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The silver's tears

Blue is the new black

The next day loki was gone so was Pepper thor freaked out till Phil assured them that was their normal routine to go jogging every morning and that they will be home soon
"Pepper is spending time doing something that obviously not working wow that is new" Tony smirked
"And why shouldn't I"
"Jesus, Pepper where did you come from" tony said yelping
"Hey what happened to you?" Steve said concerned she was leaning on Loki’s shoulder trying to stood still
"she twisted her ankle" loki said quietly
"You should be more careful pepper "Banner said joining them with the others
"You mean be more like Pepper" Tony scoffed
"Hey it wasn't my fault" she whined looking at loki
"What? Now it's my fault no one told you to follow me there" loki frowned at her
"and no one told you to run away either" she yelled at him
"I didn't run…I just didn't want to be there" loki said he looked nervous
“Fine...won’t you go to see daisy again, she has been asking for you” she asked him annoyed by his way
“No, I’m not feeling well today”
“What happened between you two? you left quickly and daisy only cried all the way home” she said grabbing his arm to make him stop
“Why you don’t ask her so you can find another lie to hide it again” he yelled leaving them
“That’s it I’m calling Clair to know what the hell happened” Pepper said leaving enraged
“Who are they exactly?” Tony asked perplexed
“Some friends we met in the park” Phil said sighing
All this time he has been fighting the darkness inside him, struggling to stay alive knowing that he deserve to live to feel wanted , he thought he succeeded in this, nightmares fading away like an old memory, he thought he found the happiness he spent all his life searching for, he loved the way he felt when he was with daisy she makes him feel alive so this day when he found her sad crying he couldn’t see her like that he took her buying her ice cream and sat with her under the shades of the tree asking for the reason of her sadness
“I miss daddy” she said crying
“Isn’t he around?” he asked her
“Mama said he is there” she said pointing to the sky
“Oh sweetie, every time you miss him you just look at the sky and speak with him he can see and hear you” he said hugging her
“Really” she said happily
“Yeah, really” he said laughing
“Mama said this too, but I don’t like this sky”
“Why is that?” He asked her curious
“The day he left us, some bad people came from up there, they destroyed everything they were scary but you know the avengers fought them and they beat them up” she said childishly excited
“When was that?” he asked quietly
“Few months ago” she said and he froze shocked he doesn’t know why he remembered this nightmare again, the one with the chained loki and the blue eyed one but now he can explain why the blue eyed one looked so familiar to him like he is not a stranger anymore, like they were one , he felt him leaving the chained one focusing on him approaching him touching his forehead causing him terrible headache, when all of it hit him since the moment he fall till they found him torturing him ending by him here with this army ordering them and taking orders , killing people dozens of them....people he never met before and he won’t ever dare to hurt them but he did killing them....killing daisy’s father
He ran away from her from himself from the world not caring for her cries or Pepper calling him trying to follow him but he didn’t care for all of this, just wanted all this noise in his head to stop, he heard his voice again filling his head with lies again....he was back again stronger than every time, this means that he failed again...why he had to keep falling to the same darkness over and over , he looked on the mirror feeling him there hiding behind his eyes laughing at him...was his eyes blue too or he was imagining
Anger controlling him blinding him he punched the mirror with his fest shattering it, hitting everything on the table to the wall screaming in anger
Pepper was the nearest one to his room , she ran to him shocked by how the room looked like she walked careful not to step on the broken glass she called him worried “Loki, are you okay?”
“just leave me” his voice was cold she never heard him talking like this before
“No, till you answer me I won’t go anywhere neither will them “ she said seeing them rushing to the room
"Just leave me alone…all of you" loki parked but in a shaky voice
"leave you?...to lock up yourself again whining about how miserable is your life " Pepper said in a cold voice
"Pepper…what the hell" Tony shouted at her she shouldn't such words
"I'm not weak…I'm not pathetic…I'm not anyone toy…so stop treating me like one and leave me alone" Loki parked trembling from anger
"You saw him again, didn't you?" banner said
Loki leaned to the wall sitting on the floor "it won't happen again, it was a fault" he said quietly
"It is nothing to be shamed with you know" Tony said "I used to have it too and it doesn't mean that you are weak"
"used to have what exactly? Being controlled by someone else playing with your mind as you are his toy seeing yourself killing people and can't stop yourself cause your body, your mind both were taken from you and you were left an empty shell" loki parked trembling
“You remembered?” Thor gasped
“Yes I remember everything , no more lies anymore and no one dare to say they know how I feel” he cried
"Actually I did and it was you who controlled me" Clint said
"Did you refuse? Or said no?" He yelled
"As I had a chance you used your spear on me and everything went dark" clint shouted
"I did… I said no" loki cried in anger
"What do you mean?" thor asked
"when they found me they knew everything about me already, he thought me a coward that will obey them at once , only one thing you need to know about me that if any one even dare to think they can rule me making me follow their orders then mercy be with him" Loki hissed
"But they did at the end didn't they?" Clint scoffed
"They thought if they hurt me I'll do what they want apparently It took them a year I think to know that they were wrong" Loki smirked bitterly
"They tortured you for a whole year" Steve said shocked
"Healing fast played a good role but in both sides, I heal fast that is good but it only gave them another try" loki scoffed
"Another try?" Natasha asked
"Oh yes they used to wait till whatever they had done to me is healed and start over again I spent the time shouting at them cursing then screaming crying but then I realized why to curse if they won't stop and why to scream if no one will hear me so I stopped they thought they got me but I think I disappointed them so they gave up on me or that I thought before he finally made his move" loki grinned
"Who?" thor asked
Loki raised his shoulders "I don't know the other used to call him master no one seemed have the gut to say his name, they used to lock me up in a dark room so I didn't see him at all he said some words I couldn't hear good though I think I wouldn't know even if he said it out loud then he put his hand on my head then blank like I went unconscious sometimes I could hear someone scream or thor shouting at me the like this time I was on the top of a tall building with thor fighting me shouting to make this stop I didn't know where I was or why he was shouting I couldn't control myself like someone else was controlling me making me stab thor then blank out again" Loki said quietly
“This won’t happen again I promise you...I won’t let this ever happen again” Thor said
“For how long exactly? He won’t give up” how cried
“neither will I you hear me” Thor yelled at him
Loki felt the headache again feeling everything going black in front of him and he heard him again
“But how will you fight what is already lives inside you” The voice hissed to him making him shivering leaning t the chair
"Are you ok?...you look ill" Banner asked him
"Loki talk to me please " Pepper cried
"Will you shut up" Loki shouted at her
"Loki" Thor said shocked
"I'm not loki" Loki parked and his eyes turned blue again " I thought it'll be fun to fool all of you pretending to be this runt but gosh you're all like a living hell" He hissed
"what…what do you mean?" Pepper gasped in horror
"I mean loki is dead…no more of this whining baby anymore" He laughed
"You are lying" Thor cried
"Why to lie? I really enjoyed watching him die"
"You such a coward …do you really think this game will go on us loki?" Clint snarled
"Loki stop this illusion now" thor said enraged
"See this is the trick…. there is no illusion here" he grinned
Clint sneaked behind loki and no one noticed him , he was holding something behind his back …a gun and he hit loki in the head by it, loki turned to him shocked then fell to the ground unconscious
"Did you lost your fucken mind Clint" Tony shouted while Steve and banner ran to him , the rest tried to stop thor from hurting Clint
"This worked on me so I thought it'll work on him too" Clint explained immediately
"yeah I remember that" Natasha said
"So, what to do now?" Banner asked
"We put him in a place where he can't hurt himself or anyone " Clint said
"I have the right place for this" Tony yelled
"You mean the glass room in Dr. Banner's lab ?" Pepper asked him
"Yes, it was built for the other guy in first place but it can hold loki too we used it before"
"Don't think this the end" thor hissed to Clint carrying loki
"I'm dead" Clint whined doesn't have the gut to follow them
"You did the right think , he talked a lot " Natasha said
"Thanks Nat, tell this to the big guy" he replied
"Don't worry I'll protect you" she chuckled
"I think I'll hide safer" he smirked



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise