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Second Chances

Chapter 77 - Epilogue 5 - A flashback

The weather had been clear all day, an early spring warmth settling over Asgard, but the night was still cool, however not cool enough to deter the young lovers from meeting in the gardens. They had been meeting where they could for a few months now, spending the evenings when all was still together, walking and talking, kissing and touching, but little else.
As always, they had snuck out of their rooms when all else were at rest and met in one of the gardens, exchanging kisses and holding hands as they met, their clothes huddled around them against the chill air.
‘There must be somewhere warmer we could hide.’ Loki stated as he pulled her to him in a hug that was as much for warmth as for the feel of her in his arms.
‘There is the library, however we know that several of the scholars are working later than usual at the moment.’ She reminded him they had almost been caught just days ago.
‘Perhaps we can venture further afield and have a fire, warm ourselves.’ He suggested as she nuzzled her cold nose against his chest.
‘We would just have further to walk in the cold.’ She reminded him. ‘And if we walk we will soon warm up.’
‘I suppose you are correct.’ He bent his knees until he could hold her around the thighs and stood, lifting her feet off the ground effortlessly so her face was level with his. ‘But this is an equally good way of staying warm.’
She smiled at him before kissing his lips softly. ‘Perhaps, but let us walk anyway. We are in view of far too many windows.’
He sighed. ‘My voice of reason.’ He lowered her to the ground and took her hand, leading her away from the palace.
They walked for some time, talking over their recent sparring and other techniques, when they heard a rumble of thunder in the distance.
‘Is that your brother?’ Sigyn asked curiously.
‘No, I believe Thor is abed. Perhaps we should turn back.’ He suggested.
They were barely halfway when the heavens opened, a deluge soaking them in minutes as they tried to remain quiet, first not wanting to squeal at the cold downpour they were caught in and eventually laughing at the entire situation, both soaked to the skin as they reached the palace again.
‘My room is nearest.’ Loki pointed out. ‘Let us dry off there, wait out the storm.’
Another bolt of lightning danced across the sky as he let her climb up the vinery leading up to his balcony ahead of him and in moments they were inside his dimly lit chamber, the waning fire the only source of light.
‘A couple more logs and we will soon begin to warm.’ He said as he went ahead of her to do just that.
Sigyn had been in Loki’s chambers before, but always in the company of others; Thor, or Sif and The Warriors Three, and only briefly, and being here alone with him in the dead of night filled her with excitement. It was one thing if they were caught in the grounds, but to be caught in his chambers, scandalous.
‘I perhaps should have returned to my own room.’ She suggested as he knelt by the fireplace, poking away at the loose ash before carefully adding more logs.
‘Nonsense. You would have spent much longer out in the rain and could have caught a chill.’ He dusted his hands together as he got back to his feet.
‘That would be unfortunate.’ She agreed with a shy smile as he approached.
‘Come, warm yourself, sunbeam.’ He took her hands and pulled her towards the fire, walking backwards. ‘Your hands are like ice, sweet.’
She shivered as the air got warmer. ‘It was quite cold.’ She reminded him as he reached up to unbutton her cloak.
‘You will be warm in no time.’ He promised her as he undid the final button, his eyes meeting hers as the situation suddenly had them both still. Without looking away his hands pushed the cloak off her shoulders before sliding up her neck to cup her face in his palms, bowing his head to claim her lips in a tentative kiss, so different to any they had had before, Sigyn’s stomach dancing with excitement at the gentle way he caressed her. She wrapped her arms around him and suddenly the gentle embrace wasn’t enough. His tongue plunged into her mouth as her hands pushed at his coat, over and off his shoulders as he was forced to release her to remove it fully, her hands grasping at his tunic as his wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush against him. She made a soft murmuring noise and Loki swore it shot straight to his groin, his fingers pulling on the tunic that damply clung to her skin until he could reach her flesh, her back arching at his touch.
She gasped and pulled away just enough to speak. ‘Your fingers are like ice too.’
‘Sorry, love.’ He started to remove them but she reached behind her and pressed them to her flesh.
‘No, it’s good.’ She insisted before kissing him again, her arms back around his neck and pulling him to her.
Loki had never felt more inspired by three simple words, and he pressed his palms fully against her flesh, and she arched into him, making a whimpering noise in her throat, and it wasn’t enough. He drew his hands up her back, pushing the damp fabric with them, and when she didn’t protest he drew it over her head, throwing it to the floor as he looked down at her, her cheeks flushed with heat and shyness. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, her pale skin freckled perfection and he wanted to explore each and every one of them.
Her breath caught as he looked her over, his eyes soft with wonder, yet she felt self conscious. They had never been alone long enough anywhere private before for this to be a possibility, but suddenly it was here and Sigyn didn’t want to disappoint him.
‘You’re magnificent, Sig.’ He murmured, before tracing his knuckles down her cheek and on to her neck, and as he went lower she drew a shuddering breath but still didn’t stop him. ‘If you don’t want this, tell me to stop.’ His hand paused above her breast.
She swallowed, finding her voice again. ‘I want this.’ She whispered and he sighed with relief, but instead of his hands continuing on their path he pulled his own tunic over his head and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply as she whimpered at their skin touching so intimately for the first time. Sigyn ran her hands over his shoulders as though she couldn't get enough of his skin against her, pressing and kneading at his muscles and he crouched, lifting her at the thighs so they were more even in height. It took little encouragement to have her wrap her legs around his torso and he strode across the room to his bed, putting her down again beside it as he tore his lips from hers.
‘Boots.’ He said simply and she realised they wouldn’t get anywhere until they were gone. She nodded in reply and hurriedly began pulling at her fur lined boots, which were stuck to her legs due to how wet they had got, as he simply made his knee length ones disappear.
‘That’s cheating!’ She exclaimed as she struggled with the second one and he smiled at her.
‘Here.’ He dropped to his knees and she leant back on the bed as he tugged at it, pulling her off balance as he did, causing her to fall into his lap. ‘Damn damp leather.’ He complained before cupping the back of her head with his hand and kissing her, making her boot disappear entirely as he did so, his tongue tasting her hungrily. He stood again, lifting her easily onto the bed as his hand caressed her ribs, his thumb tracing higher until he had her moaning at the faintest touches he was applying to the underside of her breast.
‘Loki.’ She murmured his name against his lips and it was as though it were a spell, captivating him with its simplicity and causing him to strain against the confines of his pants.
‘Make me stop, love.’ He purred into her skin as he kissed his way across her jaw to her neck. ‘Because I cannot without your say so.’
‘Don’t, don’t stop, please don’t.’ She begged as her hands slid down over his back to trace the edge of his pants.
Her words made him growl into her neck, his lips suckling on her skin until she took a sharp breath ending in a moan. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her further onto the bed, his hand moving to the ties on her leather pants and he quickly had them loose, his fingers tracing under the edge of the material as her skin fluttered. Buoyed by his attention she reached for his own ties, fumbling for a moment until they were finally undone and she was almost surprised when he fell free into her touch, so soft and firm and her instinct to stroke him took over.
A groan rumbled through his chest as she touched him and he yanked at her pants, pulling them down as far as he could before losing his temper and using his power to remove them entirely before moving onto his own as she seemed to be too distracted by trying to drive him mad with her touch. His pants were gone soon enough and his fingers returned to her skin as she bent her legs, encompassing his hips with her knees invitingly. His lips tracked down her body to her breasts, kissing, licking and biting as his fingers danced lower until he reached his prize, finding her wet and ready, her hips canting towards him as he parted her folds. His fingers and lips worked in tandem with great attention as one of her hands clasped at his back, nails biting into his flesh desirably painfully, the other still caressing him, until they were both breathing heavily, Sigyn making small noises of appreciation for every move he made.
When Loki was sure she was ready he removed his fingers from her and guided himself to her entry, nudging carefully as she was so tight he didn’t want to hurt her. He had no idea if this was her first time but regardless he wanted this to be a memorable experience for them both for all the right reasons. Sigyn’s hand found his hip as he glided inside her slowly, like he were putting on a velvet glove, a silken motion that had her all but wailing as he filled her, and yet each time she thought she could take no more she was proven wrong, until a deep ache of pleasure marked his journey complete, and he drew back carefully before slipping back inside her, each stroke allowing her to accommodate him a little more.
His lips found hers again as he raised her leg with a hand behind her knee, allowing him to go deeper still until her nails dug into his skin sharply as she wailed into his mouth, and he knew he had found what she needed, what he wanted to give her. Putting her knee over his hip he slipped his hand between them and caressed that little bundle of nerves that so many men seemed to believe a myth, and he used her responses to guide his fingers as he nuzzled his cheek against hers, wanting her to remember just what he did to her and how he made her feel. She deserved the best and he was certain he could make this memorable for all the right reasons.
As Loki’s fingers touched her Sigyn had to fight her own body not to try and move away. The sensation was so intense and unexpected it took her a moment to realise that it was a good one and should be explored not ignored. She drew up her knee to match the first, allowing Loki more movement and as his unsteady breath fell heavily onto her ear she felt an unfamiliar heat building suddenly within her, like someone had lit a touch paper and something was about to give. Something inside her seemed to snap and she cried out in surprise, her back arching off the bed as wave after wave blinded her in sheer ecstasy, her body bucking and writhing without her command as the effects tore through her.
Loki watched her as the orgasm took her by surprise and in three more thrusts her body spasming around him took him to his own peak, the groan that fell from his lips deep and free as Sigyn still fought to get a grip with her hands on anything, her fingers convulsing on his flesh as the sensations gave way to a throbbing that seemed to vibrate through her entire body, an uncontrollable pulse that echoed what her body had just been through.
Loki rested his forehead against her temple, his breathing as fast as his beating heart. He had longed for this day, for his dreams of this moment to come true, and he hoped this was the start of something more for them, for the next step in their relationship, and that he hadn’t somehow ruined it. He carefully slid free of her and looked down at her, her lips pink, cheeks flushed and expression one of surprise and tiredness.
‘Sig.’ He said, although he didn’t know what to say next.
Her lips curved into a brief smile but quickly dropped again, as though it were too much effort. ‘May I use your washroom?’ She whispered.
‘Of course.’ He rolled off her and helped her to sit up, watching her as she went into the other room without saying another word. ‘Damn.’ He murmured, unsure he had done the right thing. She was quiet, and distant, he had tried so hard to be respectful and to ensure her enjoyment as well as his own, had he hurt her? He had to know what he had done wrong. Just minutes later she came back out of the washroom, using the wall to guide her as her legs shook and threatened to deposit her on the floor at any moment. She reached the edge of the bed and looked at him, beautifully sculpted, absolute perfection to her eyes, even in the dim light from the fire.
‘We should do that again.’ She said breathily and his expression changed from the pensive look he had held to complete surprise. ‘A lot more.’
‘Truly, sunbeam?’ He held his hand out to her, drawing her back onto the bed.
‘Definitely.’ She nodded as he arranged the furs around them and pulled her to him. ‘If you want to, of course?’
‘Nothing would please me more than holding you in my arms every night hence.’ He kissed her forehead.
‘Good.’ She leant up on her forearms and smiled at him before placing a soft kiss on his lips. ‘I have this sneaking suspicion I might be in love with you, my prince.’
‘The feeling is mutual, petal.’ He promised her, his heart light at her words. Nothing was ruined, he had done no damage to their relationship, and she thought she loved him. This could well be the happiest night of his life.
Several rooms away Thor watched the storm from his balcony. The rain had been heavy, even for this time of year, the lightning intense and the thunder cacophonous enough to overshadow every sound in the kingdom. A small smile spread across his face as the downpour finally began to ease. That should be long enough. He pushed away from the balcony and returned to his bed.
‘You’re welcome, brother.’ He murmured to himself as he settled down to sleep.



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