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Monster (Loki love story)

Chapter 2

Alright here is chapter 2! Please comment and tell me what you think!

Thor and Loki gathered their armor, preparing for their travels to save the princess.
"Remember to be careful my boys, Muspelheim is a dangerous realm." Odin warned.
"No beast is a match for me father! I shall smite anything in my way so that the princess is delivered safely!" Thor boasted, causing Loki to roll his eyes.
"Pick your battles Thor." Frigga said knowingly.
"We shall return as soon as possible." Loki confirmed to his parents.
Thor and Loki walked over to their horses and mounted them.
"See you in a few days boys." Odin aid with a nod. With that they rode off.

Heimdall awaited them at the Bifrost.
"Are you ready to go?" He asked calmly. They nodded and Heimdall opened the Bifrost to the land ofMuspelheim.
On the other side Loki and Thor where taken in by the heat.
"It seems we are over dressed brother." Thor said loudly, with a chuckle.
Loki shook his head.
"It would seem that way, but our armor is needed, you know that as well as I."
Thor smiled.
"Of course, but I see not how any creatures could stay here for long."
"They are fire creatures Thor, they are born here and those who did not adapt to the environment."
As if on cue Thor and Loki then heard a howl from near by, suddenly a small animal, looking to be a fire wolf ran into their horses.

"Ahhhh! Help!" The little wolf cried.
"Come back you little runt!" Other voice shouted.
The horses Loki and Thor sat upon began to get spooked.
"Whoa boy." Thor said trying to calm it but to no avail, the little wolfs fire seemed to be bothering them more and more.
"There you are!"
A pack of large fire wolfs ran up. Loki and Thor were thrown from their steeds to the ground. However for the most part they landed on their feet. The horses then ran off.
Loki growled and looked down at the small wolf in anger.
"You little-"
"Brother calm down! I am sure he meant no harm."
"Come here pibsqueak." One of the larger wolfs growled.
"Im not a pibsqueak!" The smaller wolf cried.
The larger wolfs laughed and Loki and Thor took the time to look between them. The larger wolfs were black and covered in a blue flame. The smaller one was not only different in size, but he was a more gray color and his fire unlike the large wolfs whos blue fire blazed strongly. The smaller wolfs fire was less intense and more redish orange.
"What is the problem here?" Thor asked.
"None of your business blondie." One of the larger wolfs snarled causing Thor to glare.
"You have made it my business. I am Thor, prince of Asgard and I will not let injustice go no matter where I am."
The wolfs looked as if they wanted to say something but didn't. Knowing exactly who he was now.
"My apologies Prince," The wolf said but than turned to the smaller one hiding by Loki.
"This isnt over runt, these two wont always be around for you to hide behind."
With that they ran off.
"Yeah you better run!" The little wolf shouted blowing a raspberry.
Thor chuckled and shook his head before looking to Loki.
"It seems we are traveling by foot now."
Loki nodded and glared at the little wolf.
"It seems indeed."
"You guys are cool! You were all like 'I am Thor!' And they were all like 'Oh boy better not mess with him!' I'm Novu by the way."
"I am glad we could be of service to you little one, but now we must be along on our journey." Thor said calmly as he and Loki began to walk away.
"Okay!" Novu said following close behind.
Loki stopped and looked at him.
"What are you doing?"
Novu smiled.
"Im sticking with you guys! No one will come after me if I am with you."
"No." Loki said simply. Novu's smile fell.
"No buts, we have a princess to save,we need not worry about you as well."
"The princess! I know where she is! I could show you!"
Thor smiled.
"Well alright then! Show us the way little one!"
"Thor," Loki began, but Thor put a hand on his shoulder.
"Brother this will be easier than finding her on our own. We are already loosing time without our horses, we cant afford anymore."
Loki sighed. "Fine, but he is your problem."

The journey lasted almost around 3 days and 3 nights. The three of them ran into very few problems and when they did, it was resolved quickly. Soon they could see the castle, it was old and looked warn down. It was also surrounded by, you guessed it, lava. The only thing between the castle and where Thor, Loki and Novu stood, was an old wooden bridge.

"Well, this should be easy." Loki said with a hint of sarcasm.
"You know, I think I'll stay here, you know, keep guard." Novu said nervously.
"As you wish tiny wolf, come brother!" Thor said walking quickly onto the bridge.
Loki shook his head and with more caution began to cross the bridge as well.
Novu sat quietly tapping his flaming tail on the ground, looking around uneasy.
"Hey guys wait up!" He shouted running after them.

Inside the castle was dark and torn apart, the only light was the fires glow through the windows. The brick was old and walls looked as though they would come falling down at any moment. In several place skeletons lay from warriors who had fallen in attempt to rescue the princess.

"I hope this girl is worth the trouble." Loki muttered looking around.
"Brother! I have found the stairs." Thor shouted causing an echo.
"Shut up you fool!" Loki hissed. "We no not what is in here."
Thor chuckled.
"Whatever it is, it is no match for you or I brother."
Climbing the stairs Thor, Loki and Novu opened doors and looked inside to find the next set of stairs.
"Wha- Whoa!" Novu shouted as the floor where he stood fell bringing him down with it.
"Little wolf are you alright?!" Thor asked looking down the whole with Loki.
"Yeah...I'm alright..."
"Stay there, we will retrieve you after we find the princess."
Novu nodded. "Okay...don't forget about me!"
"We will not!" Thor confirmed.
Loki rolled his eyes.
"I make no such promises."

Novu looked around with fear. Where was he? It was then he noticed the riches that surrounded him. Gold, rubies, emeralds, silver. All sorts of treasure rested in the room he was in.
"Whoa." He said in awe.
His feeling of amazement was sort lived however as a growling echoed around him. Behind Novu eyes open, large and Gold. Novu nervously turns around and screams from seeing a very big Phoenix standing behind him. Its feathers glow a strong red and orange color from the flames it lets off.
"Ahhhh!" Novu shouts as he tried to get away. Where was the exit? It didn't take long for the Phoenix to corner Nouv trapping him.
"Please dont eat me! I don't taste good I promise! Im sure a big, strong, mighty...." Novu raised an eyebrow as the large bird examined him closer.
"Girl? Girl! Your a female Phoenix...I mean..of course your female...with those beautiful..feathers and eyes...must have the male phoenix all over you!" Novu complimented.
Both out of truth and fear. She was a pretty bird..but boy was she scary. To Novu's surprise the Phoenix seemed touched by his compliments and batted her eyes at him. Novu's own eyes widened as the Phoenix came closer and nuzzled him.
"Oh..oh my..." Nouv spoke, unsure how to feel.

Loki and Thor had been walking around, opening doors all over until they found another set of stairs.
"For the nine I hope this is the way." Loki said getting irritated. How hard was it to find a set of stairs, that led to a tower, where the princess awaited them.
"I'm sure this is it!" Thor said with confidence.
"That what you said 5 doors ago."
"This is it, I can feel it!"

They were right it turns out as the climbed the steps. In the room above Princess Talia gasped as she heard them approach. She then quickly straightened her sheets and fixed her hair to lay down.
The door opened and Thor and Loki were happy to see the princess asleep in her bed.
"Do...we kiss her?" Thor asked unsure. Loki rolled his eyes.
He then walked to her and grabbed her shoulders.
"Wake up!" He shouted shaking her. Her eyes shot open in shock.
"Ahh, what the! What is wrong with you!" Loki walked away.
"See, no kiss needed."
Talia glared at him.
"I apologies princess." Thor said giving Loki a look a irritation. "We have come to save you!"
Talia smiled.
"Alright, lets go!"
It was then a screech was heard.
Talia raised an eyebrow.
"You didn't slay the phoenix?!"
Loki and Thor looked at each other.
"What Phoenix?"

"Listen! Its not that I don't like you! I just got out of a serious relationship! This is all moving so fast. It's not you, its me!" Novu exclaimed trying to get away from the flaming bird.
"Novu?!" Thor shouted. Novu quickly followed the voice with the Phoenix on his tail.
"I'm here! I'm here!" He shouted.
"And I have company!"
Loki and Thor went wide eyed at the sight of the Phoenix following Novu.
"Oh, that phoenix." Thor muttered. He shook his head.
"No matter! I will distract it! Loki, keep the princess cool!"
Loki glared at Thor a little but nodded. Then right before Talia's eyes Loki's skin turned blue and eyes red.
"Your a frost giant?!" She exclaimed. Loki did not respond to her question, as she could clearly see the answer.
"Follow me!" He said grabbing Talia's arm to pull her past the phoenix who was blowing flames their way.

As they ran Thor fought the Bird but was constantly in struggle to not get burned. It was then he had an idea to simply entrap the beast. Outside Loki, Novu and Talia were safe, but now had to cross the bridge.
"Its old but we made it the first time. Move quickly and we should be fine." Loki instructed. Talia nodded.
She made her way to step on the bridge when Thor came running out of the castle , he picked up Novu and the princess, throwing them on his shoulders and ran onto the bridge. Loki gave him a confused look before hearing the screech of the Phoenix. With wide eyes Loki quickly followed close behind Thor.
"I thought you were taking care of that!" He shouted.
Thor looked back.
"I did! Trust me!"
The bird flew after them but a chain that was around its neck stopped it from going any farther. In anger the bird flapped its wings and sent a fiery wave over the bridge, disconnecting it from the castle land. Thor, Loki, and the others gasped as they felt the bridge fall from under them. Quickly they grabbed onto the floor pannels and slammed into the cliff wall.
"Ow.." Novu said with his head hung down.
Thor and Loki climbed the bridge until they reached the top of the cliff. Thor gently put Nouv and the princess down.
"You call that taking care of it?" Loki asked annoyed.
Thor shrugged.
"It can not reach us, we are fine, no need to worry any longer."
Talia sighed.
"Well, alright then, although your rescuing skills are a tad..unorthodox...you still saved me. So, which one of you is it I shall give my kiss?"
Thor smiled.
"I am afraid, you are for neither of us princess."
Talia gave him a confused look.
"Whatever do you mean?"
"We are here on behalf of another." Loki spoke up. "Vali, We saved you for him."
Talia couldnt believe what she was hearing. The prince who wanted her didn't even make the effort to get her himself.
"No." Talia then said and sat down on a near by bolder.
"What do you mean no?" Loki asked.
"That is not how it works, if this Vali wants me he will have you get me himself."
Loki groaned.
"Princess, we are sons of Odin, princes of Asgard, not messengers." Thor stated.
"Right your delivery men." Talia hissed.
Loki had had enough.
"Thats correct." With one movement he threw her over his shoulder and began walking. Thor looked at Novu who shrugged and followed close behind, listening to Talia shout in outrage.
"Put me down!"

"So, whats it like to be a princess?" Novu asked.
Talia shrugged still on Loki's shoulder.
"Like the stories I guess. Your born and are put away so that one day your prince will come, save you, and then you live happily ever after."
Novu cocked his head to the side.
"So, since that hasn't happened, will you still live happily ever after? You know, even though your prince wasn't the one to save you?"
Talia nodded.
"I think so, Im sure prince..king,..Vali will make a fine husband. We will have to talk about his priorities though..."
It was then Talia was dropped to the ground.
"Ow!" She glared at Loki.
"Loki smirked.
"Oh yes, Vali is a real stand up prince." Thor chuckled.
"A man of love and devotion." Talia shook her head.
"What are you talking about?"
"Nothing princess."
"How long until we get to Muspelheim?"
"About another 3 and a half days...Were walking to the portal, and then it takes several hours to get to Vali's kingdom when we reach the other side." Thor told her.
Her eyes widen.
"Three days?!" She looked over to see the sun starting to fall.
"We need to get to shelter. It dangerous at night."
Thor chuckled. "Princess, we only stopped to rest a few hours at a time, believe me there is nothing here we cannot handle."
Talia stepped in front of Thor and face held anger.
"We need to find shelter NOW!" Thor and Loki looked at each other, not expecting such an out burst.
"Fine, we'll stop, calm down princess." Thor said slowly.

It took only a little while for them to find a small rock formation for the princess to rest in.
"Happy now?" Loki asked with his arms crossed.
Talia walked over to one of the many near by dead trees and ripped the bark off, creating a door.
"Good night boys!" She said before closing herself in.
Thor glared at Loki as he watched him use his magic to move a bolder in front of the entrance. Thor crossed his arms and Loki rolled his eyes.
"I was only jesting." He then put the bolder back.
Novu, Loki and Thor rested on a fallen tree, not needing a fire, as it was warm, all the time.
"There are son many stars." Novu said looking up at the sky.
Thor smiled lightly.
"In Asgard, it is believed that each star is that of those who have fallen, this way they may watch over us."
"I thought people were to believe that stars held destinies." Novu said with wonder.
"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Loki said without looking at him.
"I learned that a long time ago."
Novu looked at Loki, wondering what he meant. He watched Loki look down at his hand, watching it turn blue as he clenched his fist.
"Because your a Frost Giant?"
Loki glanced at the small wolf, and Thor glanced at Loki.
"Something like that....I had a rough patch, you could say. I was not raised as a Frost Giant, I did not know until many years later."
Novu looked down.
"I see, that must have been hard. Long ago, when my mother was alive, she would tell me of Frost Giants, that they were our enimies. Hot and Cold don't mix."
Loki nodded.
"Yes...I did not take the news well. It took a long time but I soon came to realize we are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the teachers - but never blame yourself. It's never your fault. But it's always your fault, because if you wanted to change you're the one who has got to change."
"And change he did." Thor spoke. "And I got my brother back."
Novu smiled and looked back to the sky.
"If stars are dead people...who do you think that guy is?"
Loki looked at the wolf to the sky and shook his head.
"Thats the moon Novu...its not a star."
"Right...I knew that.."
Unknown to them a pair of curious red eyes watched them, a small smile on her lips.



I actually finished this on quotev.com but the site is being a pain right now and I cant transfer the rest of the chapters, so if your interested you can probably find it on there.

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