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Monster (Loki love story)

Chapter 1

"Sir! My king!" A young man shouted, running into the throne room. "What is it boy?" Odin asked looking down at him. "There is a problem in the city. It appears creatures of all over have traveled from all over and are migrating here my king." Odin looked the young man in question before getting off the golden throne. "Show me." In the city, like the man had said, Odin saw many different creatures who did not belong here. Anger rose though him as he saw havoc being brought to his people. Growling in annoyance Odin told the boy to spread word to all the new comers to go to the center of the city. He would from there address the issue. With that said the young man rushed off shouting. "All new comers! All new comers! Please head to the Center of the city! The All Father, King Odin wished to Address you!" Odin gathered his wife Frigga and two sons Loki, as well as the gates keeper Heimdall. "How did they get in?" Odin asked Heimdall. "I do not know my king, they flooded in in groups faster than I could see. I believe they were sent here from someone, though I do not know who, I do not believe they had a choice, their arrival seemed rushed." The large crowed of creatures gathered in the center of the city. They talked among each other in question. "Silence!" The king shouted, causing the crowed to be quiet. "I know not who you are, or why you are here, but you cannot stay here." A large creature stepped forward. He appeared to be half Man, half horse. "King Odin." He spoke. "We have no where else to go. We were moved from our homes and directed here by force, not by choice." "Where do you come from? Who sent you here?" "We come from Vanaheim, we were sent away by a man named Vali. He sent us away and constructed a kingdom. By his laws we are no longer welcomed there." In Vanaheim Vali sat on his thrown and smirked. "My king, Hojen is here as you requested." "Bring him in." Vali demanded. The servant ran to the dark wooden doors and opened them. Hojen, an old man in a dark blue cloak slowly made his way into the room to the king. "You have summoned me." Hojen spoke, his voice old and scratchy. "Yes," Vali replied. "I am need of your assistance old seer." "And what is it I get in return for such services." "Your life." Vali said bored. His eyes widened just a bit, his lips flexed. Vali realized Hojen was trying not to laugh. He hate it when people find his threats amusing. "Do you not believe me?" Vali then asked angry. Hojen shook is head. "Tis not that. You are quick to threaten those you seek aid from. It amuses me. Tell me, What is it you need?" Vali composed himself before speaking. "If I wish to rule this realm as I do, I need to find a wife. A princess. However being as how I came to get this kingdom, no man will offer the hand of their daughter. When I threaten them, they simply leave the realm. I need to save a princess, this way her family can not deny me, but I do not know where any are. I need you to find one for me." Hojen nodded slowly. "I see, well let us take a look. Ah, yes I see her." Hojen then grabbed the kings hand to show him what he sees. A girl, looking no older than 20 sat at her window of a tall tower. She was beautiful. Her hair, was blonde and looked to reach past her bum, her eyes crystal blue. Pink lips, and pale skin, she wore a white gold gown. "She is perfect." Vali says stepping away from Hojen. "Where is she? Who is she?" "In a tower in Muspelheim, the fire realm, her name is Talia. She is guarded by the flames as well as a fire monster. I see many have tried to get her, none have succeeded." "Hum." Vali wondered. The fire realm was a long journey, and dangerous at that. He could not afford to be away that long with others awaiting him to weaken. He needed to send someone for her, but who? "I will have a contest, the strongest warrior will get the princess for me, they will be rewarded with whatever they desire." Hojen nodded slowly. Come on boys, you wished to join me on this journey, now you must keep up." Odin told his sons Thor and Loki as they followed Odin through thick forests. "Are we near father?" Thor asked, steeping over some over grown roots. "I believe so." Odin said, beginning to see what looked like a kingdom in the distance. "What will you do when we get there?" Loki asked. "I will tell him he must take these people back." "What if he refuses? Do we go to war?" Thor complied. "I do not know, One should never rush into war, put try and negotiate. We do not one blood shed were none is needed." When they arrived Odin and his sons were greeted by no one. The streets were empty and quiet. "Where is everyone?" Loki spoke quietly. Odin looked around. "I know not." "Do you hear that? Thor asked, waking faster toward the castle. As they got closer voice could be heard, no not just voices, cheering. Odin was taken back as he saw a group of warriors fighting each other, and the towns people cheering them on. What was going on? One of the warriors out of know where hit Thor, assuming he was apart of this, sending Thor into a need for fighting. "Thor no!" Odin began, but he was to late, Thor had joined the battle, hitting anyone who cam near him. Odin looked at Loki who shrugged and joined in reluctantly. Hits and kicks, men tackling each other, from above Odin could see a man watching. That must be Vail. Having seen enough Odin grabbed Thor and Loki and put them behind him before slamming his staff on the ground causing everyone to fall. "Haha! We have a winner...winners?" Vali shouted. Odin stepped forward. "We are not here as part of whatever games you are starting, I am All Father Odin, King of Asgard. These are my sons, prince Thor and Prince Loki." Vali frowned. "What is it?" "You sent the creatures of this realm to mine, without word or permission. I am here to tell you to take them back." Vali glared. "I have no plan to take then back, they are not welcomed here any longer and those who try shall be imprisoned." "So you wish for war then!" Thor shouted, causing Vali to raise an eyebrow. No, he did not want that. "Hush Thor. What did I tell you?" Thor looked down. Vali, was then stuck with an idea. "How about this. I will make you a deal. I have a princess who needs saving in the fire realm, that is the whole point of this. Bring her to me alive and well, and I shall remove the creatures from your land." Odin thought about it for a moment before nodding. "My sons shall get her, I have other matters to attend to in my own kingdom. We shall give her to you and you will take back those you have casted to my realm." Vali nodded. "We have an agreement." "Father did you really just make it so we would have to do his dirty work for him?" Thor asked angry. "I did, this will be a tedious job, but it is easier than war." Odin replied. "But if the princess meant so much to him wouldn't he want to get her himself?" Loki asked. "Perhaps, but for whatever reason he is sending someone else for her, the reason matters not. You two will work together and get this done." The boys argued no further. "Yes father." They both spoke.


A very AU story


I actually finished this on quotev.com but the site is being a pain right now and I cant transfer the rest of the chapters, so if your interested you can probably find it on there.

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sounds good keep writing

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