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Captain America's Love

Chapter 14

After the battle, I got to see who was after me. I walked out of the secret room, only to have Thor take my girls out of my arms. I put up a fight to keep them, but he won in the end. I walked out into the living room and saw a guy with gold horns staring right at me.
“Loki!” I said. I couldn’t believe that he wanted me dead. “Why am I so special to you? You killed my parents, isn’t that enough?” I spat at him. I walked up to him and smacked him across the face. I left a nasty burn mark right where I slapped him.
“You are special because you have what I want. I killed your mother because she didn’t give me what I desired.” He spat back. I couldn’t believe he just said that to me. Why did he say it?
“What makes you so sure that I would have given you what you desired?” I responded.
“If it was for your daughter’s lives, you would.” He wasn’t after me, he was after my girls.
“Tony take everyone besides him to safety. I want to deal with him, the way my dad did.” He listened. After they were gone, I went up in flames. Loki looked scared and pathetic. He was cowering away from me, well, trying to.
“Alright, alright you can keep your pathetic children as long as you give me what I want.” I cooled down and went back to my normal look. I didn’t know what to do.
“What do you want from me?” I asked him. He smirked at me like I gave him a trophy for winning a game.
“I want you to create a storm that I will use for my will.” He said. I called the Avengers back in. All but Thor because my girls were still at stake. I took them to a private room to talk.
“I am going to do what he says, but I have a plan in mind.” I told them in the sound proof basement.
“What did you come up with?” Steve asked.
“I am going to direct the storm to go to his metal horns and zap him into unconsciousness. With the help of Thor of course. Then I will get rid of the storm, if I know how.” I replied. I didn’t know how to control my powers, but my girls lives were at stake. I had to try even if I killed myself doing it.
“You can’t control your powers. You’ll kill yourself, Brenda. I can’t let you do that.” Of course, Steve plays hero yet again. I just left to go back to Loki and set him free. I followed him out of the house and made the storm.
After I made the storm, I lost control over it. ‘Fuck, I should have listened to Steve’ was my first thought. I was doing what I thought would protect the girls, but now I know I was wrong.
“Brenda, can you hear me?” It was Steve. I forgot I had my communicator in my ear, and it was still on.
“Yes I can hear you, Steve. I lost control of the storm.” I replied. I felt bad that I lost control, but I had to get help.
“In order to get control back you have to become one with the storm.” An unfamiliar voice explained to me.
“Who said that?” I asked through the line.
“Brenda, I’m hurt. You don’t remember your own mother?” It was my mom.
“Mom?” Peter said.
“Hey spider-boy. How are you?” Mom replied to him.
“No time for catching up, what were you saying mom? About controlling the storm.” I said.
“Be one with the storm, Brenda, that’s all you have to do.” She replied back to me. ‘Be one with the storm, I can do that’ I thought to myself. Thank god it worked. I gained control over the storm again.
“Time to put the plan into action. Everyone ready?” I asked. Everyone responded that they were.
After I had control of the storm, Thor came and redirected the lightning right to Loki’s horns, and electrocuted him right off the bat. Thus I then made the storm go away. We arrested Loki by binding his powers with handcuffs that only Thor can open. I fought to protect my girls and won. Time to go get information I’ve been waiting to get.



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