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What Lies Beneath

Chapter 16

The doctor showed some x-rays, giving Felicity, more so then Loki, who just looked fascinated by the pictures of her insides, a good idea of the damage that had been done. The doctor explained that for the most part, there was more damage to her intestines and some arteries more then anything, and that they had healed well, though the massive loss of blood was what had caused the most complications. Felicity was partly relieved at this news. She was healing, her brain was working as it should, and after a blood transfusion, she had started improving well before she woke up. The doctor simply said that it seemed her body simply needed to rest and heal, in a very extreme way. The more the doctor spoke, the more relaxed Felicity seemed.
“How did you....take a picture of her like that?”Loki asked, raising an eyebrow as he spoke to the doctor.
“Um...well it's called an X-Ray....I'll assume you've never heard of that.”
“Well...in Asgard, if we want to see what someone looks like on the inside, we just tear them open.”Loki said simply, giving a bright smile as he explained.
“Oh.”The doctor replied before looking at his watch,”I must get going, I need to do a few things before I leave for the evening.”
The man left in a hurry, and before Felicity could stop herself, she was laughing, leaning against Loki, wincing as she did so. It hurt to laugh. She was healing though, she would be fine in a few more weeks, possibly even less by the way the doctor was talking. Loki looked at her funny as if he couldn't understand what she found to be so funny.
“What is it?”He asked, seeing that she was both wincing and laughing, why was she making herself hurt?
“You just scared the doctor clean out of the room, you realize that, don't you?”She replied as she looked up at him, wrapping an arm around her stomach, as the pain was growing the more she laughed.
“No...I didn't.”
“Oh lover.”She grumbled, giving another small chuckle before forcing herself to stop.
“What did I do?”He asked, looking surprised.
“It's nothing....just remember though, we're not in Asgard....and us mere mortals....we don't rip people open anymore to find out what's wrong.”She teased lightly, reaching over and poking him in his side.
“Ah I see....well it seems to be a much faster way of figuring things out, and making people talk.”He noted, giving a small smile, as he grabbed her hand, bringing it up to kiss it lightly,”I have missed you.”
“I'm just grateful we both survived.”She replied as she leaned into him again.
“How are you feeling?”Loki asked as he looked down at her.
“Okay...considering...I'm very sore, and it's apparent I'm not done healing just yet...but I do want to get out of this damn bed and walk around.”She said, as she looked towards the wall.
“You can't do much until you're told otherwise, you need to rest.”
“I've rested for two weeks....or did you miss that?”Felicity replied blandly.
“I did not.”He said, giving a small laugh.
“Well okay then...I need to move or I'll lose my mind.”
Loki opened his mouth to argue with her, when Thor stepped into the room, looking at his brother and the mortal woman that had made such a change in Loki. He smiled lightly at them, as if apologizing for interrupting, because Loki was shooting him a dirty look. Felicity was all too aware that they had been given good news, but she wondered what the doctor had to tell them that was bad news.
“Brother...I must speak with you in private.”
“Thor, I can not leave her side, not again.”Loki protested.
“Why can you not grant me this moment, brother?”Thor asked, looking worried, strained even.
“Because, I have failed her once, I will not leave her again.”
“Thor, whatever you must say to me, you must speak it now, because I am not leaving her side.”
“That is just it, you are going to have to.”Thor said as he rested his hands at his side,”We're returning to Asgard.”
“You're what?”Felicity whimpred as she sat up straight in the bed, her chest feeling tight as she looked between Loki and Thor.
“I had Agent Romanoff inform the doctor, so that he might check on you Felicity, making sure you are faring well before I spoke of this.”
“So...that was the bad news.”She said sadly as she sat herself back in the bed, her body almost slumping at the thought of losing Loki.
Loki just sat there, his face solid as stone, no emotions showing. This was not what he was going to do. He would not return to that place, no, he had promised that he would protect Felicity, and once already he had failed, and now look where she was, he could not risk that again. He looked down at Felicity who looked utterly defeated, and frowned, reaching over and touching her cheek just slightly before looking back to Thor.
“I can not go.”He said simply.
“You must, All Father has demanded your presence....”Thor said simply,”He wants to know what happened....why a portal was open....and while we don't have answers, we must tell him of what happened here in midgard.”
“You are the future King....you go, you do your duties, oh great Prince, I will not leave her side.”Loki hissed, shaking his head.
“Brother, this is only a temporary leave...we will return.”
Loki's jaw tightened and his lips were thin, he was fighting off the urge to fight his brother on this. He was not in any place to leave, he owed Felicity, he wanted to stay at her side until she was okay. He wanted to stay, for much longer then that. He looked down at her, saw the sadness in her eyes at the thought of him leaving this realm. He frowned slightly and his eyes stayed on her as he opened his mouth to speak to Thor again.
“I can't brother...”He said softly,”I can not do this.”
“You call upon me for my aid, and yet you will not do your duty as a prince?”Thor argued, shaking his head,”Brother...come...this is not a matter of choice or want.”
“Loki, don't fight with him about this,”Felicity said and touched his arm, giving a small smile,”I'll be fine.”
“I want to be sure of that.”Loki said simply as he slowly got to his feet, before looking to Thor,”I want her to come with us.”
“She can not, and you know this.”
“You've taken your human.”Loki protested.
“That is different....right now....she is not healthy enough to cross the biofrost....it will do more harm then good.”Thor argued lightly, shaking his head,”Her visiting will have to take place at another time.”
“Loki, go.”Felicity said sternly as she sat up a little more,”You'll be able to come back....just go and do what you need to do, I don't think anyone here is going to let me get hurt again.”
Loki looked towards his brother for a moment, a frown on his face before looking at Felicity again. She would be okay. She was surrounded by people, that for a lack of words, could kick anyone's ass if they got too close to what was his. He had to have a little faith, though he was still having trouble with the trust part, that they would protect her until he returned.
“It will not be for long brother,”Thor assured Loki, giving a small pat on his arm,”But we must go as All Father requests.”
Loki turned and took Felicity's face in his hands, being very careful as he kissed her lightly. She returned the kiss, reaching up to touch his hand. His skin was always cool to the touch, which is something she enjoyed, it countered her heat. He pulled away and smiled softly.
“Hurry back to me Loki.”She said lightly as she pulled away from him so that he would leave.
“I shall, my little human.”He said before forcing himself to turn and leave with Thor.
Felicity was by herself now, and she leaned back against the bed, letting herself relax. She just hoped that soon didn't turn into three months, or longer. She didn't really want to be away from him for that long again. In a normal world, people wouldn't have things like this happen to them. She huffed lightly and shook her head. This all started, this whole mess in her world, in her head, because she almost got raped leaving work one night. How silly it seemed now. She hadn't expected to feel anything for the God that had just left her side, she wasn't expecting to have been stabbed by some other worldly creatures, or to be dragged into this world where comic book type hero's actually existed. She wondered why fate was such a fickle bitch like that.
Felicity felt herself getting tired again, and yawned a bit. She, despite having been asleep for two weeks, was needing more rest. So much all at once. She closed her eyes and in a few minutes she was sound asleep, dreaming of things that wouldn't make much sense to normal people. Despite Loki being gone, at least for a moment in time, she was relaxed, sure that he would come back, because he promised he would.


I'd love to read a sequel to this story!
It's really great
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Please update I'm addicted I need more
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I love this story!!! Please update soon!!!!
JKinzz JKinzz
Saw your footnote in chapter 8 - you're welcome! :) I feel bad for Felicity and how she has to start moving around just as she got settled in. Can't wait for the next update!
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy
Woohoo! I love when you update! Please do so more frequently, because I'm anxious to see how this turns out. :)
thatsrealjazzy thatsrealjazzy