodded halfheartedly, pulling back her chest length hair into a ponytail and securing it with an elastic. "Does he get nightmares about New York from last summer?" She asked, picking up the sparrow necklace from the white Hollywood style vanity.

"Nut much anymore." Pepper answered, handing Macy a Kors black and gold bracelet. "He used to barely sleep because of it. Anxiety attacks and all. Tony's okay now, though." She assured.

Macy nodded to the information, choosing not to look at her reflection again. "Where are we going today?"

Pepper smiled, leading Macy out of the lilac room. "How does shopping sound? I- Tony!" She attempted to have MAcy go upstairs but it was too late.

The tv was on and it was playing the news.

Tony jumped up, casually in jeans and a black sabbath tee. "oh, no." Quickly, he turned off the screen at 'London explosion'.

Macy shot down the stairs, whistling at such a frequency that it turned the telly back on. "What the-"

"Only three days ago the Baylor London had an extremely large gas leak. From what we know, seven floors of the hospital have been severely damaged and that over 50 patients and visitors of them have died. Among those included the parents of Lady Macy Moore, but Macy herself was not recovered. Whether she is alive is unknown but-"

"Okay. That's enough." Pepper turned off the tv, letting out a puff of air.

Macy's watering eyes fell on to Tony harshly. "I- you, my parents?" Outraged and confused, Macy cried out "You lied to me!"

"Macy, you don't understand." Tony tried, moving towards Macy.

"Stop!" Macy said, holding out a hand to keep him from getting closer. "My parents are dead? You said this," She pointed to her arc reactor, "was because of my lab accident, not a bloody hospital explosion."

"You were in that hospital because of your lab accident. I was at the Baylor on your floor for a meeting. I knew the name and when the explosion happened, your room wasn't fully gone." Tony leaned an arm on the sofa. "You were still alive."

"And my parents?" Macy asked quietly, tears sliding down her rosy cheeks.

"There was nothing I could do."

"Why'd you go straight for me? Other people probably died because you chose me instead of them!"

"Because you were the only person I could." Tony lied quickly. Tony could've saved anyone else, but he wanted to save her. She was the only one he deemed worth saving, no matter how awful it sounds.

"I don't believe you." Macy nearly growled, turning to go back up to her room. "I'm sorry Pepper." She said quietly, running up the spiralling stairs.

Pepper sighed, smoothing out her hair as she looked to Tony. "What are we supposed to do?"

"Everyone needs to know she's still alive." He sat, flopping back onto the sofa. "But we can't tell that it was an attack on her life instead of an accident."

"Why did Baylor pay all of the witnesses off?" Pepper asked, flustered at the entire situation.

"No idea." Tony snapped his fingers absently, "But we can't tell her." He shook his head, "Not yet."

"Tony, we can't just keep something like that from her. We signed off on papers that she's ours. We're her guardians, therefore, she deserves to know what we do." Pepper insisted, sitting down next to Tony.

"I'll tell her once I find out why they were coming for her in the first place." Tony ruffled his hair, "Who would try to kill a teenage girl?" He spoke more to himself this time. "A sixteen year old girl and a clan of suicide bombers go after her. It just doesn't make sense."

Pepper ran a hand through Tony's hair, "You'll figure it out. You always do."


I know this one took ages for me to get up but my house was out of wifi for over a month! A whole month! It was awful, really, but thankfully it's back up! I like what I've written so far of the next few chapters and I hope you'll like them too! Xx -Melissa


I hope you'll update soon ^.^

Please update this story is awesome!!!

Liberty49 Liberty49
ahhhhhhhh amazing. great update! i really like macy!!! cant wait to find out more about her. :-)
ShelbyLove11 ShelbyLove11
i hope you continue this. it looks like its gonna be good. :)
ShelbyLove11 ShelbyLove11