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The silver's tears

Child of soul

Thor felt him slipping away, he carry him to the nearest sofa , he took his cape and wrapped it around him sitting next to him holding his hand which was cold
“Is he...” Clint asked worried
“He needs to rest, silly child he didn’t need to be that angry” he said smiling sadly
“All of this because he threatened to hurt you!, I didn’t think he loves you that much” Tony exclaimed
“Me neither, god, I should have known all these years accompanying me on my trips though he hated it just to keep an eye on me, protecting me, if I only was with him that day nothing of this would ever happened” thor sighed
“You can’t change the past but you have all the future to make it right, can’t you see ? Months ago you thought him dead and now he is here with you, You have a second chance believe me not all of us are fortunate to have one” Steve said quietly though they can feel the break in his voice
“well, now he can’t dare to deny he cares for you anymore” Bruce smirked
“Don’t have...anyone else” they heard him muttering sitting straight
“what do you mean by that?” Thor asked him quickly
*I only have you no one else* he looked away hiding his tears
“What about mother?” he asked in shock
Loki didn’t answer him still looking away
“Answer me” Thor shouted at him
“Hey, buddy you need to calm down or this won’t end well you know that” Steve said worried by how things become serious
“What you forgot about mother this easily” Thor snarled
*She forgot me* he looked hurt
“No, I’m sure she and father would come soon and we will go home” he said quietly assuring him
*home?... I don't have one I never had*
“Why you say such a thing?” Thor asked hurt by his talking
*Cause whatever I tried no one will believe me, whatever I did I will never belong so why bother myself *
"Asgard is your home and always will be, come with and our father will…"
"He is not... my father" loki parked interrupting him
"So am I not your mother?" Frigga asked quietly, she appeared behind them no one sees her coming
"Mother" thor said in surprise and Frigga nodded at him
"Am I not your mother loki?"
"you're not" he said coldly trying to hide his nervousness
"Loki" thor parked at him
"No thor, leave him " she said walking towards loki "always so perceptive about everyone but yourself " she said smiling at him stretching her hand to him
Loki shaked his head looking away then he moved his hands towards hers holding them
*With me you will never be safe you must stay away*
"I don't care , to be her with you seeing you safe is all what I care about" she said hugging him , loki hesitated for a while then he hugged her back
"My dear child, my baby I missed you so much"
"Me too" loki said blushing and thor laughed a little at how he looks
"No it can't ....happen again " loki cried jerking away from her
"What is wrong?" Frigga asked worried by this sudden change
"I saw this before ...they will attack us and he…he will kill you , I don't want to see you die in front of my eyes again no " loki cried clattering coughing badly
"Nothing will happen I promise, you're safe her with me …with all of us" Frigga said holding him tightly as he closed his eyes mumbling some words
"He made him saw this" thor said enraged then the thunder went trampling making loki trembling a little, moving closer to Frigga
"Stop thor, you know your brother hate it" Frigga said
"Oaf" Loki said weakly
"I'm sorry" Thor said sitting next to them
"Stay" Frigga said softly holding Loki to stay in her arms "I missed you very much just stay like this" he leaned his head on her shoulder closing his eyes he missed her too
"Boy I don't understand you at all, few minutes ago I thought you will go insane now look at you sleeping like a baby" Tony scoffed
"At first I thought him like Nat… always so secretive about your feeling always saying the opposite but I was wrong you think feeling is weakness you never tell anyone how you Really feel you lie even to yourself " Clint said
"He won't answer you" Frigga said rubbing his hair
"Why won't he?" Clint asked impatiently
"If you asked me something what do you expect from me ?" Natasha asked him
"Nothing, you will never give me a bloody answer…oh"
"Exactly" Natasha grinned
"But you know the answer?" Thor asked Frigga
"Of course he can't hide anything from me even if he tried because of this one thing" she said looking at loki who was sleeping now
"Which is?" Tony asked
"his real parentage"
"You mean laufey?!" Thor asked confused
"What? No…loki is not Laufey son he never was, not Odin son as well that is real he only belongs to only one person"
"Frigga son, right?..." Banner said quietly
"yes, and no one can make him think the opposite even loki himself" she said firmly
"I'm the one who raised him up, took care of him, taught him everything he knew, so if anything went wrong I'm responsible of it not him …I know loki thinks he failed me down but the truth is I'm the one who failed him by not telling him the truth failed him every time I kept silent seeing him suffer , when he is afraid of looking at me thinking I might see him as a monster this means I failed him down this means I'm not different from the others"
Loki let her go moving away , he stood away near the corner breathing heavily then rapidly gasping …he can't take his breath
"S…stop saying this" he said weakly , he walked leaning to the wall heading to his room
"Loki, please stay…why you keep walking away from me" Frigga cried
"I can't"
"Brother what is wrong with you? You were never like that" Thor said grabbing his arm making him face them and loki moaned in pain
"Let me go" Loki parked trying to hide his weakness but he couldn’t he fall to the ground hiding his face sobbing
“Is it something he told you?“ Natasha asked him and he just nodded
“I think I know what he said to you” Frigga said sadly sitting next to him and he just looked at her
“He told you that they don’t love you and they forgot you not missing you at all, he told you they have a feast just after you fall, not caring for their dead son, he told you they didn’t look for you even once didn’t he” she cried
Loki looked away covering his ears not wanting to hear all of this again when he felt her hand grabbing his face gently to face her
“But he didn’t tell you how much we all cried how we mourned you, how many nights I spent it in your room waiting for you to come back , he didn’t tell you that Thor only came to live here because he can’t bare to live there where you won’t be around with everything reminding him of you, he didn’t tell you how your father blamed himself fir your death everyday regretting not telling you how much he loves you , he didn’t tell you that he fell on Odin’s sleep the day he knew you were under their control suffering two years no he did not tell you any of that” she sobbed quietly
Loki stood up looking around him lost and shocked by what he heard he jerked back leaning to the wall feeling everything fading around him and can’t take his breath he gasped in pain feeling his heart beats racing and cold surrounding him he felt someone holding him saying his name but it seemed it came from far away
“Loki, answer me” Thor shaked him worried
“What is happening? Shouldn’t have I told him that” Frigga asked covering her mouth in fear
Loki opened his eyes and pushed Thor away breathing heavily
“Loki, listen to me” Frigga pleaded
“No...he said....and now you...no you can’t do this to me” he sobbed leaning to the wall covering his ears shaking himself muttering the same words again
“Mother” Thor called her in desperate, she knelt in front of him holding his face between her hands and looked at him in the eyes
“You’re my son loki my greatest joy and gift and never doubt that whatever this cursed voice say to you only listen to my voice now”
Loki stopped shaking and looked at her with eyes full of tears wanting to believe this
“You don’t...hate me?”
“Hate you” she gasped hurt “ How can I hate myself...how can I hate the child of my soul?” She cried hugging him “please come back to me you don’t know how much I missed you”
She felt his grip around her loosen and his body relaxing closing his eyes whispering “Don’t leave me”
She looked at Thor who carried him putting him gently on the sofa
“He still doesn’t remember anything” she said sighing in relief
“And this is good?” Thor asked her
“Yes, we’re not ready to face this maybe won’t ever be”
“I thought we lost him again” Pepper said sitting next to him
“Tell me about it...I haven’t felt this nervous in years” Tony said pouring himself a drink
“Thor don’t let this making you forget the real reason for his anger” Frigga said quietly
“What is that?” he asked
“You...this voice threatening you made him this angry he may not remember many things but there is one thing he won’t forget, you know what is that Thor?”
“Protecting each other” he said quietly
“That’s true now I’m afraid I’ve to go back Asgard needs me”
“Father? Is he?”
“He will be fine we went through this before, next time I come I won’t be alone and won’t go back alone too” she said hugging him then she leaned next to Loki holding his hand kissing his forehead “protect him for me Thor, he needs you more than he leads you to believe” he nodded watching her fading in the light
“Can’t we ever just have a nice calm day at all” Tony whined and they all nodded agreeing
“See now I really feel jealous” Thor said frowning and blushing a little
“Loki Friggason huh, can’t blame you buddy” Tony smirked
“Come on Thor don’t be mean you two, you know how he desperately needed this, with your parents strange absence I’m sure we all thought the same as he” Pepper said
“Yeah, I hope now he will feel better but will really leave?” Steve asked
“When time comes we must go home it’s our responsibility”
“But Loki won’t he face any problems there?”
“If someone wishes to die let them only goes near him” Thor said firmly
“Aren’t you worried repeating all of this again? What if he feels the same again? What guarantee that things would be different and he won’t be just your shadow again” Bruce asked
“Because we will live here on Midgard both of us and when time comes and we should go back to take responsibilities after father we shall go back to role together as kings”
“You mean both of you kings is this possible?”
“We will do it like we always did, one put strategies and the other apply it” Thor said smiling
“Your mother will be really proud of you Thor, that’s why she doesn’t wore about you like him, you are the big brother after all”
“Sir, Agent Coulson is here” Jarvis said
“Ugh what does fury wants now” Tony whined
“Let him wait in the meeting room and we’ll be there in minutes” Steve said
“Miss Potts you too are needed”
“But..Loki” pepper said
“I can’t leave him “ Thor yelled
“I know, just come to see what he wants that’s all” Steve said assuring him
Thor nodded and followed them to meet Coulson



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise