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Look back in Anger

Daddy issues

"Raven, please, we do not want to make an enemy of you." Thor tried to explain.
"damn right you don't." I said.
"I thought I made it clear last night I don't want to be around you. Stark, have I endured you and your teams bullshit long enough yet? I'd like to go home." I asked.
"you can go whenever you like." Stark said, much to the shock of the others. It must have been assumed that when I arrived I was to stay. Guess not. I put down my drink and got up to walk towards the door. As I was leaving I was stopped.
"just be expecting a visit from SHEILD sometime soon." I turned to see Stark grinning at me.
"you think I can't handle a few SHEILD agents? That's cute. I'll be seeing you." I cooed and walked out down the corridor before teleporting back home.

Technically I guess it won't be home much longer as I guess I'm going to have to go on the run to avoid SHEILD for as long as possible. I entered my bedroom to find it how I left it. No one decided to break in while I was away. My book still on the page I left it, bed still dishevelled from not making it the other morning. I decide the best plan of action for now it to just faceplant the bed and pretend the world doesn't exist.
I don't know how long I was out until I started hearing voices. Weird, I dont think I'm schizophrenic. I open my eyes to find myself not in my bedroom but laying face down on a rock in the middle of lava in some cave that appears to have no entrance or exit.
"well this is new." I groggily groan, sitting upright.
"at last dear girl." someone said. I turned to find a man clad in silver and black armour and a metal mask covering his face. It seemed to be bearing some weird type of red mark in the shape of an 'S' in the dead centre of his forehead.
"You're not from SHEILD, are you?" I ask sarcastically. I heavily doubt he was.
"no, instead I was sent by someone a little closer to home, dear." his voice was deep.
"well My mother is locked away--" I began
"she's actually dead." the thing corrected me.
"I'm sorry?" I thought you just my mother was dead." I repeated.
"she is. You thought she was locked away in a cell, insane. You haven't been home in long time have you?" he asked slyly.
"well I was actually home before you brought me here." I quipped.
"I did bring you anywhere. I'm inside your head dear girl." he laughed.
"nice. And can you stop calling me dear girl? Right, I want you to do several things now. I want you to one, tell me about my mother, two, why you're here and three, take me back home." I got up and crossed my arms, trying to come across as serious, however I don't think this guy was going to take it.
"I will do all of those things, but dont think you have the upper hand here." he laughed and looked at me through the narrow gaps in his mask.
"you haven't even asked me who I am. Slade." he decided to inform me.
"wonderful, I'm sure I don't care." I said.
"keep that game face on--"
"just get on with it!" I groaned. Fucking hell is this guy going to get going or what?
"fine. Your mother, as per your first request. After being locked in the dungeon for a considerable amount of years while you were on Azerath, the moment you left it was by popular demand your mother was executed." Slade informed me.
"my mother was a priestess, she was loved and respected on Azerath." I said.
" before you were born, yes. Then your father came along and so did you. She was branded a harlot, locked up. The only reason she wasn't executed sooner was because you were there. They feared you would start slaughtering them if they harmed her further." he seemed to be getting some kind of kick out of this.
"my mother was not a harlot!" I screamed and lunged for him, only to fall to the floor as he moved at an impeccable speed.
"your mother was a whore and a lunatic. And she was murdered because of you. You are responsible for Arrellas death. Just think your own mother, locked up, slated, executed infront of the masses just because she had you. An entire race of people baying for her blood because of their hatred for you." he spat. It seemed clear why he was here, some kind of torture routine.
"well, I think you've sufficiently covered the first point." I chocked out, feeling my self get upset. I was t anywhere where I could hurt anyone, just him and me. I tried to take deep breaths as subtly as I could to prevent him from noticing.
"calm down dear. Wouldn't it be a shame if you were to lose control?" he laughed. My god his laugh is annoying. I got up a d stood infront of him.
"only for you."
"well, if that is a threat I really must say how impressed I am. That was pathetic." he said.
"can you just kindly get the fuck on with why ever you're hear?" I said.
"your father." he replied quickly. I changed from being upset to being afraid very quick.
"that's right. And you know why he craves your attention."
I tried to say something but I was unsure of what. Instead I seemed to lose my footing and fell back to the ground again.
"you know what will happen. You've always known. Ever since you were a child." flames ignited from the lava surrounding the rock and four red eyes, two above and two directly under, emerged from the cave wall.
"you'll always be daddy's little girl." he laughed. The rock under my hands started to sizzle as the flames growing taller, my hands burning. Tears were coming down my face but any attempt to use my power against what was happening would be futile as whatever was happening was far greater than me. Slade crouched and leaned into my ear.
"as per your third request." he whispered. What seemed like an earthquake, rocks falling from above, the four all red, glowing eyes still staring at me.

I had no idea what happened, only that I re awoke on my bed in the position I landed when I fell onto it. No cave, no fire, no red eyes thank god. My god I was sweating like hell, breathing was heavy, to say it was morning when I blacked out, it looked dark outside. I checked my phone in my back pocket, it was 10:40 when I got back. It was now 11:10, at night.
" Jesus Christ." I whispered. I always knew it was coming but I hoped it wouldn't be for a while yet. I hadn't got a plan of what to do. I know! I could leave earth. That would throw a spanner in the works. Only the moment he was ready id just be brought back. If not by Slade who I'm guessing works for him, then he'd just teleport me back. I couldn't kill myself, he'd just keep bringing me back. Until its getting dangerously close to the time. That way he might be conserving his energy. If theres no me, theres no plan. He cant do it.That seems like the only plan. It's early days yet, I've still got time. Fighting is no use. Im strong but he's infinitely stronger. No one on earth or in any dimension stands a hope in hell against him. I need help. Oh god. I'm going to have to go back to the vice squad aren't I? Oh my fucking god. I'm going to look like a right tit going back now. I'm sure one I leave them hanging about what's happening sufficiently long enough, they'll suck it up. For now though, I'm going to have to suck up to them.


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