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Captain America's Love

Chapter 15

I walked back into my house to see my mom sitting on the couch right in front of me. Except she wasn’t in full solid form.
“Mom, you’re a ghost, but still here?” I asked. She looked shocked that I didn’t ask the questions that I had.
“Yes, it is possible. Brenda, Peter?” She said our names after Peter walked in laughing with Anna. Peter looked shocked when he heard his name and saw mom sitting there.
“So it was true, you are here?” He said rather harshly. I wouldn’t blame him. I mean she did show up here unexpected and with us not knowing that she could.
“Yes I am. Who is this lovely lady who was making you laugh?” She asked Peter. Before he could speak I answered her.
“Her name is Anna. Now if you would like to tell us why you’re here we would like to get on with our lives. I do have kids to take care of.” I said rather harsh. She looked shocked that I said ‘kids’.
“Alright, Brenda. I am here on behalf of your father. I know he wouldn’t man up and say this, if he ever wanted to find you…….” Peter and I cut her off.
“He’s still alive?” we both said at the same time. I highly doubt that he is still alive. I mean, he died.
“Yes he is. He is working with the fantastic 4. He isn’t man enough to say this, but he gave the both of you up because he loved you. Brenda, now that you know the truth you are in danger. Peter, when you got spider abilities, you alerted the enemies that attacked your father and me. I want you both to be careful. Be true to you and the people you love.” After she said that, she started fading away.
“Mom, wait” Peter said, but it was too late. She was gone.
“Steve, call the Fantastic 4 to your house now.” I told him. He did exactly that.
After about 15 minutes, the Fantastic 4 was standing in the living room of the house that I now call mine. Peter and I were in the room putting the girls down for a nap. After a while, Clint and Natasha came and took over so we could go and see our dad and his team.
We walked out into the living room, and when dad noticed he just stood there and stared at us.
“Brenda, Peter?” He said. The other 3 that came with him just looked at him, confused.
“Jonny, you know these 2 kids?” Said Mr. Fantastic.
“Yeah, I do. They’re my kids. I gave them up because they were in danger, but they found out about their past, I guess.” He responded, then walked up to us and gave us a hug. It lasted about 15 seconds when I heard crying coming from my bedroom. Dad pulled away and looked at me like ‘what the fuck?’
“Would you like to come and see your granddaughters?” I asked him. He didn’t say anything, so I just grabbed his wrist and led him to the bedroom. Clint and Natasha saw us walk in, and handed Rosalinda, and Rosie to me.
“Meet the newest members of our crazy family, Rosie and Rosalinda.” I told him. He just stood there like I was crazy.
“So I really am a Granddad? Wow.” Was all he replied?
“Yeah, well says the guy who I assumed was dead. Get used to secrets because I had to.” I told him. He just sat back and laughed.
“You are your mother’s daughter.” He said. I didn’t know what that meant.
“What do you mean?” I asked him what was on my mind. He sat there trying to process how to explain it without giving too much detail. Apparently super heroes don’t talk about their past…… Like, ever.
“She had the best sense of………” He got cut off by a blast sounding noise that came from the living room. All I could think to myself was not again.



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