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The End is Where We Begin

We Are The Ones, We Are The Guns

Two Weeks Later; Clint

“I can’t believe we’re being brought in just to train a child.” Natasha angrily mutters as we walk towards the training room. “They couldn’t get any other agent.”

“This is what we get for being the best at what we do.” I sigh, not liking the idea of being in headquarters when we’re suppose to be on vacation. We work our asses off for this fucking agency and we can’t even get a moment to ourselves without Fury calling us in.

We walk into the training room and see Fury and Coulson talking to a tiny blonde girl. She’s wearing short blue shorts and a black tank top that hangs loosely off her body; showing off a few tattoos. And from the looks of her body laugage, she’s just as happy to be here as Natasha and myself.

“What do you mean I have to go through basic training!?” The tiny blonde yelled. “There was no mention of field work; I’m a hacker that’s it. I don’t go out into the field; I stay behind enemy lines as much as possible.”

“That’s now how it works here Lauren; you’re gonna have to get your hands dirty.” Fury tells the tiny girl, causing her to huff.

“What Princess doesn’t like to get her hands dirty?” I question her, causing her to whip around with a glare on her face.

“For your information no; the physically labor is what I’m worried about. I work with computers, I’m not an Olympic athlete.” She hisses at me.

“Jessica Lauren, these are the people that’ll be training you.” Fury tells her. “This is Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton; they’re the best of the best so that means you’ll be in good hands.”

“Goodie.” Jessica snarls, still glaring at me. “Where do we start?”

“Basic fighting skills; we’ve got to know what you’re like in hand to hand combat.” Natasha informs her.

“You people don’t listen to me do you?” She asks, rolling her eyes. “I work with computers and only computers; I’m your typical nerd. Physical exercise scares me!” She continues rambling on and on as I just roll my eyes thinking that today is going to be a long fucking day…


chapter title credit: We Are by Thousand Foot Krutch


JenoWatina JenoWatina
Nice Job! Keep it up :D
Black Orchid Black Orchid
I love kittens.
Nice start. I look forward to reading more.
Thoroughly enjoyed. "You like it on your back, don't you?" I would if it was him asking ;)
blasttyrant blasttyrant