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The silver's tears

storms will race in

It seemed like they are in vacation no new threats, no enemies, nothing at all, it was creepy, all this quiet and peace is a new thing for them and feeling that something is going to happened keep hunting their thoughts it was like an untold agreement that this is definitely the calm before the storm
Steve told them that they must train every day obviously he didn’t mean clint or Natasha they don't do anything except practicing so he need to keep an eye on the rest especially tony he always has an excuse to skip it they sometimes had literally to drag him to the training hall , banner don't need to practice really the other guy is always ready to smash anything so his job was to keep an eye on loki ,whose copies didn't appear for a while now and this made thor in a fickle mood though clint was the one with the most benefit seeing loki always make him angry and unstable
Tony was in his lab when Jarvis informed him that the cap want him in the training hall now
"No, this is torture not everyday why I should even practice I wear a suit for god sake"
"Sir he insists you go or he will come to get you"
"Fuck, alright tell captain mom that I'm coming" tony smirked
When he arrived there was no one except him
"oh that is evil fool me to come up early , oh cap you owe me a lot "tony hissed , he sit down waiting for him to come planning how to kill him and then go to sleep when he realized he wasn't by himself now almost, another copy showed a fighting one he thought from what loki was wearing just a dark jeans and green shirt his long dark hair was tied up and he started to practice wasting no time he looked so serious no place for playing here tony thinks "was it always like this for him training his ass hard to become a worthy warrior ,thor said that he practiced for hours every day ", he was good no he was much more than good seeing him combines his magic with fight methods just blew his mind creating daggers from the air , shooting arrows he was like a Spartiate warrior
"Look cap tony came early for the first time in history" Clint mocked
"I was thinking of killing you but I have to thank you, I may won't have another chance to see this scene" tony said pointing at Loki
"What the hell? What is he doing here?" Clint said annoyed of seeing him again
"No no, this is really interesting the fighter copy is good as hell" tony said in appreciation he really started to like this guy "this is bad "he said to himself pushing the idea
"Well let's sit down and watch it won't be a problem" Steve said sitting next to tony giving him coffee
Clint and Natasha just stood watching they touched their guns every minute ready for anything might happen
Loki continued his training trying to make new moves and tricks, no signs of exhausting appear on him
"He is tough I must admit" Steve said
" For How long now?" Clint asked
"Two hours till now and nonstop at all" tony said excitedly amusing himself by the look on Clint's face
Thor arrived after a while he was content to see Loki again
"Brother" Thor said loud and everyone flinched for a second
"Jesus Thor you and your brother you will be the reason of my death " tony said taking his breath
"Sorry stark " Thor said with a smile walking towards Loki
"Come back here you will end the fun " tony whined at him
Thor ignored him," good morning Loki"
Loki stopped but didn't look at Thor; he moved very fast and kicked Thor throwing him to the ground "you are late" Loki said quietly
"You ask for it brother " Thor said attacking Loki but he was fast enough to skip it
"Oh this will be fun" tony shouted
The fight continued between the two brothers Loki was fast but Thor is stronger and with the molinjor leaving only loki with small chance of winning
"He is going to lose" Clint said pleased with the idea
"Nah, this is a memory not a copy so it can use more magic powers I guess
"I agree with you, look" Steve said when Loki make many copies of himself surrounding Thor
"Not again" Thor said looking worried
"Again?" Loki asked looking confused and distracted for a while giving Thor the opportunity to attack using the molinjor and its power destroyed all the copies, but Loki didn't move at all as he was frozen in his place
"Something not right" Natasha said looking alerted
"Loki are you alright? Thor asked approaching him
"You said again!! Why? "Loki asked
"Nothing brother, we fight alot and you did it before" Thor said with a fake smile and looked away
"No thor I didn't use it on you before" Loki was shut by a strong headache he leaned to the wall prevent himself from falling
"Loki" Thor said rushing to hold him "what is wrong?"
"I remember everything" Loki shouted jerking from Thor away
"What... what are you talking about?" Thor looked so worried he kept looking at his friends
"Thor what is going on?" Steve said heading to them and followed by the others
"No stay away, whatever Loki did, do not interfere, understood" Thor said firmly
"This is awkward I think we are in the middle of something personal here" tony said
"But we won't leave him alone" Clint said quietly
Loki looked like someone just had punched him in the face then he exploded "I...I remember this, we had a fight like this before but it wasn't practicing it was real you were shouting at me you kept saying this madness loki stop but I hit you with father's spear …what?... how did I get it ?thor answer me"
"Brother please listen you are confused calm down, this was the past and it ended why to remember it again" Thor said he didn't wanna this again
"I need to know, I used this trick on you we were on the bifrost yes and you used your hammer to stop me you put on me holding me to the ground" Loki said looking shocked he didn't believe all this
"Loki enough" Thor parked at him
"No I won't…you destroyed the bifrost I begged you to stop but you didn't listen and we both were thrown by the impact but father grabbed your hand ...I said that I could have done it!! Done what? No no "loki kept repeating it tears gathering in his eyes he knew the truth
"Loki please brother calm down" Thor said approaching him
"noo stay away of me you betrayed me, you all lie to me all these years why, all these years trying to prove that I'm a worthy son and what I get? father..Noo Odin telling me no Loki, just this simple what did he expect from me you lie about who am I? No, what am I? you shouldn't did this you shouldn't noo" loki cried falling to the ground hiding his face with his hands pushing away the tears"
"Loki please father did it for your own good you know that we love you we are your family and no one can say anything but that father and mother they love you"
"Really" Loki said quietly
"Of course Loki do you doubt that?" Thor said
"Did you mourn?" Loki said looking into his eyes with emotionless face, Thor felt cold in his back, not again why always this question
"We all did" Thor said
Loki hide his face again and his body was shaking they thought he was crying but an insane laughter broke the silence
"Loki" Thor put his hand on Loki's shoulders
Loki's eyes was all blue again " wouldn't you ever stop lying to him" his voice was cold like ice, he stood up with this crazy smile on his face staring at his hand " but don't worry I told him everything ,how all asgard celebrated the all mighty thor and how his glorious father make a great feast on your honor forgetting that his own son suicide in front of his eyes as he by all his wisdom telling a zero confidence young man that he is not a worthy son" loki parked in anger his eyes were green for a second only one second but it was enough for all of them to feel their hearts aches in sorrow " you all betrayed him broke his heart you should have seen his face when I showed him all the truth boor guy he cracked he refused to speak even to me his only true friend "
Everyone was shocked by all this facts what Loki suffered they don't understand anything now at all
"Who are you? And what lies did you tell Loki? Answer me? "Thor shouted viciously
" I'm the one who grabbed him from his endless falling I helped him took care of him I showed him the truth I'm his true friend and his only family now " his voice was cold and thick and there was drops of sweat on his face he looked like the first time they saw him
"How dare you say that you are his family? He is my brother, son of Odin and prince of Asgard "thor was angry preventing himself from tearing whoever that was
Loki laughed again "prince of asgard and Odin son your words make no sense now in fact I let you talk to him again you make me feeling bored
Loki gasped breathing heavily then fast as he was holding it when he opens his eyes they were green again but almost red from crying he said in a weak voice " you know I really don't care if I woke up again or not but remember my words If I woke up again you will see me fall over and over until I'm dead for good this time " loki hissed at him and disappear
"nooo , he is lying to you loki " thor shouted sitting on the ground ,thunder was the only thing you can hear he was angry they never see him like that before ,he was dangerous now , Natasha sit beside him and hold him tightly she knows at this moment thor was weak he needs someone to tell him that he is not alone " listen thor you are not alone I'm here with you we are all here with you and we will help you making things right again you must be strong if not for you then for your brother he needs you now more than ever " thor didn't say anything just put his head on her shoulder closing his eyes
The silence didn't last so long as alarm sound went out with one specific code the "Green hulk" code ….



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise