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The Daughter Of Thor

"Lets play catch with my daughter!"

It was apparent Skye was no normal child. The rate at which she grew was extraordinary, she understood things most didn’t and developed a love of water and science extremely quickly. Her eyes the deepest of blue like her fathers, impatience to match, her mothers dark waves and knowledge, her grandfathers wise and grandmothers perseverance were her blessings as she grew.

“She’s growing exceptionally, Jane.” Bruce said quietly as he picked up the toddler and cheekily plucked a hair as she was distracted by her fathers silly gestures and placed her gently onto Thors stomach as he examined the follicle under his microscope.
“Yes as she’s half God, her growth rate is slightly sped up so as a normal human child would grow in a rate of days she grows in months. For example, Skye should be 18 months but she’s now at least 24. So by the time a human child is three she will have reached the age of six, but not to worry as like a metabolism when she reaches puberty the rate will slow, so by the time she’s sixteen she will have stopped her strange growth spurt.” Bruce informed Thor and Jane, they seemed to take the news well considering their precious years of Skyes childhood would be at least halved.

“So that means when she would be five she’ll be-” Thor began… “Seven. Approximately.” Bruce helped him with the science and maths.
“Less diapers to change I suppose.” Jane smiled at Skye and Thor.
Thor tossed Skye into the air playfully and looked puzzled when she didn't plummet back into his vice like grasp, a strange hovering sound caused him to begin laughing as Jane started to frantically panic.
“THOR! Yes, lets play catch with my daughter!” Jane exclaimed sarcastically at her husbands laughter at the vanishing act Skye had just performed before following his gaze into the deep rising roof of the palace to find a hovering Tony Stark cooing over Skye. “We're never going to be a normal family are we?” Jane laughed to herself.

A lot sooner than they had hoped Skye reached her ‘fifth’ birthday and the amusing experiences didn’t stop there. Seeing as Skye had already started to develop her adult teeth, teething had turned into something of a sport, she began biting her father intermittently and nibbling through food she wasn’t able to eat before like there was no tomorrow. But seeing as she had the metabolism of a grown man she could eat and eat and remain an acceptable size
for her age.

Skye learned the ways of an Asgard warrior as she grew and by the age of ten she could wield a lightning rod like a professional much to Loki's dismay. She rode as though she were born to live on horseback and could swim like no other in the whole of Asgard, it was clear to Loki she was becoming a potential threat for the throne. Although he wasn’t sure why, he didn’t understand it, he just couldn’t hate the child. She had an aura of self worth and a calming quality that even controlled some of Bruce's more gruesome outbursts in the event of a backfiring trick Loki attempted to play on Stark, Dr. Banner had mistakenly picked up the wrong test-tube which exploded in his face causing Bruce to begin his green cycle, Skye appeared out of nowhere and managed to halt the green. Even though she stood between him and the throne, Loki couldn't cause her harm. After all she was Thor's and they were brothers. Skye showed him kindness and understanding, maybe he did love the child. He couldn't admit it to anyone but himself but she did bring him happiness. Loki had a soft spot for Skye, he began to accept her, he taught her how to use his doppelganger and helped her with her negotiating.

But one fact remained in place, Skye was a daughter, not a son of Thor, and daughters don't rule Asgard. At least not until now.


OK so I can't seem to stop writing this now :/ so here's another chapter for you! this WILL have to be the last for today and I shall upload a few more when i've done some bloody revision and all that studious stuff I assure my mother i'm doing right now... But as usual, feedback is lovely and I hope you enjoy Loki's confusion and a little cliff hanger for now!

Happy reading! Laura x


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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