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The silver's tears

Goodbye Stranger

There was a noise outside and everyone rushed to the room the panic in Thor’s voice was enough to ignore his orders
Bruce didn't need to ask a single look on loki face and he knew everything, he was falling again to the start
"I'm tired, I just need to rest" loki said comforting thor
"Don't, whatever happened don't let him sleep or even close his eyes" banner yelled checking Loki’s pulse
"but why? If he needs to have some rest how this can be a problem" thor asked pleading
"it's happening again but this time"
"I won't make it, I know" loki said smiling sadly
"what are you two talking about?" his voice started to crack
"he was here all this time thor even now I can see him waiting"
"waiting for what?"
"For me to accomplish my part of the deal"
"what deal?" Clint asked worried
"I lost and he….he gave me two choices, fight or die"
"Fight, this the only choice you have" thor cried
"fight who thor? I'm not sure on which side I'd be if I chose to fight, he is even more powerful "
"but you have to, I can't lose you" thor cried holding him tightly
"you lost me since the day I fall, it is the end now, after all this time now I can rest" his voice was weaken and his body was colder than it ever was
"do something" thor parked at them and tears ran on his face
"it is too late thor"
"no it's never too late, isn't that what you used to say"
"not this time my brother, I was such a pain in your head and I caused you a lot of troubles now you rest from all this" loki said smiling at him
"I can handle all of this but don't go, if you leave me I'll be lost and alone , I only have you"
"He isn't going anywhere, do you hear me you are not going anywhere" Banner pleaded
"I've made my choice already, hey Clint you still own me this but I don’t think I’ll keep my word”
"will you shut him up before I kick his ass, you are not going anywhere..." his said in agony with eyes shining with tears
"listen you oaf" Tony shouted "believe it or not but you became one of us, all these months living under the same roof taking care of each other especially you…every fucken day one of us goes to your room after you sleep only to make sure that you are okay, so don't dare to tell us now that we are not your friends, I've soo many plans and each fucken one of then you are in it"
"what tony is trying to say, what we all trying to say that you fool silly kid became one of us since the day you passed out on the roof since this day you became our responsibility" Natasha said sitting next to him holding his cold hand
"Irony is all this time I was trying to make you guys like me accepting me and I failed walking away from you all the time and when you finally say it …is the only time I wished that you hated me, so when I leave I can cause no more pain or sorrow, now……now you only make it harder on me" he gasped in pain holding his chest
"fight him, don't give up you coward" Steve shouted at him
"and give him a chance to hurt all of you this selfish"
"what about pepper?" tony ask him enraged
"what about here?" loki wondered
"You are in love for god sake"
"what!...no, she is my friend…you all think that we are..?" loki exhaled staring at them
"well uhm yeah , you seemed to have this chemistry"
"we have this chemistry because I remembered her of someone, it wasn't difficult for her to understand me or to know how I think cause she already knew it"
"and who is that?" tony asked completely stunned
"she is in love with a complete idiot, and oh this idiot is you" loki smirked before he felt pain again
"I'll freak out later" tony mumbled astonished
"and what about me ?" Thor said broken
"think of it like a second chance to say goodbye…for me to die while you holding me, I can ask for no more brother"
"Don’t you say it" thor cried hugging him closely “You promised you will stay with me....I promised I won’t leave you again"
“please don’t make it hard on me” Loki said holding his hand tightly
"it will never be easier it will always be the same…a part of me was ripped before and I've to see it ripped again in front of my eyes why"
"There has to be some way you can save him, right" Natasha cried
"It's too late, Nat" banner said looking away
"just hang in there, please" thor said in a breaking voice
" I … I need you to promise me something"
"No" he cried wanting to go away, to run from this terrible dream but it wasn't a dream to run from
"please; just promise me that will forget about me you will forget all of this and go back home with Jane, I was a burden for a long time don't continue to make me like this when I'm gone"
"A burden? After all we've been through and you call yourself a burden, fine but you know what? you are really a burden…that I'm gladly to carry whole my life" thor voice was trembling with anger and fear " I raised you boy, you my brother…my friend…my everything, how can just forget about you"
"I don't want to lose you, but you have to let me go…That's how I want you to remember me, please "
"If you don't, I'll fall to darkness again…" loki said smiling at him with eyes full of tears…relief tears
"No….I don't want to let you go" thor cracked holding his hand tightly
"I need you to…please…let go" his voice was almost can be heard like it was fading
"please don't" Thor cried watching him fade away like a shadow...like he was never there , only what was left an echo whispering to him
"I …I love you, brother"
“But...you promised” Thor muttered sobbing holding his cape the only thing to remember his brother with, he can feel him ...his smell , his smile , his laughs and his tears but there is no him anymore .
Thor felt his heart stop and his body as cold as ice but also can sense the presence of magic as green glimmer embraced him and he was gone faded in the air like he was never there, he is gone and there isn't even a body to burry
"He is gone" thor said in a broken voice not even a single tear dropped from his eyes, there weren't any tears no more, the one person he did all of this to just be with…is gone forever, he came back to see his brother die, what kind of terrible fait is this!! He only had one job and he failed …a promise he had to keep the only promise that will never be kept
A promise they all broke, like unspoken words the thought of being responsible of his death hunted them all especially Steve being the captain of this team it was his responsibility to keep everyone safe including loki but they were fooled by his silence and peace the past days that they didn't suspect something was wrong
No one felt as much pain as Clint he was the closest one to him he stayed in his room staring to nothing with eyes full of tears
And for the first time stark and Bruce shared a common thing; anger both of them was so angry that they kept trespassing the room over and over to calm down
Natasha just sat next to thor holding his hands with her tears bursting on her face
Anger, guilt, grieve, sadness, lost…so many feels and so many thoughts but the only one that matters was…He was gone…forever.
Thor spent all the night watching the dark skies though the moon was full and shiny stars scattered in the skies it was still dark for him, black reminding him of his brother, oh how much he loved watching the skies spent many nights doing nothing but looking at it, dreaming of discover it all.
He begged for this to be just a nightmare and he would wake up from it any moment now, to find his brother still here; even if he was evil again…he will protect him whatever this cost him….a second chance is all what he needs
"Just come back" he whispered and his tears rolled on his face knowing that this was his second chance…his last chance
A month passed since that dark night, which eventually like anything else became a memory belong to the past, life must go on but losing the ones you love is hard and impossible to forget it will always hurt.
"To carry on living" is the debt you have to pay for loving them knowing that not grieve nor the memories will bring them back or make it easy to live, knowing that the only thing they left is a hole in your heart that can never be filled.



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise