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Oceanus Origins


I was born on the 26th September. The name I was given was, Precious.

Precious Elizabeth Halle.

From that moment on, I was born with a different gene. The mutant gene, though my powers were stored away, ready for the day that I was going to become the woman that you know as. Oceanus.

I always dreamed of helping people… though maybe ‘people’ is not the proper answer. I always dreamed of helping the marine life.


Courtney Hanna

Courtney Hanna

This young mutant has been a victim of the harsh world. Abandoned at birth she grew up with the constant feeling of rejection with noone to understand her pain.

Franklin O'Connor

Franklin O'Connor

Franklin is the shadow manipulating mutant that Rosemarie and Precious meet on their holiday to Dublin. This not so typical Irish man is also the victim of another mutants influences and needs Precious and Rosemarie's help to put the woman behind bars.

Lionel Proulx

Lionel Proulx

Lionel is a mutant who can time travel but not control it. He also has another ability that himself and Precious learn about together with Rosemarie's help. Lionel was born in Paris from the 18th Century.

Precious Elizabeth Halle

Precious Elizabeth Halle

Her Story is explained in Oceanus Origin's. I'm not putting it here so enjoy reading my story about her life

Rosemarie Winters

Rosemarie Winters

Precious' best friend and partner in the Titan Alliance. Rosemarie's story is briefly explained in this story but I will be making a smaller short story about herself and how she got to where she is now and show her point of view on some of the incidents that happen with herself and Precious. Rosemarie doesn't have any powers, but she is very intelligent and can use a bow an arrow with such skill just like the hero Hawkeye.


  1. Baby

    Oceanus… Avenger and leader of the Titan Alliance.

  2. Tail

    Mutants are feared. Mutants are hated. I don’t want to be feared or hated.

  3. Hate

    Telling my best friend my secret? Is that a good idea or a bad idea?

  4. For Better or For Worse

    Franklin O'Connor... who the hell is this guy and why does he have to bother us?

  5. Thank You, My Friend

    So, the plan is made and the hunt begins for Maria Julio. Doubts are shown and soon forgotten... this is why I love my friend. Rosemarie.

  6. What's your name?

    I hope the world accepts me for who I am... not what I am.

  7. Promise Me

    My life has seriously changed... And now its about to take a massive turning point.

  8. Honey Blood

    It's amazing how cruel the world can be to one little girl.

  9. Innocence

    Johnny Blaze? -the hell is going on here!

  10. Danger To The World

    We need whatever information we can get about these people who took my friends. So why are we in this small out in the middle of nowhere bar?

  11. Fighting for Innocence

    Time to save my friends and bring them back.

  12. The Man From France

    So a man who literally lands in front of us is an out of control time traveller?


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