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The silver's tears


"What the hell" tony shouted staring at the woman appeared from nowhere "who are you?" he asked taking a step back "I'm Friga queen of asgard" her voice was warm and deep "you are thor's mother " he said in shock looking at her , she was young to be their mother she has this golden hair which remind him of thor and her eyes and style somehow reminded him of loki "Where is thor?" she asked "Shit" he told himself, he didn't realize that he was staring at her, one more awkward moment he thought "Oh, sorry, pleased to meet you" tony said feeling overwhelmed She nodded to him and smiled a little "Thor, right, follow me please " tony said guiding her "Thor" tony said loudly "you have visitor" inviting Friga to come in Everyone looked at them surprised "Mother" Thor said rushing to her, he hugged her tightly he needed her now more than anytime ever "Oh my child I missed you eagerly "she said softly rubbing his hair Everyone felt the love and warmth in the air a mother only can bring this feeling they watched this with longing and little sadness they can't have this feeling they lost it long time ago "She look so young to be their mother" tony said quietly but for his luck everyone heard him clearly, Steve nudged him to shut up Thor smiled at her and says "indeed, the most beautiful woman like loki always used to say" Mentioning his name with enough to Friga she felt tears gathering in her eyes her heart was aching she put her hand on her heart looking to Thor "Where is he thor? Just let me see him "she tried to make her voice strong but came out with all her sorrows and love she was weak without him Thor holds her hand tightly trying to strengthen her and took her to loki, she closed her eyes for a second worried of what she would see and how is he like now, when she saw him she gasped in horror he looked so small and fragile with all his arms bandaged the look on his face only she can see it he was suffering "loki" she screamed running to him , she hugged him crying on his chest listening to his weak heart beating " oh my baby I missed you so much " she said holding his hand near her heart she kissed his forehead His frame was so small she felt her heart pleading for him, she remembered how he always got ill as a child and she stayed with him singing him a lullaby so he could sleep he looked so much alike this child now she leaned at him and started to whisper him some words and rubbing his hair, she was singing him the lullaby she used to sing when he couldn't sleep from illness in his childhood, forgetting anything else, she is now with loki and this all what matters her Thor smiled at her and left the room soon followed by the rest "She really love him so much" Steve said quietly "yes" thor said then added " so did he, she was the only person loki trusted and loved more than anyone even after what happened after that day despite everything he went to her he wasn't angry she told me he wanted only her to still love him, stupid he didn't know that she could give up everything to just see him smiling one more time " thor said "He wasn't the smiling type right" tony said "That's true it wasn't easy to make him smile and to make him laugh you need a miracle and that was our mother always find her way to his heart ""when he...died the bright in her eyes gone with him but now it's back again " thor said with a small smile "Thor" Friga said her voice was shaking "Yes mother, what happened?" he asked noticing the worry in her face "I can't feel Loki …I hold him in my hands and just can't…why I…I can't feel my own child?" she cried leaning to the wall Thor just stood shocked and said "what…what do you mean you can't feel" his voice was weak and shaky "loki is gone " tears flowing from her eyes ,thor ran toward her holding her looking lost can't believe this " I lost him again why all this happen to me in the first time didn't have the chance even to see him and now he is dead in my arms noo why you did this to me thor ? Why you let me see him all I see now is my baby dead and I'll never hear him again why" she cried hitting Thor on his chest with both her hands then sobbing then she fainted Thor took her to his room to let her rest then he came back to his friends he leaned to the wall sitting on the floor he felt empty can't see anything except his brother body and hearing his mother voice saying that he is dead They all sat in silent, this was too much to handle, banner went to check on Loki but the real reason can be seen from the tears in his eyes. Steve went to his room "this isn't fair ,why you let us suffer like this don't you love us aren't we your children ,well your children are suffering here wishing to die every single day if this was the only way to end before they have to see someone else close die in front of their eyes ,it is just not fair " remembering Peggy and Bucky he knows what is like to see your lovers die in front of your eyes and you can't do anything to help them your life stops become worthless nothing to live for he knows what is like to have only memories and some pictures to keep them alive in your mind helping you to carry on help you not to give up...Just some pictures. Hours passed and Thor still sitting in same place on the floor it seemed like he was shut off staring to space with plank face but in his mind things were very different…. "Who do I believe? Mother telling me Loki is no longer here or banner reassuring me that he is still alive? Loki please if you could hear me please you are alive right? You won't leave me again you can't let me live knowing that you suffered that you are angry with me I know you probably hate me now but just give me another chance brother to make up everything right again give me a chance to say that I'm sorry "
They were worried about Thor he didn't move for hours; Natasha sat next to him she holds his hand trying to gain his attention "Hey big guy what's wrong? Don't you trust us banner told you he is alive so have some faith" "But you heard what mother said" Thor said weakly "She is worried Thor this may had affected her feelings doubting her that he is dead" "You remember what did the creepy voice said? That Loki's mind is trapped or gone, maybe that is why your mother couldn't feel him "banner said sitting near them "listen thor I know it is hard but sometimes we have to stay strong ,to pretend that everything will be ok even if there is no hope ,not for us but for them people we love people we care about knowing they are counting on us we should never let them down " banner said "Banner is right you should be strong if not for you then for your mother Thor she needs you to be strong" Steve said looking tired and little sad can only be seen in his eyes "Thanks my friends I really don't know what I could have done without you around" "That is what friends meant for stand for each other right" tony said winking to them "For the first time you really said something nice tony wow" Clint smirked "What?! I'm always say nice things "tony whined "Yaa right" Steve said laughing "Hush did you hear that?" Natasha said try to listen to something "What?" tony asked "Can't you hear it? It sounds like someone is crying weeping actually trying to make no sound "she said moving towards the sound "You just imagining things Nat" Clint said "Hush no listen it come from her" she said pointing to a closed room, she opened the door slowly turn on the lights "Loki" she gasped, Thor rushed inside the room and they all stood like this for a while Loki was sitting on the floor holding his head shaking nervously he was muttering some words like a mantra "Monstrosity…worthless...filthy runt" His voice was hoarse and weak they could barely hear him "This is awful ...why he is saying words like this?" banner said looking sick
"Loki stop" Thor shouted "stop saying these words" "Why" Loki shouted "isn't it the truth isn't this what I'm truly are from the second I was born an abomination left to die" "No you aren't, look Loki you are my brother and this is the only thing I know and believe, I don't care about anything else" Thor said pleading at him to stop "Stop calling me your brother you aren't, I'm your enemy remember? Filthy creatures blood eager must be destroyed isn't this what Odin told us since we were children "loki cried "But you aren't like them Loki at all you know that" 'Exactly you know why? Because I'm different I don't belong to them I don't belong to you I don't belong to anywhere I don't even know who I am what I am "loki said in pain "But you are my son Loki you belong to me" Friga said approaching him "Noo...stay away from me" Loki screamed in horror, he was afraid of her "Loki what is wrong? It is me "Friga said hurt by his reaction "Stay away, Thor please don't let her take me, she...she will do it again like always, brother please " Loki cried curling around himself repeating the same words again then he disappeared "He is afraid of me, why?" Friga cried Thor hugged her calming her down "Loki is under some kind of control, he sees you calling him" Thor paused he didn't want to repeat these words again "calling him filthy runt" he said desperately "No" she gasped putting her hand on her mouth "my poor baby, who would do such a terrible thing to him" she said in anger and pain "Thor why Loki keep saying you are not his brother? Isn't Loki your brother? I don't understand "banner said in confusion "You didn't tell them?" Friga asked "No, loki wouldn't love this" Thor said "They need to know Thor, they are your friends they have the right to understand, come I'll tell you" Friga said returning to Loki's room, she sat next to him stroking his hair They all set around her ready to hear what she got to say "Loki is my son no one even Loki himself can deny this but I didn't give him birth Loki is our adopted child" "What? And he didn't know that?" Steve asked "That was what makes him angry right? He discovered something in the same day of your banishment Thor?" banner asked Thor "Yes, while we were in jotunheim somehow he discovered this" Thor said looking to Friga "One of your friends volstagg was injured by one of the giant when he touched him" Friga said "Yes frostbite" Thor said
"he warned the rest but it was too late one of them grabbed loki's hand his armor was destroyed by the frost but his hand didn't, nothing happen to him the frost giant was confused so did loki but the frost giant knew better, after your banishment loki went to the savings hall he tried to hold the casket of ancient winters he..He thought he was cursed but Odin was there he told him the truth that Loki is a frost giant "she said looking to Loki with teary eyes she wished she was there with him to comfort him reassure him that he is still her child "Oh hell " tony gasped "Odin found him abandoned in a temple after the war ended in jotunheim he was left there to die" "Geez who leave a child to die this is sick" Steve said "Loki was different than any frost giant he was small when Odin held him Loki looked like any normal asgardian child he was unique but to know who his real father was this was too much for him to handle he was laufey son the king of jotunheim" "And you wonder why he got all insane, man this is just wrong" tony said in little anger "What did Loki said after hearing all this stuff?" Natasha asked "he was hurt felt he was betrayed he thought of himself as just another stolen relic oden kept until one day he could make use of it, after this I tried to talk to him he was lost and didn't listen to a word of what I said he just stared blankly something changed inside him something dark he can't control it " she said and some tears fell on her cheeks "If I just was there nothing of all of these might have happened I could have saved him from all this suffering" Thor blamed himself "no my son it is our fault we should have told him not waiting until he discovered it like this never lose hope I was wrong to think that I lost him and I must make things right again " friga's said firmly "Did laufey found out that Loki was his son" Clint asked "actually he didn't got a chance to know , laufey tried to kill father but loki killed him first , protecting father was a reason I think another reason was to revenge for leaving him to die " thor said "That mean that he still conceder Odin his father" banner said "Yes of course, why you think he tried to do all of this? Only to prove that he is a worthy son "thor said "And to prove to himself that he is not just a stolen relic, his mind was and still in a deep conflict" friga's added "Why you said before that Loki is dead but now it seemed like you find something" Natasha asked "I'm connected with Loki by magic but then I couldn't feel it at first I thought he is gone but it is only his magic that is gone and this is more difficult" "How is that?" banner asked "Loki was born with magic inside him not by learning like the rest, his magic is part of him most important part for him without it he will feel powerless imagine being deprived of what makes you distinguish and completes you " Friga said "Oh Common " tony said in disbelief "There is a strange power controlling him I can feel it, it is different and strong " Friga said touching Loki's forehead "Can you do anything to stop it or control it mother?" Thor asked ardently "I'll try my best" then she put a hand on Loki's chest and the other on his forehead and started murmuring some words in a strange language this last for about fifteen minutes when suddenly it was hot around very hot Loki started mooning in pain he was sweating heavily his clothes and the sheets all of them were wet then he was shivering badly "Jarvis monitor his vital signs now" banner said looking worried "His temperature is very high sir and his heart rate is dropping fast unlike his respiratory rate" Jarvis said "Fever?" banner asked quickly "Yes sir" "Thor you must make her stop we will lose him if we don't lower his body temperature" banner said firmly "That's impossible you can't just cut a spell it is very dangerous and she knows exactly what to do " Thor said quietly but in a slight shaky voice Loki's body started to shake viciously then he gasped and his eyes were wide opened, still blue "Stop "he screamed but Friga continued trying to finish it quickly "You fools if I leave he will die, don't you get it? He is still alive because of me and only me" "Oh shut up don't you ever get bored gosh" tony said impatiently "Actually no he is a good toy and I don't give out my best toy this easy you will pay for it remember my words" he snarled "A toy "thor shouted" pray that you don't see me again I swear I'll make you beg me to kill you " he barked "I can't wait till we meet again " he scoffed " don't worry I'll come back to take what is mine very soon , goodbye " he said quietly then loki's back arched violently before it calmed down again he was now numbed with eyes wide open it started turning into green again but he was still moaning in angst Friga sighed sitting near him she was tired but relieved Loki is safe for now "Is it over?" tony asked letting a breath he didn't know he was holding "Yes I think, for now though" Friga said "He is still feverish "banner said "Jarvis reduce the room temperature, I don't know anything about his body physiology but I think he prefer cold right?" "Yes being some sort of a frost giant they can't tolerate heat" Thor said "Why he doesn't show any signs of being you know alive" tony asked looking at Loki He was just starring to the space with a blank face "Maybe he is just shocked you know lost" Steve said "come , it is so late we all should have some sleep " Natasha said heading to her room it was about mid night they just noticed how tired they were not a long time until they all were asleep well except Friga to look after loki and banner insists to stay with her too "Doctor Banner you have my thanks and gratitude for your help you have a very pure soul banner" Friga said smiling "Me! Thanks I think I did only my job "banner said blushing a little "Indeed you are all of you have something good something pure inside you unless you wouldn't accept to help Loki after what he did" Friga said feeling slightly ashamed of what Loki did "At first we were angry and hesitated about helping him really nothing in the world could convinced me to help Loki" "What change your mind then?" "I was the first one to discover that there is something wrong with him ,I was there when he had his first panic attack it was vicious I felt sorry for him seeing him screaming and crying for thor to help him no one should suffer like that whatever bad things he done " Friga couldn't herself much longer she started to cry thinking of all things loki suffered from and still it just broke her heart over and over "I'm sorry...I'm soo sorry I shouldn't have told you this " banner said blaming himself she is Loki's mother after all she won't bear hearing this "no it is not your fault , it just...I should have noticed this a long time before ,loki was always good at hiding his feelings behind a smile a small sad one I should have known the pain behind his beautiful smile " "sometimes we realize the truth late but this doesn't mean we can't fix it, it is never too late you still have a second chance when he wakes up you tell him all what you really feel about him he will understand he is clever and from what thor told us he loves you the most you are the only one he would listen to, and trust " banner said reassuring her with a smile



This is amazing really loving this there is more to come right?

hana hana

Thanks dear, hope you'll enjoy the rest more

Lokinada Lokinada

Really enjoy this so far!

ChickyMama42 ChickyMama42

oww thank you i'm glad you like it and hope you will like it more :D
i didn't realise this problem till too late and seems like i can't edit it :( i'll try again it looks awful :(

Lokinada Lokinada

I like it, can't wait for more updates! Can I just make a suggestion? Make paragraphs and add a double space between each one, it's hard to read in the current format. Good job!!

ShiaSurprise ShiaSurprise