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The silver's tears

Another Lost Soul

“Loki” Thor gasped , another dream he thought , it was morning already so no use of staying at bed pretending to be asleep , though he avoid sleeping he still dream about him , daydreaming they call it....the desire and wish of your soul !
Bucky was awake too maybe like him he didn’t sleep , still not afraid of them but suspicious like loki was before , maybe that what he wants ....to help another lost soul to find its way back home
“Hey, mind if I sit with you “
Bucky just looked at him suspiciously then he looked down quickly like he is used to never make an eye contact with anyone , Thor knew this was sign of being controlled , of being suppressed , he used to have the same thing with Loki , and for the first time Thor thought he can’t do it , he can’t help another Loki after losing the first one , for the first time Thor though of himself as not worthy , it wasn’t Loki who wasn’t worthy of having such a brother like he wrote in his letter it was Thor , how can he be worthy when he couldn’t save his brother , he was deep in his thoughts only to be taken out from it by the sound of glass shattering , it was a cup Bucky dropped it by accident
When Thor looked at him , he saw the frighten look on his face
“Yup the same story again” Thor said smiling and started to pick up the glass “Don't worry , you’re not the first one to break a cup your twin did it before” Thor laughed when he realised what he just called him
“Twin!?” Bucky asked wirily
“don’t put in mind, just a stupid idea” Thor said regretting saying that
“No, you’re right Thor and you shouldn’t be ashamed to say that” Steve said joining them , he was there all the time waiting for the right time
“But...I don’t wanna..” Thor said looking away
“lose him too right? But you didn’t lost him first to lost him again , he is just out there somewhere”
“W...Who!?” Bucky found courage in himself at last
“If i said a man supposed to be dead , with dark hair and pale skin and long hair , and was controlled by some bad people for a while after they saved him from the fall , who do you think I’m talking about!?” Steve said looking at him
“M..me” Bucky said looking down to his metallic arm
“Actually he is talking about my brother ...Loki” Thor said smiling at him
“But..” Bucky said looking perplexed
“See buddy , you were right when you called them twins” Steve laughed at Thor then he looked at Bucky “You won’t need to hide anymore or to pretend to be someone else or that you’re fine , because we lived all of this before , with Loki , and believe me to him you’re more normal at least you can talk “ Steve said forgetting that Thor is here
“You are fine with what he just said !?” Bucky asked he started to feel a little home
“He is my brother too” Steve said quickly realising “ look, none of us can deny this even Loki himself knew he was a mess , he was so broken that it needed all of us to just make him whole again” Steve sighed
“And we don’t even know if we succeeded or not” Thor said looking sad
“Oh believe me we did succeed and what a proof more than him” Steve said pointing to Bucky
“Yes , loki was the one that convinced Thor to look for you with me although that won’t help us in finding him” Steve said and Thor just nodded ,they came to this realisation recently
“Where did he go?” Bucky asked he seemed more interested in Loki
“We don’t know”Thor said quietly
“Yet, we don’t know yet “ Steve said firmly
“See, he keep telling me the same words over and over , he is so annoying , glad to have you back so he can annoy anyone else rather than just me” thor laughed leaving them
“Hey, where are you going”
“Looking for Sam and buy us some food” Thor said
“Uhm can I have ..” Bucky paused looking little worried
“I swear if he said chocolate I’ll be convinced that he is Loki playing a trick on us” Thor said coming back laughing
“Go on buddy we don’t bite I promise” Steve said smiling reassuring him
“But...how did you know !!?” Bucky looked confused
“It is the mind control thing or what?? Making them only wanna chocolate” Thor yelled confused a little
“Actually, Bucky always loved eating chocolate all the time , just a big soldier always acting like child when he even he saw chocolate” Steve said laughing while Bucky just stared at him trying to remember who was this man , he knows that he once knew him but he can’t fully remember him
“don’t worry , you will...But just in the right time “Thor said to him
Bucky just looked at him wondering how could this stranger know so much about him fro the very first time they met
“You have his look , I mean Loki , he used to look at me the same you look at steve “ Thor said smiling and left them alone
“He is not his normal , Loki's problem really derive him from his energetic self but he will come back to it when we find Loki “ Steve said quietly
“But I need plums too” Bucky almost whined
“Okay , okay I’ll text them to buy some” Steve laughed at his reaction
“It helps the memory you know” Bucky muttered
“It’s okay” Steve said putting a hand on his shoulder and Bucky flinches at it
“I didn’t mean to..” Steve said looking away little hurt
“I'm sorry , I know that were are expecting me to know you at once but I really don’t”
“Hey, no ,no...I know how is this must be hard for you , let’s just be glad you’re here.....I really missed you” Steve cried hugging him tightly and Bucky just closed his eyes
“I'm...sorry” Steve muttered stepping back “Gosh, this is so hard” he laughed trying to hide his tears, he was hurt , a pain even Thor won’t understand, how could he? At least Loki knew who he was to him !
“I tried” Bucky said quickly
“To remember you I mean , i stayed all the night trying but...” Bucky stopped looking down
“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, you will remember eventually , like Loki did , it would just take time” Steve sighed
“No you don’t get it , I remembered somethings but it doesn’t make sense” Bucky said looking lost
“Really! Then tell me and I’ll help you” Steve said with a big smile on his face
“I remember this guy, he looked a lot like you but he wasn’t all that muscular , he was small and always have bruises , but he was close to me , like my “
Steve interrupted him excited “ Live your best friend right?”
“Yes, do you know him? Is he your brother or something!?”
“No , it’s me Bucky, before all of this” Steve said pointing to himself “ That was the pre serum me, it made me strong , you remembered me” Steve yelled in joy
“I remember your mother too, she used to but paper in your shoes so they would fit in”
“Yes, oh my god yes” Steve said looking at him happily
“There is one more thing i remembered, this girl, the one you loved , she was our friend too, I used to tease her all the time , what was her name , Peggy , yes, Peggy , how is she” Bucky said excited by the memories
Steve's face crafted with sadness in remembering her “She is dying Bucky, she is so old , her time will come soon and she won’t even remember us the second we walk out of her room”
“Old !? But how you and me are still young and she was even younger than us!” Bucky asked confused
“We are exception Bucky, i for example was frozen for more than seventy years and you too but in a different ways” Steve said afraid of the next questions when Bucky starts to remember it all but he was saved by Thor and Sam arrival
“Continue our talk late buddy now you eat your plums” Steve said laughing nervously



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise