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Look back in Anger

Right side of wrong

I was escorted to my temporary, I'd just like to make that clear, bedroom by...Steve? Yeah that's him, Steve. I'm still in the bad books with them all, it's fun seeing them angry and pissed.
"hey, I noticed your new friend was missing from our meeting." I said as Steve began to walk off, trying to get away from me as fast as he could.
"yeah, Starfire. She's just getting settled in. I'll send her up if you want to have a go at her too." he mumbled and walked off.
"dont bother on my account." I uttered and went to investigate my sleeping arrangement.
Not a lot to it. It was near enough to my room in my flat apart from this one had significantly less books. In fact it had none. This won't do. There's bound to be a library or something here. Then again I don't want to go bumping into any of the justice squad, I'll make a point to ignore them all until it's unavoidable. I really need to think of more names for them.
"Excuse me?" something said. Dude, am I hearing voices? I guess the most logical step would be to open the door and see who it was, it sounded female which took the mystery away from it slightly.
"what do you want?" I growled as I opened the door. Oh great(!) that prick Steve actually did bother sending fire star or whoever up.
"I hear you are uneasy with my new team mates--"
"you hear right. If that's all, goodnight." I interrupted her and tried to close the door on her only for her to slam her hand in the small gap and force it back open.
"I was not finished." she hissed. She returned to what I assume is her normal cheerful self almost eerily quick.
"I am StarFire, or as my normal human name, Keren Lee." she cheered and held out her hand.
"fascinating." I expressed without any emotion. I really couldn't care.
"what is your name, new friend?" she smiled.
"I am not your new friend." I said in the same tone as before.
"oh, I think it would be good if we were to become friends." she doesn't give up.
"okay, let's play a game. Maybe this will help." I said
"oh yes! I love games. On my planet, Tameran, we play many games--" she enthused
"okay shut up. Let's play a game called 'let's see how rude I can be to you before you realise I don't want to be your friend'. How does that grab you?" I asked with fake excitement.
"I am not familiar with this game. Is this one of your earth games? If so I think it's very funny." she laughed, really not understanding my point.
"please go away." I asked. She continued laughing but then calmed down and looked at me.
"oh, you are not making the jokes anymore?" she asked hesitantly.
"no, I haven't been making the jokes since I got here." I said, mocking her strange and frankly wrong way wording things.
"you would like me to go?"
"yes" I snapped and slammed the door on her. Thankfully this time she did not try to stop me. I turned and went to go to bed.
"I will see you at breakfast tomorrow, friend!" she shouted from the other side of the door. Oh my god, she go straight back to her planet, why is she bothering me? I am not her friend. Why does she talk like she has some type of difficulty? Why? After an eventful day of saving the city, being blackmailed to join a super group (temporarily), pissing off said super group and upsetting an alien, I decided I need to sleep something fierce.

I woke up to the sound of an over enthusiastic alien banging on my door, leaving dents in it. What's her deal? Super strength or something? I get up, al be it reluctantly and open the door to see the alien girl being held back by Rogers.
"I dont think she wants to be disturbed!" he said rather muffled as he struggled to hold back the woman, who was now floating, from further knocking down my door.
" he's right." I groan as the light from outside the room hits me.
"I thought you would like to join us as we partake in the eating of the breakfast." she said just as cheery as last night.
" have you got some sort of issue? Why can't you talk proper?" I ask her.
"she's an alien. She doesn't understand us and doesn't understand our language." Steve said struggling as he further dragged her back.
"let go of her. I'm up now." I said, not sounding at all happy but then again when do I?
"so you will do the breakfast with us?" she asked.

"I don't think I'd be welcome with you seen as I've managed to offend every single one of you." I reasoned.

"look, I spoke to some of the team earlier and I'm not sure about all of them, I mean you did really get to Thor, but some of us, including me, are prepared to put last night behind us. I mean, Starks been called a lot worse and Banner is quite forgiving." Steve explained, looking slightly happier and more at ease.
"oh great. I've earned your forgiveness. I must be the luckiest girl in the world!" I said laced with sarcasm. That didn't seem to add to his happiness while Starfire, or Keren, whoever, I can't tell if she's done being an alien yet, took it the complete wrong way.
"see! I told you she would be happy!" she beamed. Steve put his hand on her shoulder and tried to direct her away.
"no Keren I dont think she meant it like that. Come on." he said dragging her away and giving me a disappointed look as they walked down the corridor. I could hear Keren protest as she was walked away. He thinks that look is going to have any effect on me? Dude seriously? I will join them but not because they asked nicely and certainly not because I've earned their forgiveness. Only because I want some tea and I can smell bacon.

After having gotten dressed in a black pair of trousers, white t shirt and black jacket with the hood up, I follow the unmistakable sound of people bitching. Wow, they're over last night then? I linger about outside the room where last nights events took place which seemed to be where breakfast was happening.
"but I mean, Thor got it bad. She said she'd wipe out your entire race, man!" I heard Clint laugh.
"she is rather well known across certain realms. Her father is famous and only told in legend. No one dare speak his name." Thor said. Well he was right about that.
"she sounds like the definition of daddy issues." Stark laughed.
"that is not funny." Thor said, unamused while the others laughed.
"you have your devil, he is much worse than that. He destroys dimensions and planets for sport. That's if he's kind. He might take over a planet and watch it burn under him. You would not wish to know what he does to the people." Thor explained.
"so, last night she was saying she'd kill you, now you're sympathising with her?" Clint asked then chuckled.
"man, all you space people." he continued.
"Raven is troubled. She is hated by nearly every race out there just because of her father. The planet that took her in as a child ripped her soul to pieces so she wouldnt destroy their planet on accident. That is why she appears cold. She is unable to feel anything. No emotion. Imagine how you'd feel if you'd had your soul removed and torn apart. You'd be in the most intense pain you could possible feel for the rest of your life. I forgive her for what she said to me last night. I would not like to make an enemy of her. I think it would be wise if we could befriend her." he continued explaining. Wow, so last night he was calling me and now he's defending me? Interesting. At this point I walk in and over to the bar.
"morning." I mumble under my breath, grabbing a bottle of something.
"little early to be sipping desperadoes, isn't it?" Stark questioned.
"fuck off." I spat and took the only a available space next to Banner.
"how are we this morning, darling? Keeping a lid on it?" I say slyly with a smirk.
"how do you ever expect to get anywhere when you torment people like you do?" Natasha spat.
"it's in my nature. And you'd know all about that." I retort and look to Thor.
"you lot have been busy haven't you? Don't stop on my account." I smile and look at each one of them who adopt a guilty expression.
"forgiven my arse."


Hi, me again.
Im going now. Bye. Thank you.


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