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Look back in Anger

Make yourself welcome

Upon reaching the so called 'Avengers tower', which I personally think only came around because Tony was too lazy to repair the rest of the signs, I was greeted with an even longer tedious elevator ride up about 20 floors. I wasn't really paying attention but that's just a rough estimate, Jesus Christ.
"don't you want to take your jacket off?" Tony awkwardly broke the silence with.
"no. Why?" I scoffed.
"it's just awfully warm, and that hood makes you look a little anti social." he said.
"I always wear a hood." I muttered, going back to ignoring him. Thankfully there weren't many more floors to ascend.

"so, this part is mainly a lab--" Stark started
"I thought the whole tower was just one big lab." I interrupted. All Stark seemed to do in his tower was just make some wild robot thing with Banners help.
"yes, but if you let me finish, here is, well." he led me to the other end of the room and showed me what seemed to be some type of bar area.
"great, alcohol, that should come in useful." I muttered and began walking down the stairs towards the bar.
"hey hey hey!" Stark chased after me and grabbed me. I turned and raised my hand which was radiation a sphere of dark energy.
"unless you want to get blown to pieces I suggest you let go." I growled, he hesitantly complied as I continued walking.
"don't you want to meet the others before you start getting smashed?" he asked.
"not really." I simply answered, grabbing a bottle of cider from the fridge behind the bar.
"okay, good, nice. I'll go ahead and invite them in." he ran off to what I only assume was to call the others in. Unfortunately I ended up being right as he returned with the whole team in tow.
"well if it isn't Americas most wanted." I smiled while sauntering over to the couches in the middle of the room, making sure to stare down everyone of them.
"What? Are you joking?" Thor spat. Oh dear, clearly rustled his jimmies.
"well, yeah. But you should be with the amount of destruction you all cause." I remained not phased by his defensive stance and his attempt to stare me down.
"leave her." Captain patted his back and sat opposite me. The rest followed and sat on the opposing couch and any that wouldn't fit stood behind.
"so what is this? Team huddle, coach?" I asked, laughing.
" she mocks us!" Thor shouted, standing and brandishing his hammer.
"hey, WOAH! Easy there." an assorted mixture of variants came from the rest of the team as they sat him back down and tried to calm him.
"someone has anger management issues." I mumbled as I took a swig from my bottle of cider.
"she does!" he shouted again.
"yes, I do mock you." I openly stated. The team looked a mix of confused and angry at me, understandable I suppose.
"okay, I'll elaborate for you then." I sighed and stood up. First I pointed to America
"you, you're Captain America, your real name escapes me--"
"Steve Rogers." he interrupted.
"rude. Anyway. Steve Rogers, you're the man from the 40s who was too scrawny and weak to join the actual army in the second world war so instead they supped you up with a lot of extra growth hormone I'm guessing. And the moment they were done with you, they just put you on ice till someone might find you. I laugh at you because you're nothing. I mean, what do you even do? I mean fair enough Stark has his suit and that one has his hammer, but you? I'm stumped." I explained. Fair to say he looked very offended, he was scowling at me. I took another drink and moved on to Banner who was next to him.
"Bruce. I see you've calmed down from earlier? Good. Would be a terrible shame if someone was to press all your wrong buttons and get on your bad side, wouldn't it?-"
"is fair enough mocking us but I'd advise against doing it to him." Black widow made her presence known and stood up to defend him.
"do you? Is that what you advise? I'm so sorry Banner, please don't tear me to pieces." I laughed. Widow now stepping towards me.
"oh please." I scoffed, stopping her.
"what are you going to do, little girl? Pull some fancy punches? You so t be able to lay a finger on me before you're being flung out that window. And you seem to be conflicted between two men, Banner and Barton over there. I mean you and Barton are clearly a thing but I dont know why youre trying to kid yourself Brucey boy will work for you." I tell things straight, as they are.
"sit down." I whispered to her, her looking horrified and stumbling back. Jesus Christ I told you the truth, not murdered your family.
"speaking of, Mr Barton. Im not sure if I like you or dislike you. I mean I obviously dislike you because you're involved with these asshats, but I don't know. You seem the most humble of them. You tried to settle down with a family, put the avengers second. But did you really think it would work out?" I scoffed.
"Tony. How you doing? Okay? Good. Like I said Clint was the most humble you are the most arrogant, self centred son of bitch I know. That whole "I am Iron Man" stunt? Yeah, really fucked it up for the rest of us trying to lay low. You are the reason I fear SHEILD turning up to my shitty little flat. I fear I'll become some pimped and polished superhero on the cover of vogue or People." He opened his mouth to start talking as he looked disgusted at what id just said.
"I'm sorry, I know you're trying to say something as I see your lips moving, but I can't understand what because I don't speak little bitch." I cut him off with that #banter.
"and you." I move to stand directly infront of Thor.
"I have a particular disdain for you and your people." I stated.
" me or the people of Asgard have never don e anything to you." he was quick to defend his own race, not so quick to defend his own friends.
" you know who I am as Stark told me and I want to know exactly how." I hissed at him and narrowed my now black eyes.
" the infamous legend of Raven. Who was the daughter of the demonic overlord Trigon and the woman he forced to have his child, Arrella. It was obviously you.The people of Azerath took you in and hoped to protect you from your father, only to realise you were a time bomb. Unable to control your emotion and therefore your power. So they removed all emotion from you. Not of Asgard but Azerath. Whom, we know are not fond of us." he explained.
"thats right. My people look down on you. We find you insufferable and always thinking they know best when you know nothing at all. Useless bounding oafs the lot of you. I had nothing better to do I might actively wipe your kind from existence and you'd deserve it. You're worse than humans, and they're not good for much either." I said, never breaking eye contact. I expected him to attack but he only laughed.
"you? Your power is great but what are you really? A cold shell. Unable to feel happiness or joy. You think you're so much better than us but you're the worst of all. A dirty, half breed who isn't part of a species. The first and last of your kind. Whatever you are. You wonder throughout creation without aim or purpose. No one to miss you, no one to care. You haven't got a friend in the entire universe. How lonely you must be." he retorted. The others looked shocked in silence.
"well, we found out who's got a backbone out of all of you." I quipped and walked the bar to put down my drink.
"now, if you don't mind, I'll stay here tonight. It's rather depressing all alone in that flat." no one objected.
"that's sorted then. Good night."


I did upload twice. That's your lot. Thank you.


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