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The silver's tears

Silent Anger

When he woke up he was angry very angry he didn't know the reason he couldn't remember anything or how he ended up laying in this bed, he was feeling dizzy and his vision was still blurred and this dream was it a dream at all? He can feel all of this is familiar some how but something is blocking his memories back, it was dark around he tried to shout to know if there is anyone else here but he couldn't , his voice was gone , he tried again but nothing just an opened mouth with no sounds at all then he gives up it seemed like he really doesn't care anymore, he was surprised by his own reaction why he is not freaked out or at least worried or sad ? He was just angry not because he can't talk no, he was just angry.
He stood up stretching his hand in front of him to know his way, his legs were shaking, he felt weak and dizzy he collided with what he thought it was a table and something glass broke maybe a cup he thought , his leg was hurting him from the collide so he turned back to the bed slowly holding his leg and rubbing it
"Sir I suggest you stay in your place for avoiding hurting yourself"
Loki jerked back looking around him as if he would see anything in this darkness, he could hear some voices approaching his room and the door was opened and the lights went on , it was too bright he had to shut his eyes when he found himself held by someone crushing his ribs in a hug shouting his name in joy, this voice it was Thor , he suddenly felt so angry , he pushed Thor away, he felt little dizzy, he leaned to the bed taking his breath and opened his eyes slowly he could see Thor standing next to him talking with a man wearing glasses he heard his name too , he can also see five people standing in the room , he didn't recognize anyone of them and being unable to talk now seemed like a big problem , he still wants to punch Thor though , then the silence around him ended suddenly
"Loki, Loki, do you hear me," Thor said putting his hand on Loki's shoulder
Loki looked at him for a while then stood in front of him and punch him in the face knocking him down, he grinned at thor, he felt little angry now and sit down on the bed again staring at Thor wondering why he did this frowning
"Why you did this?" Thor whined, Loki only raised his eyebrow shaking his shoulder
"Fine, but don't do it again, god though you ill your punch still strong, " Thor said rubbing his chin and Loki looked sorry and lost
"I'm so glad you are ok, do you feel well?" pepper asked him smiling
Loki looked at her then at Thor he was confused, he doesn't know who is she? Or what is this place?
"Pepper I think he doesn't even remember you," Tony said
"Loki do you know who I am?" banner asked him
He looked at him for a while then shook his head
"Do you know anyone here?" banner asked him again
Loki looked at Thor grinning at him, Thor sighed in relief
"Oh thank god, I thought you would forget me too," Thor said
"Is he always so quiet like this?" Tony asked
"Actually no, at all" Thor said staring at Loki "are you, okay brother, you didn't shout at me like always"
Loki sighed signing with his hand that he can't talk then played with his hair nervously he doesn't like being watched like this
"You can't talk?" banner asked him and Loki nodded
"Shit," Tony said
"Oh man, give me a break," Clint said
Thor crushed next to him and Loki flinched a little
"How this happened ?" Thor asked him, Loki raised his shoulder, he felt a headache again, he won't show any weakness, not in front of them, he pushed Thor away again and slept with his face facing the ceiling putting one hand under his head and closed his eyes, the headache became worse , he tried to forget it
"What the hell Loki, why are you angry with me?" Thor shouted at him feeling sad
"I think this was his way to tell you to get out he wants to sleep" Tony smirked
"I started to miss his shouting at me already" Thor whined closing the door leaving him to sleep
"Poor guy" Clint snarled
"I won't say anything you will try it sooner or later" Thor smirked
"He would treat us the same?" Tony asked whining
"Yes, see Loki may look calm but he is mischievous he loves to play tricks on everyone when he is bored, " Thor said laughing
"Whoa, what kind of tricks exactly?" Clint asked
"Funny ones for him of course like the time he thought turning my hair color to pink was funny"
"Wait…pink" Tony smirked and burst out laughing so did the others
"but now his magic didn't recover yet and apparently he can't shout at me so he would be very bored, we will have fun soon and by "we" I mean Loki and myself, " Thor said heading to his room
"Oh man," Tony said
"I have the solution" banner said quietly
"What?" Clint asked quickly
"He won't resist a good book" banner grinned
"Problem solved then, good night guys," Natasha said
"Come banner we have a library to organize" Tony smirked
"I'll help you too," Pepper said following them "good night Clint"
"Night, pepper "client said "only me here, I don’t wanna sleep, watch TV right, "he told himself
When he woke up a headache was still exist but not as strong as yesterday, he didn't know what to do finally he decided to explore the place, what was the time anyway
"Good morning sir, it is 8 am," Jarvis said
This voice confused him, he can't find where it came from but he nodded as "thanks" anyway. till now this voice is useful so no problem, he kept walking exploring the place until he found himself in the kitchen, he was thirsty and hungry, he filled a cup of water and cut some apples then sit on the table enjoying his small meal
"You can't live on apple you know," Steve said smiling at him
Loki shrugged drinking some water; he didn't expect that anyone of them came here, how stupid he was? It is breakfast time of course soon he will be surrounded by them again
"I'll make breakfast would you like to join us?"
He was very hungry and apples weren't a proper breakfast either but no he doesn't want anyone's pity, he shook his head and left returning to his room, when he hit something and fell to the ground
"What the hell" Clint whined holding his head, Loki frowned at him it wasn't his fault
"Uhm sorry," Clint said quietly "here let me help you" but Loki didn't accept his help and got up by himself feeling dizzy again he leaned against the wall for not falling again
"Hey, are you alright?" Clint asked
Loki nodded and started walking slowly to his room, his vision started to be blur again he trembled almost falling again, Clint held him before he fell but Loki pushed him away and continue walking till he reached his room and closed the door behind him
"What the hell? What is wrong with this guy "clint said upset
"Hey Legolas, you talking to yourself?" Tony smirked
"This Loki guy he is so weird," Clint said sitting on the table
"Don't tell me, he ignored you then refused whatever you offered him?" Steve said
"I crashed into him and when I tried to help him, he pushed me away, man he couldn't even stand steadily" Clint snarled
"He doesn't trust us," Banner said
"Not only you, Loki doesn't trust anyone or even accept their help," Thor said taking his seat
"Even you?" Clint asked
"I don't know he trusts me or not, you really can't figure out what is he thinking of and he never asked me for help or let me help him," Thor said
"Geez dude has serious trust issues" Tony smirked
"Did he eat anything?" Thor asked changing the subject
"Some apples," Steve said
Thor sighed shaking his head "this won't work, Jarvis is Loki in his room"
"No, sir"
"Where is he?"
"I can't find him, sir"
"What do you mean you can't see him?" Tony shouted
"Where was he going the last time you saw him?" banner asked
"The balcony sir"
"No" Thor cried running
"Shit, he won't jump right?" Tony said and they all followed Thor
Loki was sitting on the edge of it with his eyes closed, he wanted some fresh air he felt bored in his room and he missed being outside, he always loved to go to the highest place of any building and just sit there enjoying the scene but seemed like it was about to end
"Loki" Thor cried "what are you doing?"
Loki opened his eyes and looked at him in boredom then he looked away ignoring him
"You know I love to come and sit here too, it is a beautiful view right, " Natasha said sitting next to him, he didn't see her coming she was fast
"Nat are you nuts what are you doing there?" Clint said
She looked at him to shut up, both of them just sat there enjoying the scene and the rest left
He was feeling so empty like something is missing he can't remember anything he had so many questions he needed answers, what happened to him? Where is he? Who are they? Who is she?
Natasha felt his eyes on her, he was staring at her, and she felt her face turning red now
"You know if someone told me a month ago that I'll sit here with you watching the sky I would have kicked his ass" Natasha smirked
Loki frowned at her not understanding what this means, should he know her? Then why he doesn't? He tried to remember anything; yesterday he was here, the day before he was back on Asgard fighting Thor on the Bifrost right? No, he was imprisoned in a cell or he was fighting frost giants, he felt so lost, he was overwhelmed, he stood up and get inside
"Hey, where are you going?" Natasha asked following him
Loki stood in the middle of the room, he felt like his head was going to explode, pictures of people he doesn't know, scenes he doesn't remember it, he wanted it to stop he wanted to scream say anything but he couldn't, he felt so angry, he felt pathetic , he started to smash everything on his way ,voices started to become louder and louder , some of them familiar and the other not but this one voice was different it was cold and cruel it called him a filthy runt , it made him angrier , Natasha didn't know what to do , she started calling for help and tried to talk to him
"Loki, Loki, calm down and stop this right now"
Loki ignored her and a chair almost smashed next to her head
"Chyort voz'mi! "She shouted hiding behind the desk when she heard footsteps approaching; Thor was the first one to enter the room
"Look out" Natasha shouted as Loki threw another chair towards the door but Thor smashed it with his hands
"Holy shit, what is going on here?" Tony shouted
"Stop him first then ask later," Natasha said
It wasn't her shouting that stopped him or even their arrival, it was these blue eyes he was seeing everywhere and the voice of friga, his mother calling him "filthy runt" what really stopped him he sat on the floor leaning against the wall shocked and breathing heavily
"Is it over?" Tony asked coming out, he was hiding
"Let's hope so," Clint said helping Natasha to get up
"What was all that about anyway?" Steve asked
"I don't know he suddenly left and started to smash everything, " Natasha said
Loki stood up and walks towards Thor angrily, he grabbed him from his clothes and pushed him to the wall facing him, making some signs with his hands
"you could've asked gently you know, gosh " Thor whined, "wait, you still remember it? " Thor asked surprised, Loki nodded impatiently
Loki made some signs again
"First you tell me what is the last thing you remember so I can answer you right"
"Wait, wait, is this sign language?" Clint asked surprised
"Yes," Thor said sighing
"And how on earth you two know it?" Tony asked
Loki looked at him viciously then poked Thor to forget them
"Fine, fine" Thor said
Loki signed again, he was anxious trying to focus
"The Bifrost? Nothing more? At all "Thor said looking desperate
Loki nodded waiting for Thor to tell him everything
"Uhm see , when you fall you umm were lost for almost a year then I found you here on Midgard , some of my friends helped you , then you joined a fight a strong one which left you on coma that you woke up from it yesterday " Thor said trying to hide any signs of being lying at him
Loki looked unconvinced by his words but signed again
"Mother? She is fine; she visited you a few days ago and had to leave for some urgent matters"
The next question was difficult, Loki didn't know how to ask Thor about it, he hesitated for a while then he decided not to ask him, not now
"Any more questions?" Thor asked him
Loki shook his head and looked around at the destroyed room then he signed to Thor ashamed
"Hey don't worry it's nothing the only matters is that you are ok brother, " Thor said rubbing Loki's shoulder
Loki touched Thor's chest then his and make a sign hugging Thor crying
"I missed you too so much," Thor said
Loki pushed him away falling to his knees hiding his face, he was crying
"Hey, what is wrong? Did I do something?" Thor said kneeling beside him
* You are lying
"No, why you say that?" Thor said
* I'm not your brother, why would you miss a frost giant?"
"Listen to me carefully, I punched you once and I don't have a problem repeating it" Thor parked moving away from him
"Crap, not again, thor, buddy this time no one will stop you," Clint said bored and Tony grabbed him asking for what just happened agitated as he realized he is the only one who can’t understand it here and Clint started to explain to him
"and you call me stupid, listen,brother even them know how much I love you and what you mean to me, so why don't you get it " thor cried
* Because I hurt you, tried to kill you that is why
"You were hurt Loki, and I wasn't there for you when you discovered it, no one blames you, it was a lesson for both of us a hard one"
* A filthy runt, these words I can hear them all day long
Loki frowned he was hurt by this words, it remembered him of what he is
"Who said this to you?" Thor parked, he was so angry, Loki jerked a little
*I don't know all I saw was this dark blue eyes and this cold voice
"Blue eyes? Are you sure? "His voice was shaking
Loki nodded noticing the shaky tone
"Did you see his face?"
* No, just eyes in the dark
"He is here" Thor gasped
"This bastard, what does he want?" tony shouted
"He is waiting, waiting for him to recover, to continue his game" banner said
*what game? And who is waiting? Loki signed nervously; Thor is hiding something from him
Thor didn't answer him, no one did, they all stood there without moving, and Loki shacked Thor but in vain
"They can't hear you or see you, I control everything here, and I control you" the voice hissed
Loki tries again but nothing, the voice laughed
"You don't believe me, um try to speak maybe"
Loki ignored him for a while then he started to doubt, what if that was true? What if he could control him? Loki tried to speak calling Thor
"Th...Thor "Loki's face became white, he is saying the truth
"Who…who are you?"
"I'm your friend Loki"
"Huh think again, I don't have friends"
"Oh, you are right, I was just trying to make it look nicer for you" laughing again "you are my game"
Loki felt a cold breath near him, he saw him, this red eyes and blue skin, it was him
" Loki , Loki , answer me " thor shouted shaking him, Loki didn't respond at all, as his mind wasn't here
The room became colder, they all can feel it
"Is it cold here or what?" tony asked
"Something is not right," Steve said
Loki gasped in horror then stared at his hand
"Loki, what just happened?" Thor asked approaching him
"No, stay away" Loki signed in horror, the blue started to spread fast covering his hands
Thor gasped moving back, everyone was shocked by the scene
"Stop it" Loki cried "why you do this to me, I ...I believe you, stop this " he begged, he can hear his own voice but only in his head like he is in another place now Loki turned away hiding so no one sees him like this
"Good, now you believe that you are just a game I play with yet you still have to learn your lesson" the voice hissed



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise