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Virtue and Vice

No Baby You Can't Lie

“Everyone knows what to do?” Fury asks just as I walk into the control room; all dolled up for tonight’s events. “Agent Clark, how are you suppose to have a concealed weapon with that outfit?”

I simply raise my dress up enough to so off my garter belt looking holster. “An agent never leaves home without one.” Fury rolls his eyes at me before turning to Natasha and Steve.

“You guys know the plan right?”

“Yea, we drop Nikkita off so she can find Loki and we’ll wait for her to touch him before doing anything crazy.” Natasha repeats the plan in a very bored tone, as if she’s heard the plan almost a hundred times.

“Get out there and get Loki.” Fury says before dismissing us. I look at Natasha and Steve before all of us head up to the deck; time to catch us a bad guy.


Natasha drops me off behind the building, prompting me to sneak in through the back. Once inside, I scan the room looking for any signs of Loki. It shouldn’t be hard to find him, from what I heard he’s extremely vain.

Just as I’m scanning the room, I run into someone. I look up at see a very gorgeous face staring back at me with apologetic eyes. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” I smile at the man.

“Surely, it was my fault.” He softly chuckles. “I was in my own little world.”

“You don’t seem like the person to enjoy these types of parties.” I chuckle, making conversation with him.

“You are certainly right; I am here for a more glorious purpose.” He informs me.

“I’m Selena.” I say, giving him a false name.

“Loki.” He says, oddly introducing himself. “I certainly hope to see you later on for I must go now.” He says, taking my hand, kissing it like a typical gentleman. Odd, I think to myself.

“You certainly will.” I smile as I watch him walk off. I quickly head in the opposite direction; activating my ear piece. “He’s on the move.” I tell the rest of my team as I find my way to the opposite side of the room so I can get a better view of Loki. Just as I get a good view of the Asgardian, he flings an older man onto what looks like a piece of art and takes out this type of devices; piercing it through his eyes, causing a big riot among the people. Before my eyes, Loki’s attire drastically changes as a horned crown thing appears on his head and armor-like material appears on his body. Fuck, I mouth as I jump from the second story landing I was on, hitting the floor with a crash. Just as I get outside, he’s standing in front of people; all kneeling before him. I can feel my heart stop as one lone elderly man stands up.

“Not to men like you.” The elderly man says as he holds his ground.

“There are no men like me.” Loki dryly chuckles.

“There will always be men like you.” The old man says, still not showing any fear to Loki.

“Look to your elder, people. Let him be an example.” Loki says, raising his scepter; aiming it and firing at the old man. Thankfully, Captain rushes in; blocking the old man from the blast with his shield.

“You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing.” Captain says as he stands up and walks over to Loki.

“The Soldier; the man out of time.” Loki smirks.

“I’m not the one who’s out of time.” He says.

“Oh Steven.” I sigh before hearing the quinjet come closer; pointing the machine gun at Loki.

“Loki, drop the weapon and stand down.” I hear Natasha say over the PA system. Moments later, the sweet sound of AC/DC comes over the PA. I can’t help but to roll my eyes as I see Stark flying in. Tonight is going to be a long night…


chapter title credit: Lights Out (Go Crazy) by Junior Caldera, Far East Movement and Natalia Kills.

I'll actually get working on this and hopefully will have a new chapter up today or maybe tomorrow (if I don't have a hangover). But I'm totally going to get back to working on this fanfic. This was my first Hawkeye Fanfic.


Weeeee! Update again soon! I can't wait for her to find Barton.
blasttyrant blasttyrant
Happy to find a good Hawkeye fic. This gorgeous man doesn't get enough lovin!! ;D
blasttyrant blasttyrant
This is brilliant. I love her sass. I cannot wait for the new chapter.
Great beginning, I loved the part where she said "Someone in SHIELD is smoking something and isn't sharing."
I can't wait for you to update!!!
WroteTooSoon WroteTooSoon