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Captain America's Love

Chapter 11

Why were my parents here? That was the first thing that came to my mind. I didn't want them here.
"Why are you guys here?" I directed the question to them. They looked concerned. I didn't know if I wanted the answer to that question.
"Brenda," My mother started to say but my father interrupted.
"No, we need to wait for Mackenzie, and Thor." He directed this to my mother and not me. I didn't pry on why they were here because Mackenzie and Thor walked in right then and there.
"Now do we have to wait? Brenda........ You were originally named Brenda Parker." My mother started crying after she said that. Steve saw the expression on my face and came to take Rosalind
*The next morning*
I must have slept all night because I woke up to Rosie screaming, and Steve taking care of Rosalinda. He noticed me and walked over by me to put Rosalinda in my arms so he could take care of Rosie.
"Wow, who knew twins would be this much work?" he said. I just sat there and giggled.
a out of my arms before I blacked out.
"Are you laughing at me?" He smiled at me. I looked down at Rosalinda only to find her trying to suck on my Breast. 'She must be hungry' I thought to myself. I told Steve to close the door so I could feed Rosalinda. After the door was closed I pulled one of my breasts out of my shirt so Rosalinda could eat. Steve must have been a little embarrassed because he blushed.
"You could've told me you were doing that." I punched him in the arm after he said that. He just started laughing until Rosie started crying. I switched kids with him so I could feed Rosie. After both girls were fed, Steve took the girls to the kitchen while I got dressed. After I got dressed, I walked to the kitchen, and to my surprise my parents were still here. They were oohing and aahing over the girls when I walked in.
"Brenda, so glad you could join us." Said Tony. He could seriously think of better things to say. I just nodded my hellos and sat at the table right next to Peter. After all, I now know that he is my brother. I just wasn't expecting to ever find him, let alone figure out who my mother was.
"Can I ask the brilliant billionaire that moved my family here, a question?" I directed this to Tony. The room went silent after I said this.
"Sure, Brenda." He replied hesitantly.
"If you knew that I was this special person based on my mother, why didn't you send Steve sooner?" He wasn't expecting that question.



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