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The Daughter Of Thor

"Oh dear. . ."

“Don't fall.” Thor thought to himself as he watched his daughter descend a painfully steep set of marble steps towards him and his fellow Asgardians, the difficulty rating increased further by a pair of high heels and a floor length dress. Jane, sensing his queries took his hand and rubbed it gently willing their daughter a safe descent.
“For the love of Mjolnir, do not fall.” Thor said aloud accidentally causing a snigger to escape Loki's lips before he had time to clasp his mouth. Thor scowled at him in annoyance before turning his attention back to Skye who was clearly finding it a little difficult to conquer the stairs. Loki stuck his tongue out at him and as Skye saw she started to giggle uncontrollably.

Silence spread throughout the ballroom as people turned to see the accident waiting to happen.

“Oh dear. . .” Bruce just about had time to mutter the words before Skye toppled to the right weightlessly and fell three or so steps banging her knees painfully as she did so. Steve winced and Natasha let out a slight yelp as Clint restrained her, his hand clamped around her wrist as if telling her she doesn't need help. He was right. Skye regained her composure and as quickly as she had fallen she was back on her feet as if nothing had happened. Loki was already halfway to her by this point, he stopped in his tracks as people started to notice and quickly made a distraction whilst Skye gathered her dress. He started to clap very loudly to draw attention to himself.

“You look radiant.” Loki confessed, “Doesn't she look lovely?” he said again louder this time to the public ears, the others agreed and a round of cheering erupted, along with an extremely extravagant wolf whistle from Mr. Stark himself.
Skye marched down the remaining steps and took the hand Loki was offering triumphantly as he lead her to the remaining Avengers, Natasha's mouth still hung slightly a-jar in horror Clint noticed and with a laugh closed it for her. She smiled sweetly at him as he gave her a small kiss on the forehead, Tony swung an arm around Steve who once again turned a pinkish colour.

“I feel like an idiot.” Skye whispered to Loki, he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and smiled.

“Don't be silly, you look amazing. These are your people and they adore you.” Loki winked mischievously at her before leading her right to his brother. Because now Loki truly understood his feelings, Skye may be a threat but he no longer cared. She deserved the throne and gave more promise for the rest of Asgard. She was a new beginning for new traditions and new rules. Although there was something else he was still unsure of, how would Thor bend the rules?

“Beautiful.” Thor smiled pulling her into his armoured chest, he stroked her hair and sighed.
“Normality it is then.” He continued, as Skye was sixteen her growth spurt had finally finished and her ageing had slowed to that of Thors. He drew back and allowed the others to chat with her whilst he weaved between people, chatting to his people here and there.
Skye felt a little out of place in this dress and these heels, but with Natasha's help she'd mastered a how to walk and even fight in them when she needed. . .

“Walk straight, use your hips though.” Natasha smiled the first time she tried to teach Skye to walk normally in a pair of six inch heels. Skye always wondered how she made it look so effortless.

“I'm thinking feline, is that ok?” She asked Nat, Skye felt dominating slinking about the palace with Natasha whilst she showed her some ways to kick the crap out of things.
They laughed together as both crept up on Steve and pinned him against a wall in the early afternoon one lazy day in the palace.

“ARGH!” Steve squawked in terror before realising their intentions, the girls began to laugh as he pulled them into a bear hug, lifting them off their feet and throwing them over his shoulder.
Skye giggled whilst Natasha tried to wriggle free from his strong grip unsuccessfully,
“Why do I always catch you doing weird things?” Stark's voice brought Steve to a halt, he moved quickly towards him and nudged him over.

“Why do I always catch you on your back?” Steve retorted grinning as Natasha scoffed and Skye doubled over laughing.

. . .Tony appeared next to Bruce whilst giving Skye and Jane the facts of her slowing ageing,
“You know, Skye if you were about ten years older-” Tony began before being dealt a slap to the back of the head by a smiling Steve.

“Ouch! Domestic violence I assure you all.” His teeth glinting in the light as he held the back of his head, Steve rolled his eyes before taking her hand, giving it a peck and saying silkily,

“I think what Tony means is that you look truly breathtaking.” He gave Tony a stern look before walking over to the cake and inspecting his handy work. Stark shrugged and flashed a smile before skulking to the bar after Steve.

Skye swapped between dancing and talking with her friends and family, later into the evening she turned to find Bruce and Tony 'Dad dancing' to a track they had probably chosen themselves from Darcy's iPod.
“Hey, you two! I think there's only one person who has an excuse to dance like that and it's certainly neither of you, sort it out boys!” Skye shouted over the fast paced track Banner and Stark were, if you can call it 'dancing' to. She received a humorous response of head bobbing and eyebrow raising.

The rest of the evening vanished amongst the dancing, eating and of course it's not a party unless Tony Stark is drinking. So by the time the night was drawing to a close Skye found herself being carried to her room by a helpful Loki and a closely following Darcy.

“Sweet dreams.” Loki's voice met Skye's ears just as she drifted into sleep, with Darcy by her side.


So this will probably be the last chapter I am able to upload for a while, seeing as I have upcoming exams, social events, revision and work to attend the next chapter will be expected by Monday at the latest (Possibly earlier if I find the time. . .) So please enjoy, recommend, leave me some feedback because i could do with knowing how you're finding the story so far.

Happy anticipating! Love Laura x


I need to see what happens next. Please post soon.

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this is awesome!
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